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GrandPrix Management

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Mar. 10, 2015

Rating: 0

Steering is completely broken, the car just spins in circles!


Play pulse

Feb. 22, 2014

Rating: 5

This needs a mute button.

Swords & Potions 2

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Oct. 08, 2013

Rating: -5

The balancing is all messed up from them trying to get money out of you. 1/5

Brave Knights

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Oct. 08, 2013

Rating: 3

*"Please DON'T be disheartened" I meant to say.

Brave Knights

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Oct. 08, 2013

Rating: 67

Whilst the game has very high production values and an interesting mechanic, the limit number of shots for the towers doesn't work as a mechanic so well. Please do be disheartened, it's been quite a while since I've seen someone try something new with the genre, and you definitely have the skill to make a great game with original features. Perhaps having the towers periodically re-load instead of disappearing? A greater variety of towers? placible one-shit traps? This has the potential to be a great game, please keep at it!

British _1940

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Sep. 06, 2013

Rating: 3

The plane needs to self-right itself. The sound is alot louder than other games on this site. WASD do not work. Their seems to be be no way to fail this game.


Play Colony

Aug. 31, 2013

Rating: -5

Why can't you see the enemy base?


Play Triviador

Jul. 26, 2013

Rating: 1

why do draws let random players win?


Play Steamlands

Apr. 15, 2013

Rating: -17

Game broken, first level after the tutorial never ends! You kill your opponent and it still thinks there's a comabt in progress. 1/5

Falling Sands

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Apr. 15, 2013

Rating: -9

Game doesn't load. 1/5


Play Interlocked

Apr. 15, 2013

Rating: -8

Game just goes to a black white screen after clicking play. 1/5

IncrediBots 2

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Apr. 15, 2013

Rating: -5

Game is broken, doesn't even load. 1/5

The Great War of Prefectures

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Apr. 14, 2013

Rating: -9

Game bugged out and I lost all my progress really close to the end! 1/5

Quest Complete!

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Feb. 20, 2013

Rating: -5

This is pointless! Why would anybody want to stare at this for hours? It's not a game.

Tactical Assassin Substratum

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Dec. 31, 2012

Rating: -3

Did not finish as that knife section is too annoying.

Desktop Tower Defense 1.5

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Dec. 14, 2012

Rating: -9

OMG: It's fixed!!

Desktop Tower Defense 1.5

Play Desktop Tower Defense 1.5

Dec. 08, 2012

Rating: 3

8/12/2012 game still broken!!!


Play Symbiosis

Dec. 07, 2012

Rating: -1

Why after you complete the final stage are the cost upgrades for your spells locked?

Creeper World: Evermore

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Nov. 22, 2012

Rating: 1

This game always reminds me of the first half of the first series of BSG.

Super Energy Apocalypse : RECYCLED!

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Nov. 04, 2012

Rating: 7

Suggestions for future versions: A tech tree for advanced upgrades, buildings etc. such as carbon capture or thorium nuclear power. Hydroelectricity (Dams, tidal turbine, barrages). Trees, carbon scrubbing etc. Air synthesis petrol. Separate oil and gas wells could make more versatile scenarios. Biofuel power plants, different farm types (traditional, factory, organic). Rubbish incinerators. Bigger maps, population centres, rivers and seas. Awesome game 5/5. Would love to see a third one someday.