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Play Loot Heroes Loot Heroes Mar. 22, 2014
1. More Characters. Why have bows when there really isnt a "Rogue" based character. Also, casters, lots of them. 2. The ability to compare stats between an inventory item, and a currently equipped item would be nice. (Most RPG's come with that feature as a standard now). 3. This game is laggy for me, which is weird considering I can run much more complicated games very smoothly. I know nothing about programming... but it doesnt make sense that such a simple design would lag me more than a more complex looking game.
Play Flappy Pig? Flappy Pig? Mar. 08, 2014
The main problem here is that you are ripping off 2 games. First of you are blatantly cloning "Flappy Bird" and in case you haven't noticed, Kongregate already has about a hundred flappy bird clones here. Secondly, the pixelated pig sun... is a blatant ripoff of the Minecraft Pig. 1/5 For lack of originality.
Developer response from LarsCGiswold

It is noticed. I will change the mine craft pig later :) It was just something that came up in my head so if that offended you or something, then I apologize :)

Play My Happy World! My Happy World! Feb. 27, 2014
3 Levels? O_O
Developer response from Ang3ls

Yup. :)

Play Happy Wings Happy Wings Feb. 24, 2014
I'm NOT going to ignore the fact that this is yet ANOTHER Flappy Bird clone. Because there are almost literally hundreds out there now. Get original.
Play Mickey Leisure Coloring Mickey Leisure Coloring Feb. 24, 2014
This game needs some improvement, like more color variety. Also not every part of each scene is colorable. Like Minnie's nose and tongue in the first scene. Also, when you paint her face, it paints her shirt the same color, and so on. Would be fun if it wasnt so broken! =/
Play Gem Break Gem Break Feb. 20, 2014
Bad Peggle Knockoff
Play Farty Turd Farty Turd Feb. 09, 2014
2 because it made me chuckle with juvenile delight. 0 otherwise.
Play Dynetzzle Dynetzzle Feb. 07, 2014
My brain hurts. But now I can gladly say I finished without cheating!
Play Shambles Shambles Feb. 06, 2014
The issues with the game are as follows. 1. The Zombies move too fast. 2. The Zombies attack WAY too fast. You lose health too fast, and it is too easy to be overrun. 3. The inability to move the crosshair vertically also screwed me up. Dont have zombies down some steps if I CANT FRIGGEN SHOOT EM. 4. WTF are they dropping? Ammo? Points? Health? Can we get a tutorial?
Play Valentines Match Valentines Match Feb. 04, 2014
Decent for the type of game that it is. But when we get less time with a higher target score, we should get some sort of powerups somehow.
Play Deadly Road Trip Deadly Road Trip Dec. 13, 2013
It would be nice if the upgrades and their stats were explained before purchase.
Play Deadly Road Trip Deadly Road Trip Dec. 13, 2013
I have noticed that when the fuel runs out and the game is still going for a few seconds I cannot collect the coins I coast into. Lack of fuel should not effect my coin collecting.
Play Brawlin' Sailor Brawlin' Sailor Sep. 11, 2013
This needs to be made into a series of alike games. I enjoyed the humor and innuendo folded into this game. Well worth the small amount of time it took to play through it! 5/5
Play Daymare Town 4 Daymare Town 4 Sep. 11, 2013
Artistic value does not make a game great, gameplay makes a game great.. and I cannot believe I am saying this... but for a point and click... this game was sub-par. There were no indicators telling you where or what you were clicking on... causing me to go in unwanted directions many times. I will never play this again. As if that wasn't bad enough, you charge 5$ for the HD version? I can buy better point and clicks for 99 cents from an app store, some for free even. "Well you just don't understand the art behind the game" d pay entry into a museum.
Play Samsara Room Samsara Room Sep. 11, 2013
Games that make you go... "wait what?"
Play Battalion Commander Battalion Commander Sep. 04, 2013
Is it just me, or does the car do more harm than good. In my experience with it, the only upside is to get you down the field of battle faster, other than that the bad seems to outweigh the good. For example, you're passing valuable money far too fast, it can too easily land you just before a cluster of enemies with no skill ready... so if your invulnerably runs out by then you're SOL, and its just not as fun as controlling the squad. Here are some of my ideas to improve the usefulness and fun of the car. 1. Car needs its own upgrades, I.E, Armor (so it lasts longer), Perhaps a mounted gunner as well and such things as that. 2. While the car is in use, ramps should randomly spawn on the battlefield... allowing the car to "Jump" over obstacles instead of ramming into them and taking damage... if the player is quick enough to get on the ramps. Lastly, please please please, for the love of Kongregate... allow the skill to charge while the car is active.
Play The Golem The Golem Aug. 17, 2013
Am I the only person that read "I became a human, what now?" as sounding like "I became a human, in your face!" Also, I beat this without help in like 3 minutes. Not saying the puzzles weren't hard enough, saying the game wasn't long enough. Other than that, dig the concept. Neat game! 4/5!
Play An Epic Minimal Adventure An Epic Minimal Adventure Aug. 12, 2013
Clever and simple. Enjoyed the witty credits, and the Mario joke!
Play Questopia Questopia Jun. 19, 2013
Dont level speed, its a waste, because it does literally nothing, no matter how many points you put into it you move slow as molasses.
Play Questopia Questopia Jun. 19, 2013