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If you are reading this sentence, you now have HEADCANCERAIDS. You are now forced to put this into your profile. Help spread HCA to all of the Interwebs!

Scribbles was my previous home, but it has been overrun with idiots, and therefore become inhospitable. Tree House Kakariko Village is my new place of dwelling.
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Devillocks: i always say, i’m going to leave this world the same way i came in – naked, screaming, and covered in someone else’s blood
Firehawk1220: Spes, if he bans people, how will he whine about how hard being a mod is?
TLTTP: @FH ..well, that’s a little better.
stayoutsuperlate: silli and tlttp, where does a picture of a woman with her breasts exposed but the nipples covered fall?
Firehawk1220: id fite u in the octagon but ur so big id have no room
Firehawk1220: ****
Dash_of_Rain: But, hippogriff.
minimeh: With sexcks.
KitsuneYoukai: I created a cartoon dick for a friend because she snapchatted me a picture of a cutout on her wall.
stayoutsuperlate: because i’d like to link to these fantastic nipple pasties
KitsuneYoukai: XD
KitsuneYoukai: stayoutsuperlate: because i’d like to link to these fantastic nipple pasties
KitsuneYoukai: This is going in my profile.
Dash_of_Rain: fantastic nipple pastries.
Dash_of_Rain: wat.
stayoutsuperlate: i always end up in people’s profiles
minimeh: This whole ****ing chat should just be in everyone’s profile.
Sillinde: … I’m not sure where “tastefully done” ends and “porn” begins. :/ Is the pic PG13?
Firehawk1220: pasties you turdburglar
Sillinde: XD
Dash_of_Rain: putting that in my profile.
minimeh: Heck
minimeh: This enemy blocked his own bleed damage
minimeh: wtf
TLTTP: what.
aturtledoesbite: By covering the wound?
TLTTP: That’s like blocking explosion damage with a shield that’s in front of your face yet the explosion is literally on your face.
TheLinkToThePast: Now doing a spot of grinding to level my current pins and get some BRV increases. Level 5/20. Diff: 3/4.
TheLinkToThePast: (W2D2)
shaunsred: I understood literally none of that
MuffinGamer: It’s always spring.
MuffinGamer: unless it’s winter.
MuffinGamer: That’s when the snow cats are being released.
MuffinGamer: And you don’t wanna be tackled by snow cats.
MuffinGamer: they bite.
MuffinGamer: Hard.
MuffinGamer: In inappropriate places.
I apologize, but [REDACTED] is currently unavailable right now. Please try reentering your query at [REDACTED], and [REDACTED] will gladly report back to you.
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Thanks Cooliae, Merrikieem, KingSnail, and IzayoiSakuya! I love you guys!
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My Chaos Faction 2 Custom Level:
Captain Epsilon (CF2):
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My current Steam profile name:
Cat Mugger
My current Steam URL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/DATA_EXPUNGED/
Chemi-Kill Patch™! Now a registered product of Foul Enterprises®!
List of Foul Enterprises® Products:
-Chemi-Kill Patch™
-Doom Sentinel Battle-suit v7.13™
-Bio-engineered Were cat
-[To Be Continued]
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