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Play All That Matters All That Matters Feb. 04, 2013
she never does what he asks, but he does EVERYTHING that SHE asks?? what a pussy
Play QuestMan QuestMan Oct. 20, 2012
this is my new favorite gmae on kong. THIS is what a game should be like. 5/5 and favorite :)
Developer response from fatspliffs

Thank you very much for the comment!!! I'm glad you get the ideology behind the game. I hope to add more rare spawning creatures and more things to do.

Play Hell's Kittens Hell's Kittens Oct. 18, 2012
really fun :3 mooooon kitteeeeee 5/5
Play Depressed Factory Worker Depressed Factory Worker Sep. 27, 2012
Best game on this site
Play She Cheated She Cheated Sep. 27, 2012
Very educational. +1
Play Cute Cat Girl Cute Cat Girl Sep. 25, 2012
;3 need more like this. except being able to dress up guys =^_^=
Play Kick Out Bieber 2 Kick Out Bieber 2 Sep. 25, 2012
I dislike his music too, but that doesn't make it okay to bully him. Rather try and enlighten him and make him see the error of his ways, so that he can redeem himself and start making actual music. Please remove this game from kongregate and replace your hate with caring. Thank you.
Play Alien Combat (This is a test) Alien Combat (This is a test) Sep. 22, 2012
ha xD those are some awesome sounds
Play Craft Craft Sep. 20, 2012
Nice ;) hope you keep working on it. Will be checking :)