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Play The Great Bazooki The Great Bazooki Dec. 19, 2014
All Done: Needs Badges!
Play Slimey's Quest Slimey's Quest Dec. 19, 2014
Sweet! Needs Badge(s)
Play RobotPet RobotPet Dec. 18, 2014
Sweet! 20 Caps for rating "RobotPet" .... though it appears everyone gets them for my hard work..?.. What's a Cap, BTW?
Play Ancient Mahjong Ancient Mahjong Dec. 17, 2014
This is Mahjong Solitaire, not Mahjong.
Play Pixelo Pixelo Dec. 17, 2014
Abocado -- Didn't realize this game was bilingual.
Play RobotPet RobotPet Dec. 08, 2014
Does doing the Map after you conquer it and rebuild, do anything positive/boost wise?
Play RobotPet RobotPet Dec. 07, 2014
Seems the only Drops the Pet will g for are Health ones now. Bypasses weapons, metal, coin.... even when sent next to them or driving right over their edges.
Play RobotPet RobotPet Dec. 07, 2014
"Pet" won't go to edges of gaming area, when told.
Play RobotPet RobotPet Dec. 05, 2014
Drops are better than the Mixes.... seems like such a waste.
Play Thermo Thermo Dec. 05, 2014
Got it! FLASHING means you can walk on the ceiling.... dur!
Play Thermo Thermo Dec. 05, 2014
Game needs to resize to fit Game Window. I am stuck on the level where he flashes.... No idea what the power does and Spacebar isn't helping.
Play Picma - Picture Enigmas Picma - Picture Enigmas Dec. 02, 2014
OK, going cross-eyed trying to play this.... Game needs to be able to zoom to fit game area.
Play Burro Bandito Burro Bandito Dec. 02, 2014
not loading
Play Digging Squirly Digging Squirly Dec. 02, 2014
Not Loading
Play Puppeteer Police Puppeteer Police Dec. 02, 2014
I like the idea, but needs a lot of polishing and gameplay fixes.
Play Gravity Quest Gravity Quest Dec. 02, 2014
Is there no menu button when in game? Does the player have any ability to control the rotation?
Play NoNoSparks: The Ark NoNoSparks: The Ark Nov. 26, 2014
Game does not resize to fit game window.... which makes even a good game seem like crap.
Play Mytheria Mytheria Nov. 24, 2014
OK, having to do every little thing is ridiculous. Can't get the BotD soon enough so I do not have to play this again.
Play Mytheria Mytheria Nov. 24, 2014
Why doesn't it fit the game window? Seriously! Resize is a must, for online games.
Play MadBurger 3 MadBurger 3 Nov. 24, 2014
I don't get how to control the buzzard quite yet....