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    Subject to the will of a corrupted Leviathan.
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Ceci n’est pas une description du profil.

Well, I suppose I have to say something about me to let somebody who actually I don’t even know (stalker?) know something about me.

I’m a monkey like lobster who likes to beat Bill Cosby. I didn’t knew I was until I played a game called “You are a…” by The_Big_Bad_Wolf. Thenceforth every time I’ve seen Bill Cosby I have beaten and pinched him with my lobster claws. I highly reccomend you to play this game, who knows what secrets it might hold…

I live in Catalonia, such a nice and unknown place. I mean, come on, who knows where Catalonia is? We have a large and “glorious” history and tradition, we even have our own language, a language that nobody recognizes as official, but hey, at least we have been able to preserve it until our days.

I am a pretty good gamer, at least is what people use to tell me, but I’ve lost my lust for badges. Playing for badges… Such a boring way to waste my time. Also, I’m tired of people judging others by their level.

I spend great part of my time in Serious Discussion but you can also find me in room Catalonia, if I don’t respond, send me a private message.

I love room Catalonia, when their users are active, the chat usually becomes something nearby to surrealism. It’s hard to achieve but it worths the waiting.

About my speech in Serious Discussion: I use an agresive speech when I discuss with people who is showing an evident lack of respect against other discussers and/or their beliefs. The main objective of this is to make them see that they’re acting like fools and make them shut up before offending someone. Opinions and beliefs shall always be discussed but bearing in mind that we have to show them the respect they deserve. In other discussions where people is being respectful, when I talk with people, etc. I try to sound peaceful and I can usually achieve it.

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