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Play A Stickmans Adventures A Stickmans Adventures Oct. 17, 2011
this is ballss because it has one path... one lame path that you cannot deviate from... and 3 unfunny seranrios... one about some dude who you shoot... one about some bird who you pat... and some random thing about cookies and TV that I did not understand. I'd rather watch a monkey get high on crack and pee off the top of japaneese buildings than play this game...
Developer response from LightCodes

Okie , at least u were honest

Play Whack The Spider 2 Whack The Spider 2 Oct. 11, 2011
i clicked the button... I clicked again... and then I said about 4 times... "are you serious?"
Play A Stickmans Adventures A Stickmans Adventures Oct. 11, 2011
this is ballss....
Developer response from LightCodes

just for more info , reasons? for it to be "ballss"?

Play Accelerator Accelerator Sep. 06, 2011
got to just under 600 wioth my touchpad lol
Play Soul Tax Soul Tax Aug. 07, 2011
got bored after the first like 20 levels :L sorry
Play World Rebellion II World Rebellion II Jul. 31, 2011
can you remove the IP barrier to some games? because myself and my brother can't play in the same game because we live together. You could like make it an option with some games to remove the IP barrier. unrated games obviously. but still, just so we can play together.
Play World Rebellion II World Rebellion II Jul. 03, 2011
Play Bubbles 2 Bubbles 2 Jul. 03, 2011
5716 points!!! woot... 3rd try lol... it's all about getting the upgrades :D and getting the upgrades is about luck... so really it's all about the LUCK!
Play Synapsis Synapsis Dec. 15, 2010
waaat thaaaa faaaaack!?
Play You are a... The Sequel You are a... The Sequel Nov. 24, 2010
you are mega video game player the ruthless superhero destined to rule all the heavens. wow, how cool is that!?
Play Museum of Thieves Museum of Thieves Sep. 24, 2010
I like the sort of dream like style used. different realities, a sort of inverted reality you created in the second half of the game. was nice. I mean, the whole thing reminded my of a game I played ages ago, Kingdom under fire: circle of fire. very arty and hard to explaine; especially with the lack of description put into the story both games display. The book seems nice though, I can't read too much of it tonight as im too sleepy though...
Play Crazy Flasher 3 Crazy Flasher 3 Sep. 18, 2010
Play Pixel Purge Pixel Purge Sep. 11, 2010
THIS JUST lagged constantly and made me die.
Play Monster Truck Maniac 2 Monster Truck Maniac 2 Aug. 23, 2010
hated it
Play The Palisade Guardean 2 The Palisade Guardean 2 Aug. 17, 2010
yeah, rpg is utter shit... reload time is fnncknned up
Play Mass Attack Mass Attack Aug. 16, 2010
i liked it until it was sick on my brain
Play Dead Drunk 1.3 Dead Drunk 1.3 Aug. 16, 2010
got back to the house. he doesnt even get in the door. he hits off the wall and stands outside lol... and i had to revive my guy at the steps to his house because he died right beside his house lol... all that way to die outside your house, thank god for the revive update.
Play Dead Drunk 1.3 Dead Drunk 1.3 Aug. 07, 2010
the tank bit it driving my nuts intoa grinder
Play MagnetiZR MagnetiZR Jul. 26, 2010
finished the game. this is one good game! its great how you can do a level many different ways, not like other games were there is one set way and :. making it too hard fotr enjoyment. if you are makeing another one of these I'll be glad, and when you test it make sure you can do a level with many many combinations. then add some extra + and - things for good measure, not everyone is great at games :D
Play MagnetiZR MagnetiZR Jul. 26, 2010
love this game ! but im happy to just complete a level never mind the challanges...