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Feb 20, 2016 1:21am

The shop screen appears to be broken in Gunball Reloaded. Please fix?

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Jan 31, 2016 9:16pm

Why did nobody thank him for making the new gunball game? It was a really good game!

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Oct 20, 2013 4:59pm


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Battleship203 Nov 29, 2014 6:12pm


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smore123456789 Apr 11, 2015 5:40pm

Its been more then a month sense this post… IT MUST BE AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE!

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smore123456789 Apr 11, 2015 5:40pm

Year not month :(

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Mar 31, 2013 11:23pm

please make gunball 3 :3 but make the bosses and enemies 30% more little bit more easyer

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Battleship203 Nov 29, 2014 6:13pm

please* Easier.* A little bit more*

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Battleship203 Nov 29, 2014 6:13pm


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Battleship203 Mar 1, 2015 7:35pm

Now I wish this shout is deleted.

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Aug 25, 2012 7:33pm

I have a suggest you make a gunball multipllayer and i wish yo game is monthly best

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Battleship203 Apr 2, 2013 3:21pm

i agree with deni about the multiplayer. should make it multiplayer in gunball 3

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Jan 8, 2012 11:38am

i was on gumball 2 i had 10000 money then i got back on and i had 3000 WTF

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Krakenen Jan 9, 2012 8:40pm

Do you seriously expect to do anything other than QQ talking like that?

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tylorthecat Aug 9, 2012 12:05am

Wow someone got on my acc cuz i dont even play that game

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Apr 20, 2012 3:45pm

please make gunball 3 the revenge of … the finaly boss

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Jan 5, 2012 9:42am

Why am I dying with the best hull when I’ve been doing a LOT better with the worst one in Gunball 2? I saw your post that the hull is “bigger” but it’s your job as a game designer to ensure that it’s balanced. It’s a crappy game that has the starting hull being better than the ending one.

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xxerox Jan 6, 2012 4:21am

hehe. This is a secret. Next time think before getting something new. it might be worst than the one you have

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Irasfel Jan 6, 2012 11:08pm

No, it isn’t just Veral, there are quite a lot of similar problems with it. Gun hulls don’t seem to improve gun damage for shite, weapons aren’t properly labeled as gun or energy, t…

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Veral42 Jan 13, 2012 8:32pm

really,? halfway through? I didn’t even bother to wait that long. i farmed early levels for stuff and started dying on levels I had perfected before because of this crap. Wish more people wo…

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Jan 8, 2012 7:58pm

um fix the armor minus thing with the ceusior and armor plates on gunball 2 please

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Jan 8, 2012 6:16pm

“I think it`s just because this hull is bigger than another hulls :)”

I too didn’t realize the handicap i put on myself with that hull. +1