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Play Continuum Commandos (ALPHA) Continuum Commandos (ALPHA) Feb. 09, 2014
The base concept of this game is really promising. Suggestions for future updates -objectives (object retrieval, hostage rescue, assassination etc) -Allow the player to select their own team composition, rather than randomized -Additional gear (grenades, back-up weapons) -perhaps a campaign mode, with predesigned levels, rather than randomized? -enemies obscured when in fog of war, or out of line of sight looking forward to where this is going
Play Gun Disassembly Gun Disassembly Jan. 23, 2014
Besides the common complaints of the EXP system, I've also noticed some inconcistencies in how involved the player is in the (dis)assembly. For example: when removing the buttplate, sometimes you need to remove each individual screw, at other times the plate comes off in the same process as the screws; sometimes the firing pin and its spring seperate in the process removing the pin, sometimes the spring needs to be removed seperately; sometimes when removing an assembly of parts, you first need to remove the pin holding it in place, at other times, the pin and assembly come out in the same process etc etc.
Play Akaneiro Akaneiro Feb. 17, 2013
This game is showing great potential, but it still requires some work. In the future, I would hope to see better tooltips: show me how much damage a skill is going to do, how long effects last etc. It helps making a desicion on what skills to level up. Also, I think the difficulty of "overrun" levels need to be reworked. When I enter an overrun mission, I always do so knowing I will suffer massive losses to karma points (due to the bosses). I could pay karma points to lower the difficulty, but that just feels like cheating.
Developer response from Spicyhorse

Tool-tips are on the way. And we're always working on balance.

Play Pineapple Dreams Pineapple Dreams Jan. 26, 2013
"Your behavior is inapropriate" Understatement of the century, right there.
Play JumpingLine JumpingLine Jan. 20, 2013
I played this game in the past. Now that I want to play it again, for some reason I am only getting a black screen. Help? Other Unity games function normally.
Play Euridissey I: The Fall of Horus Euridissey I: The Fall of Horus Oct. 07, 2012
Having gone back to check out Sub-Machine 1 again, I take back my comment on the clicking vs dragging argument. HOWEVER, I noticed that these two games are very similar. The way the player navigates the environment, the interface/inventory lay out, it is IDENTICAL to Sub-Machine 1.
Play Euridissey I: The Fall of Horus Euridissey I: The Fall of Horus Oct. 07, 2012
This game really needs some work. First of all: item interface. It took me half an hour, if not longer, to figure out that i had to DRAG an item to use it, instead of clicking on it, as is standard in most point-and-click adventures/puzzles. You need to make this very clear in your instructions. Also, when I restarted the game to try and find the secret chamber, items wouldn't show up in my inventory after picking them up. The triangle puzzle, though solvable, isn't really that interesting. It also looks like you're trying to emulate the Sub-Machine series in atmosphere etc. I'm sorry to say, but this isn't really coming close. Also, Euridissey cheerfully talking to me through her notes is kind of an immersion breaker.
Play Vorago Vorago Oct. 06, 2012
Never mind, Seth is an overal psychotic prick
Play Vorago Vorago Oct. 06, 2012
As a dutchman myself, I am very dissapointed by Deputy Seth's low opinion of people of my nationality.
Play Deep Sleep Deep Sleep Oct. 05, 2012
Well, that was frightning. And startling.
Play Covert Front 4 Covert Front 4 May. 22, 2012
I agree that the ending was lackluster, compared to the build-up of the previous parts. However, the part with the keyboard puzzle, I was seriously expecting the entirety of the previous games to be just an illusion, and the agent being another prisoner of the Sub Machine, which would be simultaniously an awesome, yet incredibly frustrating twist.
Play Flight Flight Jan. 20, 2012
Perhaps it's just a problem on my side, but I somehow cannot get the ingame achievements. That is, it doesn't seem to register when I do something that's supposed to net me one. Otherwise very nice game though.