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Play KingsRoad KingsRoad Apr. 06, 2014
I lost a ton of xp and an EPIC sphere of block because of system updates. How do I get this back I don't have proof to back it up because I didn't know there was going to be an update?
Play KingsRoad KingsRoad Apr. 06, 2014
I think I just lost 10,000 xp if that's even possible.
Play KingsRoad KingsRoad Mar. 29, 2014
Gem Pouch - To hold jewels Potion Belt - Holding Potions If you could combine potions so they last longer and don't take inventory space that'd be nice as well.
Play KingsRoad KingsRoad Mar. 19, 2014
The new update brought some lag with it, and what do I do with expired event currency? ._.
Play Idle Mine Idle Mine Jan. 20, 2014
My game reset..
Play Crystal Story II Crystal Story II Nov. 29, 2013
I'm not sure if others agree, but I would like a reset button for my SP. In case you make a mistake or would like to choose a different path it would be very helpful. + if you agree. ^-^
Play BloodRealm BloodRealm Nov. 13, 2013
Why does this game require the use of internet connection? Normally when my internet is off I can play a game while my network/internet access is offline if I don't refresh the tabs or anything while playing. Hmm, I was looking forward to playing this.
Play Hands of War 2 - Expanded Edition Hands of War 2 - Expanded Edition Sep. 28, 2013
There should be an autosave feature. :/
Play Spectromancer: Gathering of Power Spectromancer: Gathering of Power Sep. 14, 2013
When I attempt to delete the cards I don't need/want they just end up going back into my inventory. Help?
Play Legend of the Void 2 Legend of the Void 2 Sep. 02, 2013
Gah. Didn't save D:
Play Icarus Needs Icarus Needs Jul. 24, 2013
I wish someone told me to wake up instead of having 3 dreams in one D: I don't like my dreams being like 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner..
Play Sonny 2 Sonny 2 Jun. 21, 2013
Am I extremely lucky or what to be getting Annihalation, Frosted Axe, and Charged Axe during the phantom, beast, and antagonist battle. :o Anyways always loved this game, lost track of how many times I've played it and it will always be my favorite game in the world <3
Play Book of Mages: The Dark Times Book of Mages: The Dark Times Jun. 18, 2013
(burp) falls asleep..
Play Headless Havoc Headless Havoc Jun. 17, 2013
It would be ironic if the horseman was bad at bowling ;3
Play Symbiosis Symbiosis Jun. 10, 2013
You should make a fertilize option or transferring power to the soil so you can make power wells :D
Play Fear Less! Fear Less! Jun. 09, 2013
I like how she just cries into her mug like later that day she'll be like "Oooh my tears are getting cold better drink up!"
Play Ghost Hacker 2 Ghost Hacker 2 Jun. 09, 2013
I can't get past level 19. The game freezes every time I try.. Any ideas?
Play Hands of War 3 Hands of War 3 Jun. 08, 2013
Many glitches yet very addictive 2.5/5
Play Hands of War 3 Hands of War 3 Jun. 08, 2013
My shockwave crashed and the save button had no effect I have to restart!
Play Give Up Give Up Jun. 07, 2013
Get insurance they said....Yolo I said...