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    The Binary Planetary System of Terra and Luna.
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    Jan. 28, 2013
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WARNING NOTICE: Temporal Hibernation from Meta-Network has been issued to take active role from (UNDEFINED) time/date. Reason Stated; Active Memory Overloaded. Core Personal Data is to be backed up and Key personnel kept in active contact.

(Translation: I’ve decided to take a long break from the Internet. I don’t know when but the sooner, the better. I’m having too much to deal with around here so it’s better I leave. I may change but I’d still be the same Chess you all know and I will still keep in touch with those whom truly matter to me the most.)

“Ellipsis… The Best Quotation Ever…”

“Time is a strange resource. It is infinite by nature but difficult to harness. To those lucky few who have done otherwise, bestowed upon them: unlimited power…” ~Adam Chesire


100101 TRANSMITTING LOG 101001
~GCX; Log Start~~

Reality: I’m just another ordinary human on this (relatively) humble blue and green planet, The 3rd Rock from the Sun…


Rules for Pig Latin:

1. You may move the starting consonant or consonant cluster of a word to the end and add an -ay suffix. Example: Hello = Ellohay, Chess = Esschay.

2. You cannot change words that start with a vowel (a, e, i, o, u) but you can add the -ay suffix at the end. Example: Egg = Eggay

3. You may also add the suffixes -yay and -way instead of -ay to words that begin with vowels. Example: Eggway, Eggyay, Orangeway.

4. (ADDED RULE) Words that have 2 or lesser letters in them remain unchanged. Example: ‘As’ stays as ‘As’, ‘An’ stays as ‘An’

5. Extension of Rule 4; You may change 2 or 3 letter words that start without a vowel. Example: The = Ethay, To = Otay.

More on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pig_Latin

Destination: SBc – 1, Sol, Gaia
Stellar Neighbor: Alpha Centuari A & B, 5 planets detected, 1 potential habitable planet.
Stellar Class: G2V (Yellow Dwarf)
Terra Class: Type M
Terra level: T1
Status: Being corrupted…
Sentience: 3 sentient species
Leading Species/Potential Spacefarers: Humans/Terrans I.E Homo Sapiens

Names I go by on ChatChat: CH355, CH405, R420R, 4T0M5, 4BY55. (Chess, Chaos, Razor, Atoms, Abyss.) The names are ordered from first to last in rate of frequency in use. (I use CH355 (the name I’m always referred to) a lot more than CH405 and 4BY55 is pretty recent and probably, gonna be least used.)

Virtuality: I am an non-corporeal being with no form who can infect or transmutate himself into machines or creatures, respectively. An example of what I can morph into is an off-the-production-line, state of the art, Hover-bot. My top hover-speed is twice that of sound and I can warp between dimensions due my non-corporeal form’s raw dark matter energy. I can also summon a dark ray blast or use the Electro-sword and Laser-shield built in with the Hoverbot. This was also one of my older forms.

I may sometimes take the form of a white cyborg cat, my original form, if I wish to or be in my pure dark matter form or just be an ordinary human as in real life… However, I also have the ability to morph into ANYTHING in the Universe which would allow me to even shapeshift into a human, dog, rat, mouse, fish, rockabilly, peanuts, retard, mutant, ectoplasm, oxymoron, spinus cordi, cucumber, orange, a Marine, Pikachesu, a bucket, a can of white paint…practically everything… Probably, even at once. (That would be weird as heck… ._.’)

RP Style: I may godmod for no reason whatever form I may be in… but, then again, as in any RP, each of my forms have a unique attribute that is only available to them. Also, sometimes I may do things purely without any sort of godmodding… which would mean I’ve took to one of my weaker forms. If you do find me godmodding, sometimes, it isn’t exactly godmodding… because, that may just be the normal attribute for my stronger forms.

My current project: I’ve begun work on a secret hidden project. Only time shall tell if it gets anywhere. If it does, it’d be a successful reboot of my previous discarded project to reboot a game.

~GCX; Log End~~

0010110 TERMINATING LOG 0110100

Meanwhile, beyond the log HARD DISK OPERATIONAL; Viewing Saved Stuff in folder “for laters to be used in Chat”: .exe | [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅∞)̲̅$̲̅] .png | .bmp | EYBĄ .txt | .swf | ERROR: UNABLE TO RECOVER FILES. SEGMENTATION FAULT %!#265@=#

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