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Play Free Words by Free Words by Sep. 02, 2009
It's a bit buggy. I played four rounds, during my last round the correct words didn't show up in the word list until I was just 10 seconds away from the end. Might want to set up some better letter groupings that are more user friendly and increase difficulty as you increase level. This is just like a game on
Play Another Small Favor Another Small Favor Aug. 31, 2009
I got the new ID, but it didn't give me a badge T.T
Play Another Small Favor Another Small Favor Aug. 31, 2009
Did I miss something? I didn't get the badge....
Play One Wheel Frenzy One Wheel Frenzy Aug. 30, 2009
Clowns suck T.T
Play Sudoku Safari Sudoku Safari Aug. 07, 2009
Play ROLY-POLY Eliminator ROLY-POLY Eliminator Aug. 07, 2009
Definitely needs achievements :D
Play National Cheerleading Championship National Cheerleading Championship Aug. 07, 2009
Give it up already! Sheesh. Women and girls (over 12) do not like this cr--?! You need to appeal to your target audience! These are obnoxious.
Play Spot the Difference 11 Spot the Difference 11 Aug. 03, 2009
The numbers of found differences covers up other potential differences! 24/25 in 1 try... Too many differences (all are just windows and chimneys!) Good try, but this picture isn't a good one to use.
Play Horoscope Puzzle 2 Horoscope Puzzle 2 Aug. 03, 2009
Badges please!!!!
Play Chuck Norris FLASH Chuck Norris FLASH Aug. 03, 2009
Why does this dumb --- keep stealing games? If you can't create your own, don't post!
Play Red (romover) Red (romover) Aug. 03, 2009
Not good to steal a game that's listed on the front page with a card challenge LMFAO. EPIC fail! Flag. 0/5
Play Kidnapped By Pirates Kidnapped By Pirates Aug. 03, 2009
Needs a badge :D
Play William and Sly William and Sly Jul. 31, 2009
Someone mentioned it earlier but it's worth repeating- the snake has a pattern, he changes level, eyes open, mouth open, changes level. Fireflies appear on his last level.When you get hit, you lose ALL of your fireflies. Don't worry too much about the mushrooms until after you complete the ruins and snake. Then go back and do the mushrooms.
Play William and Sly William and Sly Jul. 31, 2009
This was SUCH a fabulous game. I can't wait for part 2! What I really loved: 1- no killing (except for the snake) and no dying. For some reason, losing fireflies wasn't as frustrating is dying constantly. Besides, almost EVERY other game on the planet involves those two components. 2- Beautiful music and scenery. It held my attention. This looks like it actually took thought, time, and quite a bit of talent. The music was unobtrusive. 3- No time limit- I could play at my own pace and didn't feel the time crunch. 4- The continue button!!!! omg I LOVE you for this- I could actually put this on hold while I did other things, then come back and pick up where I left off!
Play Shape Inlay Shape Inlay Jul. 31, 2009
Needs badges
Play The Stairway The Stairway Jul. 31, 2009
FABULOUS game! There aren't enough of these brain games on here. I'm already looking forward to part 2!!! Adding it to my favorites (which is a BIG deal since I have only three favs as of right now- I don't add many, very, very picky!)
Play Ring Pass Not Ring Pass Not Jul. 30, 2009
I got to level 17 with over 3000 points but I didn't get my badge O.o
Play Mole Hunter Mole Hunter Jul. 29, 2009
Play Rainbow SnakeX Rainbow SnakeX Jul. 29, 2009
You should warn people about the flashing/changing colors. >.<
Play Princess Cafe Dress Up Princess Cafe Dress Up Jul. 29, 2009
no. Just no.