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Play Space is Key 2 Space is Key 2 Mar. 31, 2012
i don't know if i hate or love you more for making this game
Play Sota Sota Nov. 10, 2011
i dunno what SOTA means or what is it meant to mean, but atleast it means war in finnish. SUOMIFINLANDPERKELE!
Play Rebuild 2 Rebuild 2 Oct. 16, 2011
Welcome to legoland... or what's left of it. Instant 5/5
Play Raptor Jesus VS Chuck Norris Raptor Jesus VS Chuck Norris Sep. 04, 2011
this must be the first time that chuck norris gets beaten up by someone!
Play You are a... The Sequel You are a... The Sequel Sep. 04, 2011
you are lonely savior the hopefully last hero destined to slay nothing ..... ouch!
Play ClickPLAY! Rainbow ClickPLAY! Rainbow Sep. 01, 2011
Play Chicken Cannon Chicken Cannon Sep. 01, 2011
the wrecking balls have pentagrams in them:D satan shoots chicken too, and you know it:P
Play Defend your nuts Defend your nuts Sep. 01, 2011
I could translate this into finnish, if you want of course?
Play Seed of Destruction Seed of Destruction Aug. 21, 2011
...and thats how chuck norris was born
Play Color World Origins Color World Origins Aug. 12, 2011
are those "lifts" from spyro? :D
Play GravRunnerDemo GravRunnerDemo Aug. 11, 2011
gets kinda boring after awhile, you should add more textures and objects to make it more interesting, like a electric wires somewhere some broken walls or what ever. And you should really make a menu to this game, now im giving 2/5 but if you make improvements and more interesting levels it could rise to 5/5
Play Free Rider 2 Free Rider 2 Aug. 04, 2011
-11 1d -p 1j,-m 1h -8 1d,-n 6e 7 76,2b 8b 2s 8l 34 7v,2 a8 -e am,0 d1 a d1,-2q fk -25 fa,-22 f9 -1q ev,-21 f9 -26 fb,-3c fj -3s ff,-4p h7 -57 hi,-58 hh -5d he,-73 j0 -6r j1,-6r j2 -6i it,-64 m7 -5l m9,-4c om -43 ol,-4e om -4i oi,-28 qv -1u qs,-3s u7 -3j uh -38 ua,-2v 11u -2i 120,-5d 15j -4u 15u -4e 15h,-7s 193 -7a 197,-7a 195 -6l 19t -5l 19d -5o 19d,-7u 192 -8s 1a5,-8t 1a5 -9f 19p,-bm 1ck -aq 1cj,-c6 14n -bs 14m,-dv 120 -dl 11v,-es um -ef ul,-h5 ru -gm s1,-h5 ru -hq sd,-dj nd -d0 ne,-ap ks -a7 ks,-7s f6 -77 f7,-3m an -32 am,39 1i 42 1u,-46 42 -4e 41,2i h9 2c hi 1k ha,-5 kk h km,3k nm 2r nm,-g7 14s -g8 156,-g9 157 -fr 15j,-kh 11r -kh 12b,-h0 lf -h1 lq,-h0 lh -ha l5,i4 p0 i4 mg h6 li,i4 p0 hg pu##G -kk ra 2q,G 2r u8 8e,G -m -4n 5k,G -96 1g1 2
Play Voxel Islands Alpha 0.01 Voxel Islands Alpha 0.01 Aug. 03, 2011
would be nice if the ground that falls from the explosion would damage. would add more realistic and strategic touch in the game.
Play Boo the ball Boo the ball Aug. 01, 2011
This game is very simple at the moment, but it has potential. You just need to work with it and add a Menu, different levels, upgrades (speed, life ect.) , music (and a mutebutton) and maybe different kinds of enemies too. 3/5 but it could rise in to 5/5. Keep up the good work.
Play Free Rider 2 Free Rider 2 Jul. 31, 2011
7 19 j 1k q 1h,2d cb 2s cb,4o ek 4g ek 48 ec,86 je 8p je 8r ij,7s kr 7r l6 87 l7,fv jp g9 jp,ga jp gm jp,hu ia j1 ia,ls gs ld gq,lc gt ku gt,mm ca n3 cd,m7 9v mm 9k,np 5d og 58 op 64,d2 1n d8 2a,9l 5r 9t 6a,9u 6b b0 6d,-6c 7g -1s 6h,-ad 8e -a7 8u,-ah cj -9r cq,-ao c5 -ag ck,-19 d9 -p cs -1b cd,tn 8g td 8q,te 85 tn 8g,-82 hk -8c i0,-8c hv -82 i7,-bj h8 -bg kl,-bh kl -ai mm,-ak mj -8t nn -6t o4 -36 o5,-35 o5 c o5 27 o7 33 o1 4a nh 4r mu 58 lt##G -ai k1 5k,G 18c ac 88,G -a5 dn 2q,G l6 v 6k,G bm nn b8
Play Pandemic 2 Pandemic 2 Jul. 25, 2011
hmmm.. checking my "clean countries list" madagascar, japan, greenland... GREENLAND???
Play Mutilate-a-doll Mutilate-a-doll Jun. 27, 2011
The cake is a lie
Play Doodle God 2 Doodle God 2 May. 10, 2011
@nerdito i believe its like Apple (the corporation) + Cellphone = money for apple
Play My Little Army My Little Army Apr. 22, 2011
Found a glitch, if you have 7/8 units and start to spam 1 unit you can make over 6 of them , so you would have 13/8 units but the unit limit says 8/8. Vote up so Rudy can see!
Play Orbital Onslaught Orbital Onslaught Apr. 10, 2011
hmmm, this is the 4th time i finished this game, but i can't stop playing :D