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Play Zomgies 2 Zomgies 2 May. 29, 2011
Great game. One minor gripe - when you lose, the game ignores your mute settings, and plays the animation regardless.
Play Coma Coma Aug. 03, 2010
Great game. Just wish there weren't so many typos.
Play Storm the House 3 Storm the House 3 Nov. 04, 2008
Game was a pretty good defense game. Reminded me of Defend Your Castle, but with better graphics. Got a little repetitive after a while, but there was one thing that was insanely annoying. When the round ended, the game would pause EVERY SINGLE FLASH APP running in Firefox. Because of that, YouTube would stop, my music player would stop, and there would be no way to start them up again without refreshing.
Play Egg Game Egg Game Oct. 26, 2008
Erm, you cook an egg? Interesting game premise. Not sure where the challenge or the actual game lies, though. I did have to say, however, that if you could add a bit of a challenge, it would actually be pretty fun. Sort of like a Cooking Mama port for Flash? Hmm...
Play Click 'n' Dodge Click 'n' Dodge Oct. 26, 2008
Much better than most of the dodge/click games I've seen. You took the most basic step in preventing cheating and blocked right clicking, which is good! It'd be nice if there was a bit more.. maybe a little more flow on the graphics, or different levels. It's good for a quick time waster though, and actually is a little bit addictive to have to clickclickclick while navigating through a maze and dodging flying red objects.
Play HDOS Databank request 01 HDOS Databank request 01 Oct. 26, 2008
Hm, interesting. This game's almost exactly like Puzzle Frenzy (http://www.detachedsolutions.com/puzzpack/puzzlefrenzy.php). With that said, it was still pretty fun. One thing I'm wondering about is the font and text. How come it changes so frequently? Sometimes in any given box there's two different fonts and two different sizes. Also, would it be possible to implement a mute button? Hearing the little "DING-DING" sound of the bell blasting over my speakers is not a fun experience.
Play Draw Pad Draw Pad Oct. 26, 2008
So, it draws wherever you click in a pink color? There's no purpose to this game, and worst of all, it's not even a good tool/plaything - there's no way to change colors, and as such, no way to make an interesting drawing. If you can figure out a way to make this into some sort of game (i.e, give it a purpose/plot), then it could be fun. If not, it's just random scribbling in pink, and I can do that on Paint.
Play Star Star Oct. 26, 2008
This game's alright, but if could be improved. Firstly, it'd be cool if instead of having a white ball that simply grows into a bigger white ball, you had some sort of progression into a larger and larger planet? (This came to me because I noticed that as the ball got larger, it kind of looked like a moon.) Additionally, it'd be nice if you had something to make this more than 'just another collect the falling objects to grow' game, but adding power-ups, good sound and a mute button, and good graphics. It's a great start though, and hopefully can be improved into a great game.
Play Filter Shoot Filter Shoot Oct. 26, 2008
So, you took a simple shoot-em up type game and added random Flash Filters to each target, thus making it obnoxious on the eyes and hard to play? Additionally, at the end, it says "Weldone", not "Well done". I'd play through your games once before uploading, and make sure there's no obvious typos like that. Other than that, your game lacks purpose. It's the most basic clickclickclick there is, except with flashing strobe-light-esque buttons.
Play Pandemic:EOM Pandemic:EOM Oct. 26, 2008
Tays, are you aware that at Kongregate you're supposed to upload games that YOU'VE created? This is a flash game community where developers can upload their own games and share in the profits - not a site who tries to draw more views by stealing other people's work. Next time, read what you're agreeing to before you upload a game.
Play Snake Game Snake Game Oct. 25, 2008
As a first game, it's not bad. However, I would recommend that you put the "SCORE:" display and the actual score on the same frame, so that it doesn't have to flicker back and forth. Other than that, it's a good start. Add some real graphics, and you'll be well on your way to making a pretty nice game of Snake!
Play MultiVoider MultiVoider Oct. 25, 2008
Hey, cool, it's like a bad version of Triangles! Lacks a mute button, so you have to listen to techno in a loop the entire time you're playing it. The powerups and bonuses were a nice touch, but it just got too repetitive. Even on the hardest setting , it was still really easy.
Play Orb Hunter Orb Hunter Oct. 25, 2008
Well, after you obtain the Orb of Flames, the game's a little better, and makes a little more sense. Still lacking in a mute button though. Also, some stages run really fast, and I zip around, almost too fast to control, while other's seem to go at about 1 frame a second, and lag immensely. What's causing this shift?
Play Orb Hunter Orb Hunter Oct. 25, 2008
Ran too slowly, had no point, and was pretty boring. How is an "Orb Hunter' going around collecting little shards? What's the plotline here, exactly? And how do I mute the obnoxious tropical music? It's a good start, and something I could see as a minigame in a much larger game, but it really fails to stand on its own.
Play Platformer CONTEST! All game makers check this out! Platformer CONTEST! All game makers check this out! Oct. 25, 2008
Wow, so. On the short game, there's no way to win. You can jump through some of the walls, so if you hit "W" at the wrong time, you'll go flying right through and have to refresh if you want to navigate through the maze. It's interesting that you're mailing someone $10.00 cash - does your mom know you're doing this? By the way, you have to be 13 to make an account on Kongregate, so techincally you're violating the Terms & Conditions.
Play Greg Is So Evil 3 Greg Is So Evil 3 Oct. 25, 2008
Haha. That actually was a pretty fun little choose-your-own-adventure game! Graphics were nothing special, and text needed some more formatting and proof-reading, but overall, pretty nice! Looking forward to more polished installments of games in this genre from you.
Play Penguin Bond Penguin Bond Oct. 25, 2008
It's a good start, but there's a few major flaws. For one, there's no sort of animation when you shoot the bear - it's just clickclickclick and your score goes up. For another, there's no way to mute the sound. Other than that, it's pretty boring simply because of the concept - you're a penguin shooting (clicking on) bears that randomly appear on your screen.
Play Electric Fence Electric Fence Oct. 24, 2008
Works as a proof-of-concept game, but there's no real gameplay invovled. Also, when you drag the red box, there's a little box that blinks on and off below it while it's moving. Glad it didn't have sound/music, though. Overall, it could be made into an interesting game, but as it is it's just a fun little plaything.
Play Paradise v1 Paradise v1 Oct. 23, 2008
Generic maze game with terrible graphics and unoriginal gameplay. There's absolutely nothing to make this game stand out from the thousands of other 'my first maze game'. You didn't even take the first precaution of a maze-maker and disable right-clicking. Nice try, but needs a lot of work.
Play Pooandwee's Shooter Pooandwee's Shooter Oct. 23, 2008
Erm, did you bother testing this before uploading it? As a would-be game designer, the best thing you can do for yourself is to completely test your game before loading to the web. Make sure you have a finished, polished product. If you had even taken a look into your game, you'd realize that the bullets passed through enemies. Also, I'm pretty sure the "Taylor Benson Mode" isn't Kongregate appropriate.