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    Mar. 13, 2009

Check out some of the games that I worked on:
1. K.I.N.G. — Live on Armor; coming soon to Kong!
2. Epic Boss Fighter 2 — Live here on Kong!
3. Upgrade Complete 3mium — Live on Armor; coming soon to Kong!
4. Caravan Beast — Live on Armor; coming soon to Kong!
5. Warlords RTS — Available for iOS/Android
6. Llama in your Face — Live here on Kong!

Conquering games of all genres, of all types from arcades to pinball, from casual to AAA, here and elsewhere, without leeching, botting, stat padding, scripting, using or attempting to justify any cheat, glitch, hack, exploit, file modification, external tool, automation, altered game state/environment, coordinated setup or walkthrough, no matter how difficult or frustrating it can become. Being lazy, impatient and blaming the game is loser behavior. You only get better if you are challenged and learn to think for yourself instead of letting your mind atrophy by getting a solution from someone else.

I am Kong’s former preeminent prebadger; I don’t have as much time to play quite so many games as I used to. Still, if it’s badge-worthy or even worth playing (and often not), chances are fair that I’ve finished it in its entirety before the game gets badged. I’ve got a good line on what will get badged and occasionally input on the names and requirements for upcoming achievements so watching what I play is a good way to go. I’ve been maintaining a one-per-day average badge claim (for the enjoyment of continual progression) for awhile now and I still have over 300 badges stockpiled (achieved, but unclaimed; insta-badge on load) despite hitting the Kong level cap. And while I understand the desire to have a complete collection of achievements and topping the leaderboards, I won’t wig out like some for not having every badge/challenge/icon nor having the highest score because I don’t put that much stock into something that is free and just for fun.

While there’s no way to say it here without sounding boastful, yes, I actually am that good.

And for those that have read this far in, I have a professional background in hi-tech and the entertainment software industry, which a number of you developers have noted as evident in response to my numerous detailed bug reports and comments on your games. I can be available in a professional capacity; drop me a line if you’d like to discuss it.

Capped @ 65 @ 4:39 AM, April 8, 2012 EST with the Gravitee Wars BotD – 36560+6 pts.

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