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Play Glue Knight 1.3 + Editor Glue Knight 1.3 + Editor Sep. 26, 2014
bug: when choosing a user created level you can't start the level by pressing A. This is because the level selection overlay steals focus from the flash player. Nothing I can do about that. Click the game and it will be a-okay
Play Glue Knight 1.3 + Editor Glue Knight 1.3 + Editor Sep. 26, 2014
video tutorial in BROKEN ENGLISH for the level editor. Have a laugh:
Play Surgeon Simulator 2013 Surgeon Simulator 2013 Feb. 09, 2013
I'm left handed :(
Play Boxhead the Christmas Nightmare Boxhead the Christmas Nightmare Dec. 22, 2011
lightsabre sound gets stuck for me if I finish a level with it
Play K.O.L.M. K.O.L.M. Dec. 21, 2010
-1830 points. :) Great game! Really liked the escape part.
Play Dungeon Developer Dungeon Developer Dec. 10, 2010
30 days woohoo!
Play Vehicles Vehicles May. 14, 2010
Very Original!
Play KillStreak 3 KillStreak 3 May. 01, 2010
It's like counter strike with bots, nice!
Play Robot Wants Kitty Robot Wants Kitty Mar. 11, 2010
That was really fun!
Play Demolition City Demolition City Aug. 07, 2009
Yeah, strange because "Crush the Castle" is the same engine by the same developer and has an editor...
Play Coin Coin Jul. 31, 2009
click on props to see that this was made by 2(!) people...
Play Free Will - The Game Free Will - The Game Jun. 23, 2009
nice joke :)
Play I Love Traffic I Love Traffic May. 08, 2009
That was really entertaining! Great for office :)
Play Crush the Castle Crush the Castle May. 04, 2009
WW II bunker! :) 4~p_t:641.3,393.95|p_t:726.7,395.15|p_t:653.9,325|p_t:805.05,394.1|p_t:738,326.5|p_t:679.5,206.7|p_t:762.8,204.85|p_t:692.05,129.8|p_t:715.55,10.35|p_t:1001.4,393.25|c_k:902.5,383|w_i:858.35,356.25|w_i:946.6,356.1|f_i:905.6,286.65|p_t:1088.6,391.65|p_t:1179.15,391.65|p_t:1023.45,328.15|p_t:1108.95,324.4|p_t:1043.35,243.15|p_t:1132.95,227.05|p_t:1059.4,171.15|p_t:1077.8,59.15|p_t:793.65,134.65|p_t:994.45,123|p_t:815,40|p_t:982.1,19.75|p_t:905.25,-15.6|p_t:835.65,-84.65|p_t:968.1,-91.6|p_t:747.4,-58.6|p_t:1051.85,-48.05|fl_i:806.55,-288.55|fl_i:1009.4,-286.7|fl_i:907.65,-301.7|fl_i:603.75,-285|fl_i:1211.05,-284.9|
Play Bunny Invasion: Easter Special Bunny Invasion: Easter Special Apr. 09, 2009
I finished first wave without shooting a single round :) The first game where helper actually helps :)
Play Flash + mySQL (BETA) Flash + mySQL (BETA) Apr. 08, 2009
5/5 a very useful tutorial
Play Bullet Time Bullet Time Apr. 08, 2009
13916 Noooo!
Play Flea 1.5 Flea 1.5 Apr. 07, 2009
wall climb should be as fast as walking.
Play The Missile Game 3D HS The Missile Game 3D HS Apr. 03, 2009
This game can't have badges as it doesn't have Kong API implemented.
Play Smatch Smatch Apr. 02, 2009
"preview" :)