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Play LightSprites LightSprites Jan. 18, 2015
I thought the hard badge was going to be impossible but I actually made it! It just takes some practice and a lot of luck.
Play Super Adventure Pals Super Adventure Pals Jan. 17, 2015
avatar for Extreme_Z7 Extreme_Z7 Jan. 17, 2015 Return the pig to farmer? (Yes/No) No. . . screw you, man, this is my pig now.
Play Super Adventure Pals Super Adventure Pals Jan. 17, 2015
Return thea pig to farmer? (Yes/No) No. . . screw you, man, this is my pig now.
Play Off to work we go Off to work we go Jan. 16, 2015
Did anyone else notice the subtle symbolism? People who work boring jobs at factories/offices spend their live doing repetitive tasks and soon they are so used to their boring work that they end up being stripped of their individuality and spit out as just another product of the company they work for.
Play Sweet Drmzzz Sweet Drmzzz Jan. 16, 2015
Hmmm... Sweet Dreams. . . Sweet . . . sugar and jellybeans . . . huh?
Play Command & Control Command & Control Jan. 15, 2015
For a game with gritty colorless graphics, I actually found the game to be very aesthetically appealing. It art style just looks amazing overall.
Play Running Fred Running Fred Jan. 12, 2015
Good God, shouldn't you be asking us to pay for optional extras if we enjoyed the game rather than paying to make the game not feel broken. That's how free to play is supposed to work. Seriously, this game feels like a great idea chopped up into a barely enjoyable one and were expected to pay for the features that make it halfway decent. To top it all off, it's overpriced too.
Play oO oO Sep. 15, 2014
Impossible Badge Pro Tip: If you die on 79 in endless mode, keep calm, drop to the floor, and cry.
Play Clockwork Cat Clockwork Cat Aug. 15, 2014
Okay, start playing game. . . interesting . . . reach end of game . . . laughing my nipples off. That was a hilarious ending.
Play Papa's Pizzeria Papa's Pizzeria Aug. 15, 2014
@bbrtki nobody deserves to be banned because of your opinions. Kong will never cater to your arrogance. If you don't like a game, DON'T PLAY THEM! Those words work fine for me as a flash gaming fan. People deserve to create what they want and ignorant and self-centered turds like you are far too common on the internet. People who ignore the efforts of developers who make a game they want to make are not entitled to your hatred just because they didn't make what you wanted. There are games for everyone. Every game has a target audience. Just because one didn't bother to target you, doesn't mean you can point at them and say that they don't deserve to exist. The reality is that YOU don't deserve to exist. screw you and everyone who voted up your comment.
Play Invert Selection Invert Selection Aug. 14, 2014
I completed all 50 puzzles. no walkthrough. I need to get a better hobby.
Play Invert Selection Invert Selection Aug. 13, 2014
I likk this game sooo much tthat my brain exoploded and now I caant type prowperly. soerry (5/5)
Play Hood Episode 3 Hood Episode 3 Aug. 13, 2014
I can tolerate a horror point and click that has a scripted jump scare but one that has a random jump scare every now and again? I just can't solve puzzles with a clear mind in that situation. I had to use a walkthrough because it was badge of the day.
Play oO oO Aug. 12, 2014
There should be time highscore as well. Maybe in a possible sequel?
Play 10 is Again 10 is Again Jul. 27, 2014
I'm just glad that you don't have to divide by zero. Such a ridiculous act by IOJOE would cause Kongregate to implode!
Play Desert Moon Desert Moon Jul. 26, 2014
After the final wave in the final mission, there was so much green blood all over the place that you could mistake it for grass growing in the desert.
Play The Mouse 101 The Mouse 101 Jul. 26, 2014
without cheating, I managed to reach LEVEL 11!!! . . . and got carpal tunnel syndrome.
Play Kids Vs. Ice Cream Kids Vs. Ice Cream Jul. 14, 2014
It must suck that badges are broken but you can at least make a screenshot and use the 'report missing badge' feature. Fortunately, the game has a stats screen which shows how many kids you've splattered with ice cream. Also, this is pretty much just a zombie game in disguise. It just goes to show the true boring nature of mindless zombie shooters when you remove monsters from the equation.
Play SCGMD4 SCGMD4 Jul. 13, 2014
@nathanmagic502 maybe download the game for offline play?
Play Dojo of Death Dojo of Death Jul. 10, 2014
This person will solve the world's problem of overpopulation. (sorry if this is an inappropriate joke)