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Mar 11, 2012 2:42pm

Just wanted to say that High Tea is one of my favourite games. Plus great music. You should absolutely do another one, could be other trade game, in Europe, America, India or Africa or whatever, history is full of important inter and intra-continental trades.

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Fleecemaster May 10, 2013 4:24am

Yeah, high tea is awesome :)

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Mar 11, 2013 11:04am

That feel when your game helped you on history exam.

(Question was between who were the opium wars.

I choose “China and England”)

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ExploreWellcome Mar 25, 2013 8:40am

That’s a great feeling for us, too. Glad it was useful!

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Mar 23, 2013 6:46pm

Can you make an Axon 2?

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ExploreWellcome Mar 25, 2013 8:40am

We’d love to, but the exhibition it’s related to is over now, so it’s unlikely we’ll be developing another game, I’m afraid.

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Jul 14, 2012 2:32pm

When are you going to create a game featuring the Western Powers and the use of Heroin and Crack Cocaine? It is very well documented, unless you’re task is specifically to make the UK and Western powers look bad and the Chinese look like victims.

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Jun 23, 2012 1:45pm

ur awesome. plz make moar games :D

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May 27, 2012 5:49pm

Axon gave me an idea for a game, but I don’t know flash programing. The game (Axon) is a contradiction, its designed so you have to be patient and think about where you’re going or you’ll lose, while at the same time giving a super short time limit so that you have to plow ahead or you’ll lose. I don’t like that, other…

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HqNnEz May 28, 2012 3:56am


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May 27, 2012 1:01am

Make some more science based games :D

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Mar 29, 2012 2:02pm

Hey! Congratulations on receiving badges for Axon, it really is an amazing game. I finally managed to get over 100k, which was not easy! I was just wondering, do you have any plans to make a mobile version? I’d love to see it in the Kongregate Arcade App, but to be honest I’d pay 99 cents for it too. It would be a great game for mobile!…

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henry700 Apr 3, 2012 5:00pm

Also as an android app! Touchscreen would make it awesome!

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Axyraandas Apr 16, 2012 5:42pm

You’re right. This would be perfect for a touchscreen. Game Center achievements, anyone?

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Thorock May 27, 2012 12:14am

it would be much better than clicking on it constantly with a mouse.

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May 22, 2012 2:36pm


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Apr 16, 2012 2:08am

Well on the mark.

avatar for Tormsy

Feb 4, 2011 11:47pm

While you are at it, make a game selling African slaves and small pox infected blankets you insensitive @sshole.

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henry700 Mar 29, 2012 1:53pm

and you didn’t lose your computer or internet acess somehow.

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lavaflame2 Mar 30, 2012 2:20pm

wait whats wrong with a game about growing a cell?

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lSWATLLAMA Mar 30, 2012 6:44pm

He’s talking about the game “High Tea”, lavaflame2.

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Mar 29, 2012 8:12am

Axon needs some kind of “encyclopedia” which shows all variants we grew, and their lengths (in real life or in game). Or something.

avatar for Rpoman2009

Mar 28, 2012 6:34pm

Dude you made a game that is educational and actually fun. I mean learning about Axon science is so cool! especially since when you die you still learn something!

avatar for Gr8Plus

Mar 23, 2012 4:14pm

amazing job for both games! hope you come out with more soon!

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Mar 27, 2011 5:37am

High Tea is a seriously fun game, please make more like it! I was so disappointed to see that this is your only game on Kongregate.

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mixtapepanda May 7, 2011 7:13pm

Absolutely :)

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sebster000 Aug 29, 2011 12:58am


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GiPetraglia Mar 6, 2012 6:04pm


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Apr 10, 2011 5:41am

High tea is like Gambling.Until you get the bagdes,you can´t stop.I think like:Omg,must trade more opium!What if britain didnt had tea,what if sherlock holmes couldnt distract its murderers with tea?THE WORLD WOULD END MUST GET THE TEA QUICKZORZ QUUUIIIICK!!!!And i think like that until i get a satisfaying number of tea traded!

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Apr 9, 2011 12:31pm

High tea was a great game,it tells people that trading and commerce is harsh and hard,and choices are even harder!I expect to see more masterpieces from you,ExploreWellcome!Keep doing games!

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Mar 13, 2011 8:00am

I think this is the best game in the Kongregate. Its simply flawless.

avatar for lemkeder000

Feb 14, 2011 4:04pm

you should get money for selling tea and you should be able to buy boats

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Feb 13, 2011 11:49pm

Well Done. A Very Educational Game. Waiting for more to come!!

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Feb 12, 2011 3:37pm

I like cookies. I alsoo like High Tea

avatar for ablefcon

Feb 12, 2011 1:27pm

make a game about the triangular trade route

avatar for Sandrock04

Feb 11, 2011 11:05pm

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed High Tea! The concept and setting was refreshing. Hope there’s more to come! Hopes

avatar for procastino

Feb 11, 2011 3:57am

Ei! I’m a teacher, and I think this is an excellent educational game. History, Maths, Echonomics, Geography…

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wiiwonder Feb 11, 2011 7:18am

LOL, a school teacher liking a game, WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO!!!!???? P.s. try cellcraft you’ll LOVE it.

avatar for absolutel

Feb 11, 2011 6:41am

Wow! Great game! Make more please!