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Play Exploit Exploit Jun. 06, 2009
You can get the soundtrack at .
Play Exploit Exploit Mar. 27, 2009
Rossemikka: Lchan is actually an allusion to 2ch, the Japanese forum that's the largest bulletin board in the world. 4chan is a pale shadow of 2channel.
Play Exploit Exploit Mar. 06, 2009
Just to clear things up a bit... the bad grammar in Mrs. AI KAILYU's e-mail is not because she is a foreigner. The e-mail is a parody of 419 or "Nigerian" scams, which typically have atrocious grammar and spelling. Many non-Americans have excellent grammar/spelling, and many, many folks from the US seem to have slept through middle-school English.
Play Exploit Exploit Mar. 04, 2009
Smiley: My bad. Should be fixed now.
Play Exploit Exploit Mar. 04, 2009
Doomstruck: I don't know what you're talking about... >_>