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Play Too many spikes Too many spikes Dec. 14, 2014
...I'd also like to say that he jumps WAY too high. (Looking at Level 10.)
Play Too many spikes Too many spikes Dec. 14, 2014
..He's too fast. That's my only issue; you can't have precision platforming while going at relatively high speeds.
Play Gorillas.bas Gorillas.bas Jun. 20, 2013
RoosterTeeth army, away!
Play Clickplay 2 Clickplay 2 Jul. 07, 2011
Play ShellShock Live ShellShock Live Jun. 26, 2011
Noobs vs Pros as a game type. Just an idea, but here's what I mean: Everyone BELOW Level 15, or is a guest, is on a noob team. Above 15 is a Pro team, but below 30.
Play Everybody Edits Everybody Edits Feb. 09, 2011
MAKEABLE FACES! Custom faces would REALLY make it a place where "Everybody Edits."
Play YouKongregate YouKongregate Jan. 15, 2011
Well, guys. You've pushed Kongregate to the limit. This is an amazing idea. I do have something for an idea though.....ADD THE SNAKE EASTER EGG! I don't think it works on here....and annotations.