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Play Maths Jack Maths Jack Feb. 02, 2013
I found it fun and pretty addicting :D Keep going! :)
Play Beloved Beloved Dec. 14, 2012
This made me smile and probably made my weekend!! :DD
Play Painter Puzzle Painter Puzzle Nov. 02, 2012
Pretty good game! Sometimes, the camera doesn't move at all.
Developer response from SanderiS

Ty. After moving the camera, it won't follow the player anymore. You can reset and lock the camera by clicking right mouse button.

Play Unbelievable Sniper Unbelievable Sniper Nov. 02, 2012
Pretty fun game. But maybe you should polish it a bit more - upgrades/powerups and occasional details are always wanted.
Play The Love Letter The Love Letter Oct. 30, 2012
Short lovely game :D
Play Insectonator Insectonator Oct. 30, 2012
Wonder what the neighbors think...
Play Outpost:Haven Outpost:Haven Oct. 29, 2012
Hate the controls o.o
Play Trigger Knight Trigger Knight Oct. 28, 2012
I like this game! :D What I did to beat dragon: until around level 6, but swords and use elixirs to heal (and eventually an armour or two). After that, grab Divine Edge asap and heal only by buying armour. Save Divine Edge for dragon.
Play Infectonator 2 Infectonator 2 Oct. 27, 2012
To many internet meme references -.-
Play Infectonator 2 Infectonator 2 Oct. 27, 2012
whenever I left click*
Play Infectonator 2 Infectonator 2 Oct. 27, 2012
Got a really really bad lag whenever I choose a zombie or tool
Play Infectonator 2 Infectonator 2 Oct. 27, 2012
Breaking news! Singapore has been attacked, 0 people have been killed, 0 people have been infected, 25 people have been infected!
Play Deep Sleep Deep Sleep Oct. 27, 2012
From the start, the atmosphere is just lovely. After the first time I jumped, I got chills for the rest of the game... and strange thing that a point and click game like this makes you jump! It was so exciting!
Play Mushroom Madness 3 Mushroom Madness 3 Oct. 26, 2012
It sucks that I keep losing a level because I can't help picking up a gun that sucks so much...
Play Ninja Ball to the Wall Ninja Ball to the Wall Aug. 31, 2012
You should have predefined levels. Making random levels makes it also random if you proceed to the next level or not, because sometimes they are impossible
Play Hambo 2 : Hambtouchables Hambo 2 : Hambtouchables Jul. 28, 2012
It's like Angrybirds, but without birds :P
Play Captain_Catface's Disco Agogo! Captain_Catface's Disco Agogo! Jul. 22, 2012
Play Mini Fish Screensaver Idle Mini Fish Screensaver Idle Jun. 22, 2012
Oh, sorry didn't read description lol
Developer response from Darkscanner


Play Mini Fish Screensaver Idle Mini Fish Screensaver Idle Jun. 22, 2012
My definition of screensaver is a program that's turned on when you computer falls to sleep.
Developer response from Darkscanner

Does that make screensavers computer dreams?

Play [ALPHA] Sam the Wondering Wolf [ALPHA] Sam the Wondering Wolf Jun. 17, 2012
Sometimes, the ground is kinda shaking - bad collision detection and execution. Jumping is WAY too slow - not realistic in any way, it's like you have to wait a minute for the dog to come down. The dogs' mouths are really static but I hope you can fix all this for the next release - I'm excited how this turns out! Good luck :)
Developer response from Shadow_Craver

First of all. It's a wolf, not a dog :P Second, the jumping was intended to be slow, I wanted the wolf to "float" a bit, if you will, however, I made the gravity higher so the jump is faster. I can fix the mouths, any suggestions? Thanks for the feedback ;)