Ghratu's Comments

Game Comments
Play A Simple MMO A Simple MMO Apr. 01, 2014
That large green thing is anything but "Slim"
Play Ghost Hacker 2 Ghost Hacker 2 Apr. 15, 2013
And they said you couldn't hack a Gibson...
Play KleineCastle KleineCastle Aug. 02, 2012
When I jump and throw a bomb that button stops throwing bombs :( other than that...good game!
Play ASCIIvania ASCIIvania Jul. 25, 2012
5/5...loved it
Play Sugar, sugar 2 Sugar, sugar 2 Jul. 02, 2012
Hold the left mouse button down, right click, then click the left mouse button anywhere in the game area....BOOM straight line...
Play WereBox 2 WereBox 2 May. 28, 2012
Why is lvl 13 so HARD!!!
Developer response from NewStage

it's a tradition of all our games) 13th is the hardest)

Play DN8:Pulse DN8:Pulse May. 08, 2012
Why does the warning box have braille?
Developer response from GamingYourWay

Just design mate.

Play Back to Alien Party Back to Alien Party Jan. 27, 2012
Dem Bloons is dirty :(
Play Words and Physics Words and Physics Dec. 13, 2011
I've noticed a bug...anyone that comments negatively on this game should have been swallowed...
Play Necrophobia Necrophobia Nov. 01, 2011
HE HE....Ultimate White Power...
Play Monster Arena Monster Arena Oct. 08, 2011
Hey koolkat...did you try taking the cartridge out and blowing on it?
Play Toxie Radd 3D Toxie Radd 3D Aug. 01, 2011
I found this hard to masturbate to...but I got it!
Play Snail Bob 2 Snail Bob 2 Jun. 19, 2011
My favorite part is when you sacrifice fellow snails just to accomplish a goal...
Play Hacker vs Hacker Hacker vs Hacker May. 26, 2011's a game about hacking and all the advertiser cares about is your seatbelt?
Play Chubby Hamster Chubby Hamster Apr. 01, 2011
Those are some uber nifty dance moves!
Play ZitS: the Saviour - Act 1 ZitS: the Saviour - Act 1 Mar. 22, 2011
Oh look! Another zombie game! How Original!
Play Flagstaff: Chapter One Flagstaff: Chapter One Feb. 21, 2011
Play Alxemy Alxemy Feb. 10, 2011
Why doesn't pig + fire = bacon?
Play Alxemy Alxemy Feb. 10, 2011
Congratulations! You discovered Pot!
Play Orange Alert Orange Alert Feb. 02, 2011
OMG Ghetto Arithmatic EVERYWHERE!!!