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Play The Brain Experiment The Brain Experiment Oct. 29, 2013
Fix the "Next Level" button on Level 11 PLEASE so that I make my 4/5 to 5/5.. Or give to those commenting about the problem the code for level 12! Thank you!!!
Developer response from Anubhav21Sharma

Thanks for the feedback. Bug Fixed! :) :)

Play Xhon Xhon Oct. 17, 2013
As an effort to resemble to the Greek letters on the title screen I guess..
Play Deeper Sleep Deeper Sleep Sep. 21, 2013
Oh!!! I remember the first one (chiiillsss...)!!! So, no lights, headphones on, and here I go! ^_^
Play Daymare Town 4 Daymare Town 4 Sep. 14, 2013
This game is ENORMOUS!!!!! :D
Play 10 013 milliseconds 10 013 milliseconds Sep. 03, 2013
Ugh! This is frustratiiing!! But in a good way. :P Only think that bothers me is the need to restart and use information from previous game. In my opinion when there is a solution it should be available even at first try if someone can figure it out using all the given information. But we lack a lot of information and must remain helpless and doomed to die in several parallel universes until we get free in all the othes. :(
Play Me, Wake Up! Mini: Color Cake Me, Wake Up! Mini: Color Cake Aug. 06, 2013
om nom nom... cake for breakfast, yummy! ^_^
Developer response from SquekaA

nom nom xD

Play Rainball Rainball Jun. 10, 2013
Colorful spaggetti is following me everywhere!!
Play The Treasure Hunter The Treasure Hunter Jun. 08, 2013
He just doesn't stop cheering!!! Hahaha!
Play Lunar Jumper Lunar Jumper May. 04, 2013
Yeah! Nice one! But noone online but me right now. :(
Developer response from Burletech

I'm so pleased you enjoyed it. Lunar Jumper will be released soon for free on iOS. The multiplayer is cross platform so there should be plenty of people to play with soon =) Thanks for the feedback.

Play Pizza Shack Pizza Shack May. 04, 2013
Dude you could make one-square-move-at-a-time, not middle square and free moving, so that we could land on the arrows easily, and not go back and forth till they get yellow. But i liked the consept. However, after obtaining all the upgrades there is nothing left to do except the same over and over again. :/ 3/5
Play To-T-em To-T-em May. 03, 2013
More levels!! =D
Play Departing of the Sensory Departing of the Sensory May. 02, 2013
I'm not sure why but I really laughed with the game in the end! 5/5 But the reason why I wanted to comment was some thoughts I had earlier today about reality and it's interpretation and I found it really odd to come across similar ideas in a game! In any case these thoughts of you dev or of someone you know, I just wanted to add mine. I realized the same thing happening with emotions. I consider them to be our unconcious interpretation of reality. Very difficult to let anyone's self to feel in a genuine way about something as soon as it happens. Sadly we have many interpretations beforehand and those we don't have we manufacture them in ways to be accepted by others most of the times. That is the reason why genuine feelings don't have words to describe them, therefore can never be expressed and 100% understood by others, just like art cannot be put into reality in your game. :)
Play Lucas's Quest Backwards Lucas's Quest Backwards Apr. 18, 2013
How many different ending does it have?? I got 2. 1st with choosing not to be violent and the 2nd by being violent but killing some of the chovoks. So, if I kill them all or kill nobody even if I chose to be violent, I'll get 2 more endings? Btw, I liked the game very much.
Developer response from StormAlligator

There's only 2 endings :)

Play hero zero chat hero zero chat Mar. 28, 2013
Aaaaaaand...... *facepalm*. But ok, I understand the lack of faith to the gravity of your accomplishment. :/ ... And also the inability of getting sarcastic humour. :P
Play hero zero chat hero zero chat Mar. 26, 2013
LOL guys! Your contribution to the Kongregate community is astonishing! x-) 5/5 just for the ecological part of it (something that looks like a tree or a plant inside those white hearts.. :/ ) Keep up the good work! x-D
Play The Grey Rainbow The Grey Rainbow Mar. 18, 2013
Oh my God... That was an experience. Over an hour spent on it, all worth it. :) Thank you so much for such a beautiful story.
Play Ivan Ivan Mar. 18, 2013
Neither of them two truly lives. They are both alone in their own different ways.
Play simUniverse simUniverse Sep. 28, 2012
Do you think that not making my highscore official was the harsh part of it? Dude you really have a thing for highscores. But since something changed in the game after the reload and it doesn't keep counting when I am on another tab, I won't continue with my idea. So after my 'adventure' I decided that the games gets 1/5 from me. Cheers!
Play simUniverse simUniverse Sep. 27, 2012
The f***** chrome did an upgrade while I was away! (*&@^#*%@&^!# .... I am not happy to anounce that I was over 90million when it happened. :'-(
Developer response from jomomomo

Looks like it didn't get posted to the high scores... that's pretty harsh.

Play simUniverse simUniverse Sep. 26, 2012
UPDATE #2: I am currently on 75649123..... aaaand counting of course. It will take longer than 10 days all in all 'cause I gotta put my laptop to sleep a little now and then.