FEARdebater's Comments

Game Comments
Play Super Clew Land Super Clew Land Sep. 04, 2012
Its a very fun game that made me reminisce quite a bit. They only thing was i wish i could mute 5/5
Play Name that Pokemon Name that Pokemon Jun. 20, 2012
should be called name that random character not pokemon lol
Play Draw a Line Draw a Line Jun. 20, 2012
fun game and a great concept to the genre, missing something small that i cant put my finger on but great game 5/5
Play Spongebob Sweet Bubble Spongebob Sweet Bubble Jun. 14, 2012
decent game but is a little slow going and i didnt quite understand the purpose of spongebob but it was a good idea 4/5
Play Scriball Scriball Jun. 11, 2012
this game is very challenging and i found it even harder when the ball would just pass through my line its a great idea just has some bugs to work out
Play Mini Monster challenge Mini Monster challenge Jun. 06, 2012
fun game i loved the idea and is a great spin on these type of games
Play Stickman RPG Battle Stickman RPG Battle Jun. 06, 2012
the fact that i had to right click to play instantly made it worse fix that and add a better story possibly dialogue boxes---nice music tho
Play Shield Defense Shield Defense Jul. 19, 2011
the game was fun untill i beat it on captain mode than had to back to play it on sergaent just for the badge.
Play Protector Protector May. 20, 2011
Game definitly needs fast foward to keep ppl interested. It takes awhile to win