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Play API Test API Test Mar. 30, 2013
In repsonse to the devs response to Seamanwarrior11: You realize you don't have to _publish_ the game in order to test it, right?
Play Rebel Airship Pre-Alpha Rebel Airship Pre-Alpha Mar. 30, 2013
Autofire should NEVER be implemented as an upgrade, just as an actual feature. Everything else is just bad game design.
Play Zombie Man Zombie Man Mar. 30, 2013
Play button doesn't even work for me. (Chrome)
Play Super Joe Super Joe Jan. 20, 2013
Interesting concept and actually surprisingly fun. But the controls are glitchy and don't really feel good, also, I strongly disklike the use of "A" as the key for jumping. Up arrow or even S would work better (because it's closer to A). 3/5
Developer response from Eggy

Hmm alright next time I'll use S.. even though it's so close to A lol

Play Everlasting Devastation 2 (DEMO ONLY) Everlasting Devastation 2 (DEMO ONLY) Dec. 09, 2012
Probably stolen music and way too long, unskippable intro. Seriously, the art isn't great enough that everyone wants to watch the intro. Even if it was amazing, there should still be an option to skip it. Also, the intro is probably three times as long as the actual "game" in its current state.
Developer response from TheMortalWorld

All I have to say is, Have you even played the first one? And the "Art" is the same in the first one, PLUS this was a SHORT demo that I published, You diden't see the credits that said what the music was from, the intro is NOT longer than the game. And the game Does have a skip button, ITS JUST THAT IM WORKING ON THE FULL GAME, I would think you knew what you was talking about since you are a "Developer" Have you ever worked with Flash 8? I bet not.

Play JiJiMan JiJiMan Dec. 09, 2012
Paddle movement is way too slow and mouse movement would be convenient. Other than that, there's nothing special about this game, just another boring Breakout-clone.
Play Crystal Cave Crystal Cave Dec. 09, 2012
Cool addicting little game, nice graphics. But you can die during the tutorial message, which will cause you not being able to restart until the message disappears. 3/5
Developer response from NikolayK3

“Crystal Cave” have fast restart in v 1.1

Play Kill Pill - Tropic Island Kill Pill - Tropic Island Dec. 09, 2012
Nice movement, but having to mash the left mouse button to shoot is annoying as hell, just allow the player to hold it down. Also, there's no real objective...
Developer response from Brackeys

First of all, thank you for the feedback! We will look into the autoshooting and try to make the objective more clear! The game is about surviving as long as possible and sharing highscores :) You can do this and try to beat my score (04:15) here:

Play Baburu Baburu Dec. 09, 2012
As mrbregi said... Controls are pretty bad. Most of the time you're just waiting for some animation to finish and not actually controlling your characters, which is the opposite of what you want for what you'd call "slick controls". This game could be pretty fun with some good controls actually, the graphics aren't bad either.
Play Matrix Avoider Matrix Avoider Dec. 09, 2012
I'm a flixel dev as well... How did you do that motion blur effect? Looks pretty good.
Developer response from DangerousPixel

It's part of flixel power tools. It's really easy to integrate, only a few lines of code.

Play Dragon Area Dragon Area Dec. 05, 2012
Wow... Total Jetpack Joyride ripoff. :/
Play Notebook Wars 3: Unleashed Notebook Wars 3: Unleashed Dec. 01, 2012
There are a few things that annoy me about this game, like the inability to use "M" to mute the game in the menu or at the start of a level. Also, after unpausing, there should be a short cooldown so you don't fly into enemies right away. The button forces you to put your mouse in the middle of the screen. IMO, there are too many upgrades. Most will be skipped anyway, so it's more of a waste of development time than anything else.
Play Pit King (correct / improve, wasd) Pit King (correct / improve, wasd) Dec. 01, 2012
You seriously uploaded a new game just for some fixes and added WASD? Why didn't you just update the old one? The game is interesting, but pretty boring. Pretty much all you do is slowly walking around in a town made up of one house placed over and over. Fullscreen mode is pretty shitty and actually makes the game look worse, it simply seems to stretch what you can already see normally. That makes it blurry and also ruins the width-to-height-ratio.
Play Pit King Pit King Nov. 30, 2012
Deserves a 1/5 just for not being able to use the WASD keys - who uses the arrow keys anyways in combination with the mouse? :/
Play Painter Puzzle Painter Puzzle Nov. 02, 2012
The delayed input makes it kinda annoying too play. Camera movement is weird too, and unnecessary.
Developer response from SanderiS

How is the camera movement weird?

Play Dungeon Rampage Dungeon Rampage Sep. 06, 2012
Y should be allowed for pressing Z as well because those two keys are switched on QWERTZ-keyboards.
Play Your Guided Dot Your Guided Dot Jul. 14, 2012
Nice little avoider game... Two things: I was experiencing a bug in level 6, where a triangle would get stuck and block a one wide doorway, rendering the stage to be impossible to beat. Also, the level selection seems somewhat buggy - you cannot play the latest level unlocked, only the latest level completed, so you have to do that one again whenever going back to menu.
Play Jelly Escape Jelly Escape Jun. 22, 2012
Badass game, had a really fun time getting the hard badge. The music rocks as well. Obviously inspired by MeatBoy, but that's fine... Hoping for a sequel sometime! :D 5/5
Play Velocity Blaster Velocity Blaster May. 02, 2012
Pretty solid already.. Could be a really good game with professional art and 15-20 unique levels. I agree with Rob1221, that sound effect is really annoying. 3/5
Play Grinning Cobossus Mobile Grinning Cobossus Mobile Nov. 06, 2011
I spent more than a whole day porting this game to Kong Arcade, optimizing the buttons, the menu, the controls and so on to make it as mobile-friendly as possible! :) Tell me what you think about it.