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Play Words are Hard Words are Hard Apr. 14, 2015
The game doesn't seem to respond to anything that I type. And it's impossible to get anyone to write anything, since 10+ posts appear every second
Play The Godfather: Five Families The Godfather: Five Families Mar. 29, 2015
I only played this game untill I saw "You can only build one building at a time".
Play Idle Planet Idle Planet Mar. 13, 2015
Sooo, the flash player crashed in another window and that way I learned that this game does not have autosave, since all my yesterday progress is gone.
Play Helixteus Helixteus Mar. 06, 2015
So, anyone got that "???" ore from crystallization of quantum liquid? It shows 0% chance, so I tried to fuse 2k gems with 100G crystals. But I got quantum liquid again, so I guess it's the best liquid I can get.
Play Idle Goo Idle Goo Feb. 24, 2015
I get only black screen, after I close commercial, which then turns into grey screen. Nothing more happens after that. :(
Play Multitask 2 Multitask 2 Feb. 09, 2015
"You acquired this badge on Apr. 06, 2011." ... Thank god :)
Play Belial Chapter 2 Belial Chapter 2 Jan. 21, 2015
1/5 for the color code "hint"
Play Last Town Last Town Jan. 18, 2015
This is possibly the slowest game on kongregate.
Play A Dance of Fire and Ice A Dance of Fire and Ice Dec. 06, 2014
This 3-X shit is hard just because it's fast. Deserves 2/5 at best.
Play Mu Complex : Episode One Mu Complex : Episode One Nov. 10, 2014
I went through every single file to get the name of computer in level 2. I tried these: matthoward, mhoward, amoon, ariannemoon, rchild, ryanchild, schenziel and I even tried ??????. None of these work, so 1/5, smartass.
Play Royal Warfare Royal Warfare Nov. 10, 2014
Last level, 6th wave, shitload of enemies, 10k+ gold, no option to buy more, overwhelmed again, pissed off, rating 1/5, never coming back.
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Nov. 04, 2014
I think the problem is in Unity player. This is the second game using Unity player that stopped working today.
Play Chaos Faction 2 Chaos Faction 2 Oct. 26, 2014
Ah, now I remember why I rated this 1/5. Chaotic, half of time I can't even see my character.
Play JellyGo! JellyGo! Oct. 15, 2014
The game is still a crap, so 1/5 remains.
Play JellyGo! JellyGo! Oct. 15, 2014
I managed to beat level I could not win on the first try AFTER I complain in the comments. What the hell?
Play JellyGo! JellyGo! Oct. 15, 2014
As long as level 64 remains unbeatable, this game won't get more than one star from me.
Play Eien Eien Oct. 12, 2014
Dear robotguy4, not everyone likes pixel-hunting games. This one is pain in the butt enough, because the areas to explore are often not obvious.
Play Building Rush Building Rush Sep. 19, 2014
2/5 for not returning the money I paid for deliveries, which were taken by competitors.
Developer response from BarbarianGames

You are not paying for the deliveries made by competitors. If competitor sends a truck to the orders, he reserves it like you do. For example the order needs 5 deliveries, competitor send 2 there, there will be 2/5 on the order and when you click you'll be able to send only 3 trucks there. Same for the competitor, if you took all 5 deliveries he will not send trucks there, he will search for the free order.

Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Sep. 15, 2014
2000 Newspaper Deliveries, at last. I still don't have all the upgrades, but I consider this game beaten. Now, how do I make myself never check this game for updates?
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Sep. 15, 2014
1999 Newspaper Deliveries ... so ... close ...