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Play Hook Hook Oct. 30, 2014
Great game.
Play Pandemic 2 Pandemic 2 Apr. 18, 2014
Infected Madagascar. Peru secludes itself as the only healthy country.
Play Space Flash Arena Space Flash Arena Feb. 05, 2014
5/5, 10/10, 200%. That's what this game deserves. Keep it up, this is just, awesome, really. :)
Play Ragdoll Invaders Ragdoll Invaders Nov. 20, 2013
Very difficult game. Impossible controls, and the game scales the hardness too quickly. In comparison, worse than, as mentioned before, driving a car in which the steering and brakes are broken, the gas pedal is up to the floor, you're drunk and chasen by federal police. In other words, I love this game. 9001/100, loved, faved. :P Keep the work up!
Play Castle Crashing "The Beard" Castle Crashing "The Beard" Nov. 19, 2013
Fab! ;P
Play 10 More Bullets 10 More Bullets Oct. 26, 2013
WHERE'S THE EPILEPSY WARNING!? Being serious, great game, once you figure out that you only have 10 bullets... (or DO you... :P)
Play The Man with the Invisible Trousers The Man with the Invisible Trousers Aug. 06, 2013
"The only remaining mystery is - Why do I have invisible trousers?"
Play no-one has to die. no-one has to die. Aug. 02, 2013
Beautiful story... it actually made me cry a few times, like where steve walks through the fire to get to the pump just to save christina... ;)
Play Extinct! Are you smarter than a plant? Extinct! Are you smarter than a plant? Nov. 29, 2012
100% on the farmed plant, (40 grown fruits) but if I wanted to, i could have like 100 of them...
Play Engage Engage Nov. 24, 2012
The game is great, 5/5, you people deserve it... :)
Play Farm and Grow Farm and Grow Aug. 01, 2012
I would say, it needs more materials - Milk for example from cows - more upgrade trees - Maybe experience from growing crops - Bigger map - more means better, of course! :) - and 3 options for a game - easy, hard and sandbox... Think about that. I loved that there was no tutorial, gets you more in the game. Maybe some background story and inability of 80 year old women to marry teenagers to make other teenagers and it would be great ^^
Play Dawn of the Dragons Dawn of the Dragons Apr. 13, 2012
Is it just me or this game is just like the Legacy of the Thousand Suns, only in other setting? I mean, i know that they're made by the same person(s), but it's just that it's almost EXACTLY like the other game mentioned... That makes no sence for me...
Play Innkeeper Innkeeper Apr. 11, 2012
I control this inn from *SPOILER* The Underworld :D Anyway, game is amazing, thank you for making it. Make more games like this please :)
Play Innkeeper Innkeeper Apr. 11, 2012
Lol, I just had a moment where a girl was going to and fro from game room to massages for 4 minutes on normal time, when nobody else was in the inn
Play Stealth Hunter 2 Stealth Hunter 2 Mar. 31, 2012
The guy just LOVES to talk to himself, especially when on a secret missions where he's surrounded by unfriendly soldiers... I just 'adore' that kind of personality XD
Play Pirates of the Stupid Seas! Pirates of the Stupid Seas! Mar. 23, 2012
Actually, EVERYTHING is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Play Pirates of the Stupid Seas! Pirates of the Stupid Seas! Mar. 23, 2012
The Ending Is Awesome. (SPOILER ALERT) The 'L.O.V.E' is awesome :P
Play Corporation Inc. Corporation Inc. Mar. 10, 2012
This game could be enjoyable if not the INSANE number of bugs, including flying workers in space...
Play Zombies, Inc. Zombies, Inc. Mar. 06, 2012
Faster way to make zombie stack attack :P maybe type number or something. Also, great game, but could be more zombies, more upgrades, and ACHIEVEMENTS!!! :D At last, you also need to lower some prices, because... you know why.
Play The Fabulous Screech The Fabulous Screech Feb. 22, 2012
The game is just beautiful. It is fabulous. And I feel like i have a fresh piece of onion in my eye ;)