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Play Bigotilyo Bigotilyo May. 30, 2014
Very addicting, although simple and silly, I couldn't stop till it was finished.
Play DIVE DIVE May. 11, 2014
Very simple but fun game. Controls and screen size are problems tho.
Play The Visitor: Massacre at Camp Happy The Visitor: Massacre at Camp Happy May. 01, 2014
Too much lag for a so simple game...
Play Mighty Knight Mighty Knight Apr. 29, 2014
The attack button pressing is way too repetitive... make it attack continuously when kept pressed.
Play Zumbi Blocks Zumbi Blocks Apr. 25, 2014
Even using Hamachi I keep losing connection... please inform if anyone knows how to fix that. I have all good weapons and can join a resilient team. Thank you...
Play BioGems BioGems Apr. 24, 2014
Fun game, but extremely luck based
Play Zumbi Blocks Zumbi Blocks Apr. 24, 2014
I've reached wave 35 just using the AA-12. When you reach a fair high level missiles become very poor, with failing explosions all the time. Add this the ability to kill you or take a huge amount of HP at medium distance and you have a useless weapon. In order to reach these high levels, just use your first guns in your inventory to save up for the AA, take ammo with the AA-12 equipped and make slots free for the meds, bandages and lightsticks/flares you will find on the floor or inside the boxes of radios. Make a large barricade at some point (in front of the jail for example) but leave a small passage for you to pass. Don't spam mines and traps around or you will be risk to step them and die ridiculously =)
Play Zumbi Blocks Zumbi Blocks Apr. 23, 2014
Ok enough of play I want updates, ANY BLESSED DEV PLEASE CONTACT THE CREATOR OF THE GAME AND PICK UP THE CODE TO PROCEED WITH IT. I don't want to see a great game get abandoned in front of me, in the Tactics Arena Online style. Thanks
Play Zumbi Blocks Zumbi Blocks Apr. 21, 2014
I've just instaled Hamachi but, is there a way to join a public game using it?
Play Zumbi Blocks Zumbi Blocks Apr. 21, 2014
Ok, bough the expensive stuff, and that's it. Nothing more to do here... too bad it don't work multiplayer, shouldn't even be labeled as a multiplayer game. With no more maps or game options buy stuff is all that we can do. Pretty fun after all... I'm one more asking to reeconsider about updating this game, you can fix multiplayer and add a couple features, and I'm sure it will earn you a deserved good money.
Play Protector Protector Apr. 21, 2014
Too much lag.. simply cann0t play
Play Zumbi Blocks Zumbi Blocks Apr. 18, 2014
So simple but very fun! Loads of potential here...Please fix the multiplayer, I simply can't join ANY server.
Play Flood Runner 4 Flood Runner 4 Apr. 16, 2014
The game is extremely fun, I'm a fan of the serie! Some of the achievements are insane, so should include some extra reward...
Play Soviet Rocket Giraffe Go Go Go! Soviet Rocket Giraffe Go Go Go! Apr. 10, 2014
Fun! But needs some reason to keep playing. Upgrades for example
Play PokemonNXT 0.1 PokemonNXT 0.1 Apr. 06, 2014
Why not to make a game with similar conceipt? Have to be pokemon again?
Play Rebuild 2 Rebuild 2 Apr. 03, 2014
I want the #*!@# harsh language!!! =p
Play Dungeon Defender Dungeon Defender Apr. 03, 2014
Good concept, but the graphics and the controls refrain the game from the glory!
Play Lost Pirate Chests Lost Pirate Chests Apr. 02, 2014
Very simple but fun game. Cool music. 3/5
Play Gladiator - True Story Gladiator - True Story Apr. 01, 2014
This is a beautiful game and fun at the beginning, but it gets repetitive very easy. Make some more challenging...
Play Crunchball 3000 Crunchball 3000 Apr. 01, 2014
Very cool game!!