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Play Ed Snowball Adventures 2 Ed Snowball Adventures 2 Apr. 20, 2014
BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Play Simple Clicker Simple Clicker Apr. 18, 2014
It is a nice, simple submission, that so far seems to work the way it is intended to. I also like your name.
Developer response from LinuxIsFTW

Thanks. Stay tuned for my next clicker submission.

Play Idle Growth Idle Growth Apr. 16, 2014
This could get interesting. Would like to see more.
Developer response from h3ndy

Sure, i am working on it :) Thanks for the feedback!

Play Ultimate Crab Battle Ultimate Crab Battle Apr. 05, 2014
Play Button Clicker Button Clicker Apr. 01, 2014
I got 1,000,000+ per second where is my life????1!!!
Play Hero Manager Hero Manager Mar. 29, 2014
It needs a full screen button + if you agree
Play Don't Clicker Clicker Don't Clicker Clicker Mar. 23, 2014
Play The Exam The Exam Mar. 23, 2014
A+ yeah baby O_O worst grade!?!?
Play Idle Story Idle Story Feb. 20, 2014
I need the high score list!!! But, it would probably kick us back to some earlier version, again.
Play Anime Clicker Anime Clicker Feb. 17, 2014
Your anti auto click junk is a bit too sensitive, I think.
Play Idle Story Idle Story Feb. 16, 2014
Ok, now it is working. Well, loading the right version.
Play Idle Story Idle Story Feb. 16, 2014
No, t is still loading 0.0.4 for me
Play Sandbox Hero Sandbox Hero Feb. 08, 2014
I cant use my kongpanions it says I have 0 and I have 4
Play Extinct: Survival  Pre-Alpha .01 Extinct: Survival Pre-Alpha .01 Jan. 21, 2014
It has real potential, though. But, I like grinding...
Developer response from PanisRahl

Yes it is hard to get started, i might change the max skill level being = to your player level eventually. :D Thank you for you kind comment tho

Play Extinct: Survival  Pre-Alpha .01 Extinct: Survival Pre-Alpha .01 Jan. 21, 2014
It is pretty decent. A little hard to get started, though. Not that it is much of a problem, Just a steep curve.
Play Idle Downloader Idle Downloader Jan. 14, 2014
Does the FBI upgrade stop being usable? Or, is there something I am missing...
Developer response from zeljko46

yes, only 2 times is enough, i'll fix that EDIT: Not amymore, now you have to work for it, but at the end the price still shows but you can't buy it. will fix.

Play L.I.F.E. L.I.F.E. Jan. 09, 2014
Age: 91 last pik age: 70
Play The Everloom The Everloom Jan. 02, 2014
I beat the game in bata highly advise peeps to play it really awesome ending and really really awesome story to. :) p.s. 1,000,000\1,000,000
Play Pinata Hunter 2 Pinata Hunter 2 Dec. 20, 2013
PART #3!?!?
Play Kids Vs. Ice Cream Kids Vs. Ice Cream Dec. 14, 2013
Please..PLEASE a part 2