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Play Transmission Transmission Dec. 12, 2014
@Deligor: There is a difference between using a walkthrough to help you figure out what to do in a game that still requires skill to complete and using a walkthrough to turn a game into a mindless exercise in copying what someone else did with no skill needed, as it would for this game. For an example of the former, note that Kong has an Imp badge for Meat Boy. It doesn't matter how good a walkthrough you're using, you need a lot of skill to complete a game like that.
Play Legacy of Heroes Legacy of Heroes Mar. 31, 2013
The entire point of the Undone deck is to force you into the situation you're complaining of. If you're going to lose, that's how its going to happen against them. This isn't an example of a game issue that needs to be looked into in any way; the undone deck simply has a strange win strategy.
Play Legacy of Heroes Legacy of Heroes Mar. 23, 2013
They changed the skill points per level system and rewarded how many points everyone should have gotten if they had been on this system since level 1 to them! Enjoy the free skill points everyone!
Play Legacy of Heroes Legacy of Heroes Mar. 04, 2013
@Suther: What you're suggesting would be strictly worse than scrapping the current sytem for a tiered system. As you stated, the problem in switching to tiered is that it can currently take a long time to get into a duel, and adding more restrictions would make that time longer. Your suggestion would create even longer wait times than in just a tiered system because half the player base isn't even in the tiered system because they're doing free for alls. In an ideal world, you have suggested a good system. LoH does not have the player numbers to support it.
Play Legacy of Heroes Legacy of Heroes Feb. 26, 2013
AI doesnt have a hand, they just play from the top of the deck. They could play 9 cards a turn if they proc the right abilities.
Play Legacy of Heroes Legacy of Heroes Feb. 21, 2013
Patch Notes February 21, 2012: "Players can use advanced deck editor to search by description." That's just awesome, thanks developers!
Play Color Pic-a-Pix Light Vol 2 Color Pic-a-Pix Light Vol 2 Jan. 16, 2013
There only needs to be a space in-between same color numbers. Please read the rules before posting here.
Play Legacy of Heroes Legacy of Heroes Dec. 05, 2012
After re-reading the comment many times, I think I was able to figure out what Kserx meant, and its not an unreasonable comment. I think he's saying, "It would make more sense for the person who goes first to only draw two cards for their starting hand and for the person who goes second to draw three." This would help address the current issue that there is huge advantage to going first. Think of how in MtG the player who goes second gets to draw on thier first turn while the player who goes first does not. But unlike in MtG, in this game players do not draw 'a card' at the start of their turn, they draw 'until their hand has 3 cards'. This difference would make it such that on the second turn of the player who went first they draw the card they normally would have gotten on their first plus the one they would normally have gotten on this turn. Becuase of that, I feel this change really wouldn't accomplish anything... so... Short Version: Kserx, you're wrong, not the dueling system.
Play Legacy of Heroes Legacy of Heroes Nov. 20, 2012
I'm level 157. How am I suppose to get better cards at this point? I haven't gotten anything remotly usable from a Glory Pack in forever. The LC I've been spending has gotten me *a few* epics I'm running, but nothing spectacular... Am I just getting unlucky and every time you spend LC you're suppose to get OP cards? I find it strange that you say LDE shouldn't be my main source of damage when it does 25, way more than any epic I've pulled from over a month of playing...
Play Legacy of Heroes Legacy of Heroes Nov. 20, 2012
The fact that Pesticide in the issue "Absolute Reckoning" needs to be beaten 6 times is completly outrageous. His deck is simply too good to merit needing to beat him more than once. I played a double damage Last Ditch Effort, followed by a Finishing Blow, doing a total of over 80 damage in two turns. He survived and killed me on his next turn... I get this is the (current) last issue, but... like... come on... >_> *How* can I *possibly* do more damage than that to him? Hope I draw two copies of LDE? This is just silly...
Play Legacy of Heroes Legacy of Heroes Nov. 09, 2012
@PriestlyJudas: This is the second time I've seen that response, so let me be specific. Yes, odviously you could spend millions to get a copy of Freezeframe. This *would* keep a player busy. However, it would not be fun, or remotly worth it. It's not a matter of personal preference. It *is not* worth it. That would involve over a month of grinding with no changes being made to your deck during that time. If a player is not seeing their deck get better, despite spending millions, they will not want to keep playing.
