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Play Ink Battle Ink Battle Apr. 04, 2012
I like to pretend the words I'm typing all apply to the unit I'm creating. Strong armored Dot. Strong armored zinc Special [unit]. Large funny panther turret. Sapphire moat Shooter. Fast ranged haircut missile. I end up ignoring a lot of works on screen because they don't fit my made up narrative.
Play Stunt Crazy Stunt Crazy Jun. 13, 2011
Anyone else seen that movie where the covered wagon was barreling right for the local bank, then hit a twig, lost all of it's tires, shot off under it's own rocket power, hovered over to the bank with short and controlled bursts, came to rest on the roof, then spontaneously exploded, only to reengage the engines and fly off to another landmark? I have. Stunts were good. Everything else sucks. I think there was a riot opening day.