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Play El Fuaaa!! El Fuaaa!! Jul. 11, 2011
Eso se arregla borrando el historial o cambiando de navegador, no es un problema del juego en sí.
Play El Fuaaa!! El Fuaaa!! Jul. 09, 2011
We will make more challenging games; this one is for everyone that knows the meme can have some fun and see the end of it, even if they are not skilled players or players at all. The next games will be more oriented to regular gamers.
Play El Fuaaa!! El Fuaaa!! Jul. 09, 2011
Yea, do that now that you can, smarter zombies will come on the next game to take revenge for them.
Play El Fuaaa!! El Fuaaa!! Jul. 09, 2011
Si la barra se queda en 0/?, borra el historial o cambia de navegador. Es un problema que tienen algunos navegadores con el preloader.
Play El Fuaaa!! El Fuaaa!! Jul. 09, 2011
Claro, el poder del Fuaaa!! no tiene límites. Un maestro del fua no puede ser derrotado.
Play El Fuaaa!! El Fuaaa!! Jul. 07, 2011
Thanks! It’s our first beat’em up. You can be certain that we will make more, with many more features and longer. I’m glad you enjoyed this one.
Play Diamond Hollow Diamond Hollow May. 15, 2011
5/5 My hand hurts. :(
Play Zombie Knight Zombie Knight May. 04, 2011
Nice game, but a little short; 5/5 and favorite.
Play Zombie Knight Zombie Knight May. 04, 2011
damagemult = damage multiplier
Play Project Wasteland 0 Project Wasteland 0 Feb. 18, 2011
I don’t mind that most of the game is a rip-off from fallout; I still like it and definitely would play it. But I'm not crazy about the main character; I rather play as a human than something that doesn’t seem to belong. I’m not sure if that supposed to be your attempt to make it original, but I don’t think is the best idea. Other than that, you are making a great work.
Play Lumen Maze Lumen Maze Jan. 18, 2010
I did an extensive testing; I finish it twice, on a laptop and a PC, before and after publishing. I did not ask for a 5, I said a generous score, meaning that if you feel that it deserves a 2, you could give a 3, only if you feel like it. It’s a hard game indeed and maybe gets a little frustrating on the final levels, but is not impossible, I personally make sure of that.
Play Lumen Maze Lumen Maze Dec. 01, 2009
El rastro puede apagarse, y aún activado no cuenta como colisión y por lo tanto no pierdes si este toca las paredes.
Play Lumen Maze Lumen Maze Nov. 22, 2009
Instructions are on English AND Spanish.
Play Lumen Maze Lumen Maze Nov. 21, 2009
@osanseviero: Si avanzas algunos niveles encuentras muchas de las cosas que mencionas.
Play Shopping Cart Hero Shopping Cart Hero May. 30, 2009
Me too! 2235 on Tricks! Ok, I'm sick of this game and never going to play it again. 5/5
Play Raider: Episode 1 Raider: Episode 1 May. 29, 2009
Old fashion Megaman style, good! 5/5
Play Blackjack Flash Game Blackjack Flash Game Jul. 18, 2008
Blackjack payment rates - Actually, you did get $1500. The message field only shows how much you win/lose of your original bet. Sorry, if this is kind of confusing. Double and split - You do have those choices. They are not available if you don't have enough money to double the wager, though. Multiple decks - I’m working on it. Game play sucks - Working on it.