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Play Mr Vengeance Act-I Mr Vengeance Act-I Jul. 21, 2011
Great game. I loved the visual style and the music, really set a tone. I await part 2 :)
Play Use Boxmen Use Boxmen Jun. 18, 2009
the level 12 thing IS only a kong thing. ive no idea why its doing it, but im doing my best to fix it right now..
Play Ski Runner Ski Runner Jan. 30, 2009
Massive thanks to everyone who spotted it, and Joey linking me! DONT STEAL MY F**KING GAME IDEAS YOU TWAT. Check out my game: Death Dice Overdose to see...
Play Death Dice Overdose Death Dice Overdose Sep. 22, 2008
CREATOR HERE: hellraiser- i didnt get that problem with any of the beta testers, i think its your machine.. sorry about that. Dalmuti- that score is ridiculous lol!
Play Warbears Warbears May. 17, 2008
SO much depth, and polish to this. Brilliant game. I liked small comic touches like the bear eating the pizza on his way in haha quality. 5/5
Play Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3 Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3 Apr. 17, 2008
Great game! i only came on Kong to do some quick research on a game im about to make..and you had me hoooked. haha. this is gonna be huge on the internet :] 5/5
Play Tactical Assassin Tactical Assassin Apr. 17, 2008
Simple, yet brilliantly presented and thought out. Sequel should be impressive. 5/5 Very fun.
Play Jack the Fugitive Jack the Fugitive Apr. 16, 2008
Great game. Glad it had a story, and different vehicles...the coding and gameplay are OK. Graphics need a big overhaul, especially in the animation department... when you kill a guy, it aint satisfying. The sounds and fx on the guns is pretty awful. Look up a game called WpnFIRE. It basically has perfect gameplay and sounds/animation, but lacks what yours has. A story and variety of levels. Hope you do a sequel, and expand on this. :] 4/5
Play Fracture 2 : Infection Fracture 2 : Infection Apr. 10, 2008
Really Nice presentation. But its pretty much, Geometry Wars.. and there are TONS of other flash games which have allready done this. Oh no..shapes. lol. 3/5
Play Thing-Thing 4 Thing-Thing 4 Apr. 05, 2008
ok, played again.. changed my rating to 4/5 the problem with it, is that it isnt accecible enough...its too hard on the first level..for me anyway..with constant spawning enemies..should have introduced a better learning curve or something. Also, as soon as you start the game, tons of weapons are thrown at you, and you dont have time to learn which ones work best/you like most.. thing you shouldve introduced more of a learning curve, and a slant on how things are introduced into the game..
Play Thing-Thing 4 Thing-Thing 4 Apr. 04, 2008
died on the first level, didnt really want to play it again, i love how much effort youve put into this, with the initial cutscene, and the backgrounds look great...even though i HATE tweened character rayman type games...with "customisable character parts" and lame animation, so that you dont need to animate new enemies and stuff..etc eh, i dont like the gameplay, whats the point in jumping/dodging, when you just get shot anyway? the lack of an actual health bar is annoying too... 3/5
Play BoomsticK BoomsticK Mar. 30, 2008
i thought, ughh another crappy "wave" based game, which is easy as hell to make.. but its a nice idea, and i like how you collect loads of small peices of ammo. Pretty good game. needs better presentation though and some more powerups.
Play _dRive _dRive Mar. 23, 2008
woah, i really like this idea, your a really good coder..although atm, it seems like more of an experiment than a game..could be elaborated on for massive potential man.. 4/5
Play The Last Stand The Last Stand Mar. 23, 2008
straight up the best defence game ever made. ALSO the ONLY zombie game which actually deserves to be about zombies beacuse its so good...and not just another "endless zombie rampage" after some quick sponsor cash. Well done 5/5
Play Portal: The Flash Version Portal: The Flash Version Mar. 23, 2008
woaahh, ive so little patience with flash games, but i just spent over an hour/2 completing this...despite one or two of the levels taking ages. amazing game, really well designed, coded and thought out. 5/5
Play Slug Smash! Slug Smash! Mar. 22, 2008
yeah well i am a noob at coding. Hopefully some people will appreciate the games simplicity, instead of demanding it to be more complex.