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Play Level Editor 3 Level Editor 3 Apr. 16, 2014
Great game, love it. Here are a few suggestions: 1) It would be nice to have a level select on the main menu, not just after I started the first level. 2) It' kind of pointless to hide coins with the star, that totally ruines the point of them being two different things. 3) you should get bonus points for each piece left after finishing the level. Also the controls feel kind of sticky but that's just the style of the game I guess. A level editor would be nice :D 4/5
Play Level Editor 3 Level Editor 3 Apr. 16, 2014
andy215: leap of faith
Play Vertical Drop Heroes HD HTML5 Vertical Drop Heroes HD HTML5 Mar. 20, 2014
At some point on second level suddenly lots of tiles exploded random fireballs flew through the game and I died, killed by " " (blank). WTF HAPPENED??? It was kind of awesome but really weird :D
Play Dino Shift 2 Dino Shift 2 Mar. 13, 2014
oh and for some reason there are tiles behind the 'A' and 'D' button anthough they are not there in the editor
Play Dino Shift 2 Dino Shift 2 Mar. 13, 2014
ok, so I made some weird experiments in the editor and got the following results: when you jump on an activated door and then it goes up, you can't jump until you leave the door. If you put a door over its button, its a trap where you get stuck (ok, thats no bug, thats just my fualt I think). somethimes if I get back to the editor the door is invisible.
Play Dino Shift 2 Dino Shift 2 Mar. 13, 2014
Something weird I discovered in the editor: when you press space bar, the sound toggler vanishes
Play Dino Shift 2 Dino Shift 2 Mar. 13, 2014
blue green green green blue = no HUD
Play Dino Shift 2 Dino Shift 2 Mar. 13, 2014
4/5 because I think its no hardness/learning curve. it just gets randomly harder and easier. also the times for three stars are bad adjusted. sometimes you get them on first try, sometimes they are really hard. I tried to ace level 28 and after many trials I did it in less then 10 seconds only to see that the third star is at 25. really? everything else, awesome game :D
Play Idleplex Idleplex Mar. 01, 2014
how comes that when I upgrade the animal rate that my mower dps drops suddenly? Also I have a half upgraded mower that gives me 44k which is more than any of my fully upgraded mowers???!??!!?
Play Once Upon A Life Once Upon A Life Feb. 26, 2014
what creep takes a photo of a sleeping old couple while one of them is dying?
Play Eye-Q Test Eye-Q Test Feb. 14, 2014
since level 5 I waited for 21 :D
Play Crazy Digger 2 Crazy Digger 2 Feb. 06, 2014
dunno if it is my computer or chrome or the game itself, but level 23 lags so hard, it's unplayable
Play Crazy Digger 2 Crazy Digger 2 Feb. 06, 2014
3/5 because some levels are just too long. it's not any fun if you have to do a level over and over again just because you blow the end. 13 and 18 are good examples
Play Zos Zos Jan. 31, 2014
Want to get the "drink all potions" achievement, but I can't because I'm stuck on the inside of the monster without a gravitiy potion and without the recources to create one >:(
Developer response from Asvegren

you can get out though? if it's the lava you mean then use the freeze potion...

Play Zos Zos Jan. 31, 2014
Just played through. So where is the satue of the old guy?
Play Dynetzzle Dynetzzle Jan. 30, 2014
I just did a single wrong click and that was on the last elvel. great game :D
Play L.I.F.E. L.I.F.E. Dec. 19, 2013
Aw man, I played until 74 only to see him dropped into the water? The whole game I wnated to see him crush headlong into the floor :,( still awesome game 5/5 ;)
Play Balls Balls Balls Balls Balls Balls Dec. 16, 2013
"You completed 30 level in 0 clicks" apparntly it were 414
Play Sharkasm Sharkasm Dec. 16, 2013
ok, this crazy game has 3D graphics but actually isn't 3D, because you always swim in one plane. also it feels more like a concept for something bigger than a game itself. ated it 2/5 becuase it's really cheap. but I would like a game featuring it. also you can very easily swim out of the map
Play Volcania Volcania Dec. 16, 2013
so, why do so many mac users rate the game down because 28 doesn't work for them? I mean, the rest of the game is still AWESOME! also why doesn't it work? because your OS sucks as much as windows, thats why!