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Play BeGone: Guerra BeGone: Guerra Jan. 16, 2012
Just another Call of Duty-style game, only with less features and a tutorial that consists almost entirely of "get shot and die a lot" until you figure things out. Also point-blank shotgun to the head doesn't kill? A bit buggy. Otherwise, fun.
Play intrusion intrusion Dec. 07, 2011
"Wonky physics," needlessly difficult for how simple the commands are, enemies hit too hard, are too fast, or respawn too quickly. Terrain, while pretty, does not lend itself to movement about the screen. Played long enough to have the second (or was it still the first?) VTOL drop a ton of troops on me and little buzzsaw robots to kill me because I couldn't shoot them. Got mad. Gave up. Posted comment.
Play Take a Walk Take a Walk Nov. 21, 2011
Can't... enjoy... game! Stupid ad making sound! No mute button! I don't even know who We the Kings are but I now want them dead!
Play full Metal: Rebuild full Metal: Rebuild Oct. 17, 2011
It doesn't explain the controls, which are awkward and over-simplified. It also doesn't give you enough money to DO anything, has missions dependent on special abilities (you can only beat them by having certain ones) that cost more money than you can easily acquire, and doesn't explain any of that, either. You can't go back and play completed missions, that I am aware of, for extra money. Unless you can read Russian (which I can't), you're stuck with something that makes little to no sense as a game. Not something that one can just "pick up and play." There's no tutorial that I found. "Help" is about as helpful as asking a blind man to help you spot snipers in a shooter: don't bother.
Play Toss the Turtle Toss the Turtle Sep. 12, 2009
The looks of panic/pain/confusion on the turtle's face are priceless. It's like crack, once you get started, really. Loved it. 4/5
Play Little Wheel Little Wheel Sep. 08, 2009
What a wonderfully cute little game! Easy as pie but the animation's smooth, the graphics are nice, the music's actually pretty good for the mood, and the story's neat, too. I can't believe that I'm so happy and giddy because of a little flash game like this but it really is a rare find, these days: a true 5/5! The bonus of potentially winning a PS3 helps a bit, too. :)
Play Antbuster Antbuster Sep. 05, 2009
Okay, that was awesome. As I got on to level 45 or so, it started being something of a pain to keep the ants back, though. The cannons don't seem very intelligent on their own and there's no way to deselect an ant once targeted (that I could find). Also, the new cannons cost a TON. I guess if you've gone long enough that you're no longer able to kill ants with a cluster of heavily-upgraded cannons, you should be winding it up, anyway. I just took the high cost as a hint that it was time to stop playing for a while. :) 4/5
Play Crater75 Crater75 Sep. 05, 2009
Okay, so I found a way to heal. STILL doesn't explain why I click open ground and the damn tower pops up! And this talk of classes? I can't even stomach this game long enough to find out what you're all talking about. Is there a 0/5 I can click?
Play Crater75 Crater75 Sep. 05, 2009
Horrid. You click on things, nothing happens. You click on something specific, something else comes up. I found NO interface, there was NO way to rest/heal up, and I couldn't understand a damn thing in the "instructions." If the game's to be in English, the creator should learn the language better. Also, the description should have kept me away but the little thumbnail brought me to it, anyway. IT'S A TRAP!
Play Anti-TD Anti-TD Sep. 05, 2009
6928583 points the first time thru this game. Got no idea if that's high or not but, there it is. First couple levels kind of suck but once you can start out spamming the roadsters, the whole game becomes cake. For those who didn't figure it out, you gain money as you gain ground. More ground taken means more money. Spam Roadsters until your fingers cramp then switch entrances and do it again. No strategy required beyond that and waiting until until you have $100k or more then spamming Schnells. Upgrade as needed.
Play Bash Your PC aka MÉTELE AL ORDENATA Bash Your PC aka MÉTELE AL ORDENATA Sep. 05, 2009
Great stress relief. But why can't I take a bat or hammer to it? If you only knew the hell my PC put me through, you'd agree that we need weapons in this thing! Forget fists. I want a frying pan! 4/5
Play Days 2 Die Days 2 Die Sep. 05, 2009
I have to agree with jibjabjessie. Also, the ability to place barricades to increase chances of survival only really works with the "things get harder" way the game progresses if you're allowed to buy more/stronger barricades each level. Seriously, I understand a horde of zombies could tear through a couch but why am I limited to just two? Why can't I spend some time each day looking for other furniture in the house, if I can't make a run to the store for another sofa? Board up a doorway with a table, perhaps? Use the refrigerator to block the hall? Maybe, since she's buying all these damn guns and couches, she could invest in some boards, a hammer, and some nails. SOMETHING besides the overpriced and underpowered couch.
Play Canabalt Canabalt Sep. 05, 2009
Simple game. Simple Concept. Awesome (yet simple) graphics. Just plain fun!
Play Modern Tactics 2 Modern Tactics 2 Sep. 03, 2009
Damn thing won't let me reload!
Play Daytraders of the Dead Daytraders of the Dead Sep. 02, 2009
Loved this game. Zombies, guns, nukes, lasers, air strikes..., and buses. Just awesome. 5/5
Play Warfare 1944 Warfare 1944 Aug. 28, 2009
WAY TOO SHORT! Otherwise, 5/5
Play Madness Combat Defense Madness Combat Defense Aug. 28, 2009
This game is so good that I literally passed up sex to play all night. Seriously. I've even got time on World of Warcraft that I paid for and it's running out but I can't stop playing this game. FOUR HOURS of playing it should tell you how much I enjoyed it. Beat every level on the normal game modes and got to level 75 with a final score of 2,408,041,470 points... just goofing around! 5/5 for making me waste what little life I have!
Play The Next Floor The Next Floor Aug. 28, 2009
AMAZING! I loved this game. A few times, I forgot to buy a new elevator and had to leave my man on a floor alone, leading to a wonderful glitch where I could only stay on the far end of the floor from the elevators and shoot BACK towards them but, hey, I managed and, aside from that one glitch and my own lack of attention to detail, no problems with this game. Just a little too short and LOUD, though. Nothing another run through the game with a lower volum setting couldn't fix, though! 5/5!
Play Paladin: The Game Paladin: The Game Aug. 28, 2009
VERY nice. Loved it. The cap on stats was disappointing, though. With another two points in Health and Aura, the final boss wouldn't have taken five minutes of wandering back and forth, avoiding green fireballs of pain. The controls worked great but the scrolling through spells with the mouse wheel sucked. Kept moving my screen. The hot keys were also hard to get to in a hurry unless this is something you're used to. Overall, a totally bitchin' game. 4/5
Play Swords & Sandals 1: Gladiator Swords & Sandals 1: Gladiator Aug. 28, 2009
Short. VERY short. Money's hard to come by unless you pump everything into charisma. Some of the fights were completely mismatched and too hard (or easy) for where they fall in the game. Computer's tactics were nil (but oddly effective). Later fights just have higher hit rates for same damage output. Oh, and I killed the final champion but the last screen in the game said I lost. When the guy's head is in a pool of his own blood and my hand is held high in victory... I lose? Still, VERY addictive for reasons I can't explain. 3/5