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Play Dragon Age Legends: Remix 01 Dragon Age Legends: Remix 01 Jul. 07, 2011
It's definitely fun, but way too easy. I played through the whole thing in about 25 minutes on insane. And that was my first run.
Play The Impossible Game Lite The Impossible Game Lite May. 14, 2011
45 seconds of advertisement... 25 seconds of loading... 15 seconds of gameplay.
Play Flight Flight Feb. 12, 2011
So, I finally beat the game, so I decided to get the mysterious upgrade. I threw my plain straight up, and held down on the engines, for teh lulz. At about 150 altitude, I turned down into a nose dive. I hit the ground, and hit one of those "Wind up!" things. Then I hit a crane. Then another. Then suddenly, turtle.
Play Robot Wants Kitty Robot Wants Kitty Feb. 11, 2011
Accidentally pressed R. I'm guessing 'R' stands for rage.
Play K.O.L.M. K.O.L.M. Feb. 05, 2011
You can skip that final item in the game that starts the escape and still get 100%. Not that it matters, because when the timer hits 00:00 it starts going into the negatives.
Play Topsy Turvy Topsy Turvy Dec. 24, 2010
Now here's a story all about how my life got flipped turned right upside down...
Play Love Love Dec. 03, 2010
I know I'm going to get my comment HORRIBLY downrated for this, but this is just your generic "Eskiv", 'cept with pretty colors and a slight twist...
Play Lucky Tower Lucky Tower Oct. 31, 2010
Did anybody else notice when he turns he swaps what hand the sword is in?
Play Maverick Maverick Aug. 16, 2010
This actually LAGS on my computer? What the hell?
Play Ten Seconds Of Awesome Ten Seconds Of Awesome Aug. 03, 2010
You, sir, have managed to create a game sidekick more annoying than navi. Good job, sir.
Play An Abstract Art Game in 10 Seconds An Abstract Art Game in 10 Seconds Aug. 02, 2010
This game needs badges. Vote up if you agree! KEEP THIS COMMENT ALIVE - Add badges!
Play Super Karoshi Super Karoshi Jul. 21, 2010
Nevermind, it's working. :D
Play Super Karoshi Super Karoshi Jul. 21, 2010
The game won't load. :|
Play Hell Tetris Hell Tetris Jun. 25, 2010
Holy crap! I got a point! :D
Play Help! It's the Unfinished Shadow Game Help! It's the Unfinished Shadow Game Apr. 16, 2010
I beat the game, saw that it got badges, came back on, AND ALL MY PROGRESS WAS GONE. :( Good game tho :D
Play Shifty Puzzle Shifty Puzzle Apr. 02, 2010
The controls are hard - Could you add an inverted option that lets you move the blank area, not move pieces INTO the blank area?
Play Puzzle Pack Puzzle Pack Apr. 02, 2010
Put more time into it, get better at making games, and don't make the pictures in paint.
Play mini Tower Defence (mTD) mini Tower Defence (mTD) Mar. 30, 2010
I currently have the 3 remaining expert achievements left (the 3 after Colonel), whatever badge that comes after Upgrade Master VIII, the two after Monkey Maker VI, the one after Score Master IV, and the Send Now badge. :D Fun game. ^^
Play Aether Aether Mar. 27, 2010
Play Rotatix Rotatix Mar. 17, 2010