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Play Pitman Demo Pitman Demo Feb. 02, 2012
Great game, I love it. It needs a teleportation scroll. That would be cool. Like the original Rogue game.
Developer response from RatKingsLair

Already noted for a possible Pitman 2. ;-)

Play Flagstaff: Chapter One Flagstaff: Chapter One Feb. 25, 2011
I love it ! I miss the finding of treasures and such. That would be great ! Ihope you guys come out with another upgraded game. Thanks
Play Sorcery Quest Sorcery Quest Oct. 21, 2010
Help !! Ive just started this game (Sorcery Quest) and finished maping the sewers, is that all there is to this game? Thats too bad if it is because I like this game but thought there would be more to search besides the outskirts and the 5 lvls of sewers. Am I missing something? My Email is Please email me if theres something Im missing. Also, I havent found that girl from the sanctuary that Im supposed to lead back to the temple. Thanks for any help you can offer. Chad