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Vector Stunt

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Oct. 19, 2012

Rating: 0

Regardless of difficulty, I just don't find this very fun at all.

Bunny Flags

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Aug. 18, 2012

Rating: 15

Badges aren't working for me either.

Meat Boy (map pack)

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Aug. 06, 2012

Rating: 3

From someone who's good at and generally enjoys this type of game; this isn't a good example of the genre. I get the whole 'He's meat, the controls are slidey' thing, but it doesn't make for fun gameplay. In a game like this, you need tightness and precision with the controls - the difficulty needs to come from good level design, not the fact that it's frustratingly difficult to make a two tile jump.

Creeper World: User Space

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Aug. 05, 2012

Rating: 12

Way too long for a Badge of the Day.

[Visible] III

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Aug. 04, 2012

Rating: -1

Annoying. Difficulty is fine, but you need to have fun in there too to balance it out.

The Several Journeys of Reemus: Chapter 3

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Jul. 19, 2012

Rating: 3

A buggy mess.

Mushroom Revolution

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Jul. 18, 2012

Rating: 6

Way too long and boring.

Ring Pass Not

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Jul. 16, 2012

Rating: 5

The thing I really don't get is despite all the negative comments, it still has an average rating of 3.44. I mean, really? This is better than the average game on the site?

Hands of War

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Jul. 14, 2012

Rating: 3

Ugh, such a grind.

Reactance 2

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Jul. 14, 2012

Rating: 4

Tips for Atropos: Use 4 plasma, with split mods for extra damage, and 1 each of acid and affliction. Two defensive lasers, compact bomb mod, and the green (focus) hull. Fully upgrade everything, obviously. Damaging him becomes surviving a wave of his attacks (unless it's one you can attack him during, such as his slow spinning one in the first phase) then rushing back to the middle and knocking off as much as you can. Learn the safe spots and patterns for various attacks, e.g the red whip can't touch you at the bottom left corner. Save your bombs for the last phase (his glowing mini head) - get him down to about 1/4 or so of the big bar, should take three waves or so, pray he doesn't use his bullet cage attack, then so long as he's not using an attack where he whizzes across the screen, just sit in front of him and spam bombs to keep yourself alive till he dies. Keep this comment alive if it's helpful.


Play Glean

Jul. 12, 2012

Rating: 12

I'm conflicted about this one. The crafting system was definitely exciting at first. And there were some nice ideas, like having to control your drilling to get certain resources (the vibration-sensitive ones). But it didn't take very long before it began feeling like a grind. There wasn't really any challenge, just a slog to get more and more iron to finish the game - speaking of iron being so necessary, it'd be nice if gold and titanium were a bit more desirable. I spent half the game wondering what awesome upgrades they'd unlock, then in each case ten minutes after I found them I never had to seek them out again, I always had more than I needed.

Vector Conflict: The Siege

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Jul. 09, 2012

Rating: -3

Not a bad game, but the Jackal achievement is kind of bugged - didn't get it after completing the game then replaying level 10 (on hard), had to restart the whole thing and destroy the cormorant on level 8.

Balloon Invasion

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Jul. 07, 2012

Rating: 28

Why are so many gameinabottle games like this, a good base concept ruined by a ridiculous game length. It's a flash game, I don't want twenty hours of extremely repetitive gameplay out of it.

Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3

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Jul. 04, 2012

Rating: 4

Not as good as SCGMD2. The songs are easier, but longer, meaning that when you do make a mistake, it's twice as annoying/boring to sit through two minutes of easy stuff to have another go at the challenging bit.


Play LARRY and the GNOMES

Jul. 04, 2012

Rating: 2

Pretty average. Ranged combat (whether through slings/guns or throwing your weapons) seems largely pointless outside of a couple of bosses. If you're going for the hard badge, I'd recommend holding onto the red sword (think you get it somewhere near the start of act 2 from a random fat guy at the level's beginning), as it attacks quickly and powerfully.

Formula Racer 2012

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Jul. 03, 2012

Rating: -2

Pretty poor - as opposed to requiring skill at the game to progress, it just requires you to grind (admittedly, a very short grind) to just upgrade your car. The fact that the game practically takes the corners for you takes all the challenge out of it, bar two or three tricky turns on Stage 3. Graphics are very nice though.

Boss Slayer

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Jun. 29, 2012

Rating: 0

First try, was about a second away from dying when the final boss went down. 6 days, oh yeah.


Play Sprout

Jun. 29, 2012

Rating: -2

A way to skip animations you've already seen would be nice.

Balloon in a Wasteland

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Jun. 28, 2012

Rating: -2

Very fun, just unfortunate that it's so easy. Gets rid of the tension of 'Is this the right choice?' etc.

Frantic Frigates

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Jun. 28, 2012

Rating: 2

Most of the difficulty comes from the loot (and your own shots) obscuring your view of the enemy's bullets. Which is one way to go, I guess, but it's not to my taste. Also the continually rising starting money is a nice reward mechanic, but a bit more depth to that aspect would be nice (such as that seen in Elona Shooter).