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Play Brick Breaker Brick Breaker Feb. 04, 2012
plays micro size on mobile. also the paddle seems to reflects its current angle, so its pretty boring and massively slow...
Play Blockoomz Mobile Blockoomz Mobile Feb. 04, 2012
quick and slightly challenging, only failed a dozen times or so because of timing fails.
Play Simple Tower Defense Simple Tower Defense Feb. 04, 2012
6 waves! wow you have really outdone yourself! -_-
Play All That Matters All That Matters Jan. 20, 2012
Play One and One Story One and One Story Oct. 28, 2011
Too short, but very fun
Play Gray Mage Gray Mage Oct. 02, 2011
very enjoyable game, once i got the hang of the kiting, it was amazing what you could do, everyone once in a while i would get the shit beat outta me though because i clicked instead of hit 1... haha old habits die hard i guess... too many shooters XD
Play Kitchen Defence Kitchen Defence Oct. 02, 2011
fun game, i sat thru lvl 25 like 5 times thinking it was just an end screen and not a level XD
Play Planet Defense: G10 Planet Defense: G10 Oct. 02, 2011
kinda slow and repetitive, but i like the concept.
Play Zombie Tower Defense: Reborn Zombie Tower Defense: Reborn Oct. 02, 2011
like the game, good TD, i think it needs more balancing though, easy wave was very dificult for me with a good bunch of towers, all at lvl for some at max lvl including a lazer
Developer response from codetown

We would take any suggestions you have. Send me a shout with some specifics. We spent hundreds of hours on balancing the towers, it is difficult, and something that can always be improved.

Play Quick Quests Quick Quests Oct. 02, 2011
i agree that this game has a cool concept, but i just didnt enjoy it, still giving it 4/5 though
Play Raze Raze Oct. 01, 2011
whats this song? i can here en taro adun, and other protoss sayings, in the background.
Play Flur Flur Oct. 01, 2011
I HATE IT WHEN THEY FLY FASTER THAN YOU CAN! But either way, very fun game!
Play Demonrift TD mobile Demonrift TD mobile Oct. 01, 2011
difficulty is much higher than the computer version. I tried the first level 8 times and could not win without leaking more than 10 enemies....
Play Epic Rpg Idle Game V.1.00 Mobile Epic Rpg Idle Game V.1.00 Mobile Sep. 20, 2011
also stopped for me. didn't freeze because the ... on fighting monsters kept going but no more knifing and no more coins. also how come level doesn't go up and no xp bar? and also 100000000 for 4th weapon?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Play Chain Reaction Chain Reaction Sep. 20, 2011
lol thumbnail says 1.3 game says 1.6 I would hate to see what 1.3 looked like
Play Armed Invasjon Armed Invasjon Sep. 20, 2011
its working compared to the others. but for some reason it fires 1 click behind so I click on guy then click on second guy then it shoots at first guy....
Play Creepy Ranger Creepy Ranger Sep. 20, 2011
no drag controls, instead have to click on hold to scroll on edges of screen. objects too small to interact usefully
Play Scroll Lock Mobile Scroll Lock Mobile Sep. 20, 2011
enjoyable and simple
Play Deep Trip 2 Mobile Deep Trip 2 Mobile Sep. 20, 2011
lagged me out if time but a nice take on bubble pop games. I enjoy that you shift entire rows.
Play Cattack Cattack Sep. 20, 2011
dos: great mechanics for levels of difficulty, lol its sushicat, chains get massive xp! donts: I think I've seen this before?!, I think I just leveled up and now I get a powerup? lame, ai on extra turrets is dumb, lagged out by lvl 12