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Play Necronator Necronator Dec. 04, 2011
This needs a sequel! This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE Flash game! Please Toge, please. :3
Play Creeper World: Evermore Creeper World: Evermore Dec. 03, 2011
This needs BADGES. Everyone rate up! <3 this game
Play Project Wasteland 0 Project Wasteland 0 Sep. 07, 2011
The only thing I hate about your games is their lack of direction... COMBAT ONLY, where's my damn story? Make some shit up bro it'd be awesome, I love your games!
Play Merlin's Revenge 2 Merlin's Revenge 2 Sep. 01, 2011
OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS GAME! I used to play this all the time. Thanks for adding it to Kongregate! 5/5
Play Parasite Strike Parasite Strike Sep. 01, 2011
I just had to comment this again, for the sake of the maker. I really thought the plot was hilarious at points, but still it was very awesome. It took me back to Contra III, an evil alien invasion. If Contra had made a flight game it would've been something like this. There are bugs and flaws as you have heard, but what hurts you the most is the lack of quality toggling when you really stated, "Note: Parasite Strike is memory-intensive and may run slowly on old computers." If not for glitches you'd have had my five; this is a great game, please make more games. 4/5
Play Parasite Strike Parasite Strike Aug. 31, 2011
Ahahahahaha. So the unstoppable aliens are subdued for 3 years in a quarantine composed of.. sniper guard towers? Then at last a scientist comes up with a powerful poison that can destroy the aliens and his genius idea: fly in solo and shoot everything with conventional weaponry (NOTHING with the poison, of course, until it's already blown to shit). I really love how you wait to use the poison until the final boss and then only when it's blown to shit, no joke, it took like 3 minutes of concentrated fire with my weapons to take it down. AND THEN the rest of the alien-parasites are magically dead because you killed their leader with poison? I think he was a retard anyways, that nuke must've screwed with their brains. "NOBODY LEAVE THE BASE, WE HAVE TO WAIT FOR THEIR PILOT-SCIENTIST-HERO TO COME, ONLY AFTER WE KILL HIM CAN WE LEAVE HERE AND TAKE OVER THE WORLD." GG aliens
Play Red Planet v0.5 Red Planet v0.5 Aug. 20, 2011
You need to put an options menu with a quality option in it! This game LAGS
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There is one!

Play Void Void Aug. 19, 2011
This needs a sequel!
Play Zombie Cage Zombie Cage Jul. 10, 2011
Who else wants a sequel to Necronator?
Play Demons Took My Daughter Demons Took My Daughter May. 02, 2011
Am I the only one who thinks this is bad? Rate up if this game is overrated
Play I Have 1 Day I Have 1 Day Apr. 22, 2011
What the hell.. You undo the spell, and the BLACK WIZARD is just like oh well there's nothing I can do now.. Why doesn't he kill you anyway?!
Play Extreme Missile Defense X-treme 3D Extreme Missile Defense X-treme 3D May. 19, 2010
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