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Play A Tale of Caos: Prologue A Tale of Caos: Prologue Jul. 17, 2015
This was funny and fun to do (I'm not very good at these kinds of puzzles though, so I had to use the walkthrough a lot ^_^;). The only thing that frustrated me was when some of the text disappeared before I could read it all, so there were a few things I had to click a couple times to see everything. Other than that, great game!
Developer response from ExperaGameStudio

Thank you very much! :D About the text: maybe we can choose to increase the time they remain active in a future update! :)

Play Crystal Story II Crystal Story II Jan. 28, 2014
I was half expecting a little monster to suddenly appear and eat me during the skiing minigame. Does that reference make me old? XD
Play Terra Monsters Terra Monsters Jun. 11, 2013
I tried to play this game from their official website, but it redirects me to a game website. Are they having problems?
Play Cloud Wars Cloud Wars Oct. 22, 2012
I've never been any good at these types of games, but I managed to beat this. On easy. Just barely. I'm still no good at these games. XD
Play Glean Glean Jul. 15, 2012
A thoroughly awesome game that I kept coming back to. I agree with earlier suggestions of a pause button so I don't freak out when real life comes up. Also, if you don't create a sequel to this game, I shall be very angry, since the storyline isn't set up to end with this one game. ;D
Play Nature Treks - Healing with Color Nature Treks - Healing with Color May. 12, 2012
How in the world would a raptor be relaxing? That's what the purpose of this game is.
Play Dragon Quest Dragon Quest Feb. 10, 2012
How many of you are experiencing a bug in level 3 that makes the wood thing mysteriously float no matter where you cut the rope?
Play Defender's Quest (lengthy!) Demo Defender's Quest (lengthy!) Demo Feb. 03, 2012
Does anyone else think Slak looks like he's about to kill Azra on the end screen? Cool game. Normally, I'm not much for the undead themes, but this one's really interesting. If it would let me, I'd give it 4.5 stars (- .5 stars because it IS a demo), but since half-stars aren't possible, I'll round up to 5. :D
Play MegaCity MegaCity Jan. 26, 2012
Building on what trojan_56 said, perhaps you could make it so that you get one chance to demolish each time the required points to move on increases. This is a great game, though. :)
Play Race Race Jan. 20, 2012
Oh, jeez... do I actually need to go get a driver's license to play this game? I couldn't get a single lap. :\
Play Soul Tax Soul Tax Jan. 05, 2012
This thing was just too funny! I was practically laughing the whole way through it! XD 5 stars!
Play The Birdinator The Birdinator Jan. 05, 2012
What's with the crazy women shooting cannonballs at me? I'm dead tired on the ground and one of them comes along and shoots me in the head! XD The little raspberry you get when you try to buy an upgrade you can't afford is a nice touch Woohoo! 8 days! XD
Play Amorphic Blob Amorphic Blob Jan. 04, 2012
The game was great... until I found that my control of the blob was seriously lagging behind. Makes it hard to avoid things that want to eat me. :\ It's pretty good otherwise.
Play Hood Episode 2 Hood Episode 2 Oct. 30, 2011
For those who might be having issues with the 3rd machine piece, here's a little hint: a knife makes a good conductor.
Play Dungeon Blaster Dungeon Blaster Oct. 22, 2011
I dunno about the scare factor here. Those eyeball things are just weird, and it didn't take me long to figure out that they make that kind of sinister whistling noise whenever they're nearby. My main frustration is these shadows on the ceiling that chase me around. I don't understand why I take damage whenever the dirt falls from them, and it doesn't seem to do a thing when I shoot at them with my spells. So I basically find myself constantly moving trying to avoid fireballs and falling dirt which I cannot tell where it will come from next. In short, there really should be a little more warning and some hint on how to kill the ceiling monster, because I keep dying for what seems like no apparent reason.
Play Jerboa - Maggot Feast-Day Jerboa - Maggot Feast-Day Oct. 21, 2011
Staying Alive for Jerboas :Chapter 1: Find a clearing in your territory where it's raining maggots. Race to munch them before those lumbering hedgehogs do. If they get in your way, simply spin around and slap them to next Wednesday with your tail (which should be at least 10 times longer than your body).
Play Legend of Kalevala Legend of Kalevala Oct. 18, 2011
Once I figured out how to kill the second boss the game regained its amazingness. I look forward to future updates/sequels. :D
Play The Infinite Ocean The Infinite Ocean Oct. 10, 2011
I can't seem to combine the passwords... I match them up, click "COMBINE" and nothing happens. :\
Play Hood Episode 1 Hood Episode 1 Oct. 06, 2011
Evil beware. I have a pumpkin!
Play Vulpin Adventure Vulpin Adventure Sep. 12, 2011
You know... the elemental match-ups remind me of the Mardek games. I'm pretty sure that's how it went in them, too.