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Play Epic Creature Hunter I Epic Creature Hunter I Aug. 01, 2014
PROBLEM: if there is a gem on the screen but you click any of the upgrade menus before it is finally,slowly, processed as yours it is lost. Bit of a hassle with how slow it takes to actually get the gem especially when you're gem % is high.
Play Idle Empire 2 Idle Empire 2 Aug. 01, 2014
came back from a run, my computer was on its screensaver and when I woke it my money and experience was not rising at all. My gems were still increasing though
Play Soccer Physics Soccer Physics Jul. 28, 2014
every time i jump they just fall on their back...
Play MegaDrill MegaDrill Jul. 02, 2014
why is my max pressure at ~2500 with full upgrades?
Play Man or Monster Man or Monster May. 22, 2014
you can ride ontop of the helicopters. you wont stay on the whole time, but you can!
Play Dead Zed 2 Dead Zed 2 May. 21, 2014
thank god all of the survivors are incompetent and died only finding me a bow and one other person.
Play Animal RaceWay Animal RaceWay May. 21, 2014
training is so irritating. pressing too early often shouldnt stop the drill considering jumping, ducking,blocking or whatever early doesnt get you hit or knocked down considering nothing has yet to hit you
Play ControlCraft 3 ControlCraft 3 May. 21, 2014
is there a select all button or hot key? This is one of the few times where this style of game was made upgradeable but these games need a select all key, especially for higher difficulty levels
Play Find The Candy:Winter Find The Candy:Winter May. 20, 2014
level 20 keeps saying I am stuck after I shoot my first firework into the roof, despite me not being stuck
Play The Zombie Show The Zombie Show May. 20, 2014
level 6, the pop up message is a sliding motion. what it means to tell you is to cut the rope, dropping the block
Play Cell Warfare Cell Warfare May. 19, 2014
every ~6 frames the game lags. That is the most reliable part of the game thus far
Play PokemonNXT 0.1 PokemonNXT 0.1 May. 14, 2014
fell off edge of map, quit, restarted and had two sets of starter pokemon
Play Learn to Fly Idle Learn to Fly Idle Mar. 21, 2014
could there be hot-keys for the upgrades? I mean, I won't be clicking and shooting the whole time but when I am shooting I would like to just put in an upgrade while working.
Play Idleplex Idleplex Mar. 15, 2014
My go to strategy when using_ board: All:put importance on's usually my second top focus in upgrades Brickout:left automated,upgrade speed once/twice then work on max animals,their rate maybe width together. Star Shooter:use early. Ship fire rate,bonus & star bonus are crucial, star rate follows. HINT,if fire rate is high put ship at the top of the screen, it will effectively have a stream that will kill everything. Lawn Mowing:VALUABLE! Speed & bonus are your focus, often left automated due to little input. HINT, berzerk bonus makes more money when lawnmower is on the right side of the screen, never leave it anywhere else. Animal Jumping: should be played if you have high cross bonus. Focus on jump bonus & jumpers as automation guarantees this. Extreme Gardening: good for stacking bonus's. If used it a lot upgrade animal frequency.don't bother upgrading carrot growth much, they grow faster than you need. Poopmongering: spend all time on this. All upgrades are good ideas
Play Idleplex Idleplex Mar. 15, 2014
Thank you SO MUCH for making a mute choice before playing. It is such a simple yet often overlooked function that makes PC gamers happy.
Play Champions Of Chaos 2 Champions Of Chaos 2 Mar. 11, 2014
picked my units, got the the actual game. Currently and frantically clicking the screen as it tells me to "click to continue", not doing anything.
Developer response from EpicLLama

thats strange :S

Play Space Flash Arena Space Flash Arena Feb. 05, 2014
an upgrade system would make this a LOT better. then a multiplayer, so on so forth
Play Dungeon Farmer Dungeon Farmer Jan. 25, 2014
and on this day let it be known that I, Guy49 am indeed, Winner
Play Idle Farmer Idle Farmer Jan. 25, 2014
Thank you Junjo for listening to the gamers and editing the game accordingly from the suggestions. This is why Kong is amazing, the gamers can test games and make recommendations that happen. I've seen this game make a lot of progress , good job Junjo
Play Dungeon Farmer Dungeon Farmer Jan. 23, 2014
mute button please??