Play Legacy of Heroes Legacy of Heroes Nov. 02, 2012
Save up to $100k because why not. Buy 20 booster packs at once. Open at the same time. Look over the list of 100 cards... None of them are better than the worst card in my deck... There *has to* be something else to do with our money... Its getting really hard to find reasons to keep playing this...
Play Legacy of Heroes Legacy of Heroes Oct. 12, 2012
@boxhead44: Cards in this game work the same way as "The Stack" in MTG. You play an attack which depletes the last card of the opponents deck. That card that you depleted has an effect upon depleton. That card's effect will happen before any more damage can be dealt by you. If that effect makes you deplete more cards than are in your deck (for example if you're at 0 cards in deck and it tries to make you deplete 1) then you will lose. Stop blaming the game because you don't want to learn the rules.
Play Legacy of Heroes Legacy of Heroes Oct. 08, 2012
@LaramieDuke: I think you mean Glory, not Honor. A Prestige pack will worst case scenario have five rares, and Honor are almost entirely, if not entirely, commons and uncommons. Your point remains valid however. It is silly that the prestige pack doesn't have 1 guraenteed Epic or something like that. Spending that much LC and coming out of it with only rares is outrageously disheartening.
Play Legacy of Heroes Legacy of Heroes Oct. 03, 2012
@Lupo: Thou you didn't explain it vey well, it sounds like the opponent's last remaining card in his deck forces you to deplete cards when it itself is depleted. If that is the case, this is not a bug. Check the "See your battle log" button for exact clarification, but as a general note it is the first person who needs to draw and can't that loses. Think of how in MtG if we're both at 1 health and I cast spark, you can respond by casting spark to win despite that my damage should have killed you. You had enough damage to win, but his depleted card effect killed you before you got a chance to. Again, this is not a bug.
Play Legacy of Heroes Legacy of Heroes Oct. 02, 2012
@Organgeduck: There's a button that says "See your battle log" near the bottom right of the screen that will tell you everything. You can also click the enemy's depletion pile and then click on the cards in it to them them more closly. A lot of them have abilities that aren't viewable otherwise.
Play Legacy of Heroes Legacy of Heroes Oct. 01, 2012
@cyr426: I feel like your comment helps my argument, I don't see how you've pointed out how I'm wrong. If this is their newest game, of course it has less players than their others games. Less players means less people trying to duel at any given moment, means less restrictions can be put onto who can duel who, or players will be required to wait far too long to start a duel. You've presented a case for how to make matchmaking better in the future. I'm bringing up how there's no way for it to be made better currently.
Play Legacy of Heroes Legacy of Heroes Oct. 01, 2012
@CaptainIcarus: Would you rather have to wait 10 min to start every time you try to duel? Because thats the alternative to being matched up against people stronger than you. There simply aren't enough people hitting that duel button to allow restrictions onto the level of your opponent.
Play Legacy of Heroes Legacy of Heroes Sep. 26, 2012
@SickoPath333: In your defense, that is *exactly* what I was saying about the game when I first started playing. And the issue is, you're right... for the first few days of gameplay... Until you get to the point that you have a collection of cards you're choosing from and not just using almost all of the not bad cards you have, you *really* don't get a good sense of what this game is. There is strategy, it simply doesn't become apparent until the "Play the most powerful card" idea you're suggesting stops being thing you can do because all 3 cards in your hand are awesome. When you reach that stage is when the game starts being fun, because then you *need* stratey or you will not win easily.
Play Legacy of Heroes Legacy of Heroes Sep. 26, 2012
@Hoju: For the Gingerhaired Men I've found its best to make sure you deck has quite a few cards with low attack so you don't screw yourself over every time they play Sweet Revenge. Cards with low attack that also do other things are the best solution, like Endure or Slow Burn. Make sure the attack isn't 0, as if it is, the next attack you play will make you lose cards. Sweet Revenge is OP like that. I however did find this wasn't enough of a solution against the Mad Confectionist and was totally unable to beat him until I added cards as OP as he was to my deck in the form of a Finishing Blow and 2 Diamonoids. (Considering his frequeny of playing Jaw Breaker, I wouldn't count on allies too much thou.) Keep facing him until you get lucky and he doesn't draw the card version of himself any time other than early game, as if he does you automaticly lose. You only have to beat him once, and that's why.