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Play Lost Outpost Lost Outpost Dec. 06, 2013
Thanks for the great feedback, we really appreciate it. We've got to apologise for the ammo bugs ( And the other ones too ), even though it was play tested to death these things still slip through, which we're not happy about either.
Play Outpost: Swarm Outpost: Swarm Jun. 06, 2012
In defence of the whole "Insecticides" thing, I'm sure it was just a typo on Miniclips behalf, it's not something we've ever called the aliens ( We've only really referred to them as the "Owl men" ) but then we didn't supply them with any copy for posting here. Thanks everyone for pointing it out.
Developer response from miniclip

Thanks to all who pointed out the error in the description. It's fixed now so you can rest easy and focus on playing the game!

Play Outpost: Swarm Outpost: Swarm May. 31, 2012
Regards the camping, it was too easy to cheat on some levels ( For instance, level 1 to the right of the console in the corner ), which is why it was added. Later levels are larger so it becomes lot less of an issue.
Play Outpost: Swarm Outpost: Swarm May. 31, 2012
Just to clarify, this isn't a direct sequel to Outpost:Haven, it's just a spin off from the Swarm mode in that game. Our sponsors, Miniclip, posted the game here so we can't reply to comments directly like usual.
Play Grand Prix Go Grand Prix Go Jun. 14, 2011
Stunning. That's it, there's nothing more to add.
Play DN8 DN8 Apr. 28, 2011
@N45H, I never made the DN8 / DNB connection! I just called it DN8 as DNA was too obvious / easy, and DN8 just looked right. I guess there was a subconscious choice going on there with the music :)
Play DN8 DN8 Apr. 26, 2011
@Stwright5, The whole evolution angle is just a game mechanic, it's just a theme to hang the level selection on ( Let's keep that our little secret though huh? It may spoil the game for everyone else if they discover plot holes in a free Flash game. If anyone asks I'll just say that the "organimetal" evolved in durability, but still wasn't intelligent enough to be self aware, and so needed a pilot, but hey, we both know the truth ).
Play Jelly Cannon Jelly Cannon Apr. 26, 2011
Excellent work mate, loved it.
Play DN8 DN8 Apr. 25, 2011
Thanks for all the feedback, I really appreciate it. Just to answer the favourite comment ( "Why isn't the ship made out of the same stuff as the pods" ), the reason is simple. The side pods evolved after the players ship, and with the basic rules of evolution it should be better, in this case, the metal alloy used is a lot denser to be able to cope with the baddie bullets. This stronger denser metal is fine for remote pods, but wouldn't support a pilot ( It's toxic ), hence the ship not being retro-fitted with it. ( I made that up on the spot, the real reason is "It's just a game" ).
Play BluCat BluCat Apr. 16, 2010
I'm amazed how under rated this game is, it's really excellent, 5/5 and all that
Play Chock a Box Chock a Box Apr. 15, 2010
@DaOnlyFool it's actually a very (rubbish) rip off of Q*Bert, but hey you've got your point for your comment, I've got some ad revenue even though you didn't like it, it's a win win.
Play Drift Runners 2 Drift Runners 2 Apr. 08, 2010
Excellent in every way.
Play Mechanics Mechanics Apr. 05, 2010
A big puddle of 5 love from me, great game.
Play Taberinos Taberinos Mar. 30, 2010
Yet another lamer stealing someone else's games. Flagged.
Play RetroShoot360 RetroShoot360 Feb. 18, 2010
Particle porn, excellent in every way
Play Ionic Ionic Feb. 17, 2010
@mcnealdj, the green rollOvers do reflect the weapons range. I must admit aside from the dots on the side showing the upgrade level there's no info to show the improvement, as I couldn't think of a way to convey that to the player without reams of text, and there's a lot in there already. Thanks again to everyone for the constant feedback and votes, even if the score is edging down :)
Play Ionic Ionic Feb. 16, 2010
@diogames, fare to say you don't really like TD games ? @RazuhlAlAnfa It doesn't show info for weapons which aren't invented, to me that makes sense, otherwise the story collapses. Also pressing the menu button pauses everything, so the player does have time to gather their thoughts if they need to.
Play Ionic Ionic Feb. 16, 2010
@X4MHD, great ideas, but it's a question of features vs budget mate. Adding all those things would be around a month of code + additional assets, without knowing if it would regain that extra cost. There has to be a cut off somewhere, that's why there are sequels :)
Play Ionic Ionic Feb. 15, 2010
As to the shoot'em up point, that's partly spin, partly a quick and easy description and partly due to the nature of the baddies. No TD games spring to mind where the baddies shot ( And miss, likewise the turrets miss at times too ) and turrets need repairing. I think any of the baddies could be dropped into a shoot'em up as they stand now. To me it's at it's very heart a shooter, just in a different genre. Hmm, was better first time I wrote this, as ever :)
Play Ionic Ionic Feb. 15, 2010
Argh, my comment got denied. Try again. In an ideal world the game would be more level based where you would start with a smaller dreadnought and be eased in, before being promoted to the full size dreadnought, but as with any game it's a compromise due to time and budget. If there was a sequel ( Unlikely atm ) then I would address some of these issues.