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Monster Slayers

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Jan. 17, 2011

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who else loved the song at the end?

The Majesty of Colors

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Apr. 15, 2010

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The five endings are like this: A: Human Helper; You have to help all the humans. Let the man on the boat live, help the fishermen and save the child B: I couldn't save him; Do all the things as above, but let the sharks eat the boy. DO NOT KILL THE BOY. C: Death by mines; Get killed by the army boat. To get to the army boat, kill the first man, and wait. There'll be a boat, dropping mine. Take those mines, and put the to your eyes (right side of the screen, the 'stones') D: Death by submarine; Get killed by the torpedoes from the supmarine. Very simple, just wait till they smash your eyes. To get to the submarine, you have to kill the first man and the mine-boat E: Human killer; Kill all of the humans. The first man on the boat, the mine-boat and the submarine. To kill the submarine, grab the torpedoes and take them to the ship. KEEP THIS COMMENT ALIVE IF YOU FOUND IT HELPFULL!!!! Created by COPY not mine