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Play The Awakening RPG The Awakening RPG May. 14, 2015
ERROR Page 3 is empty when talking to the NPC in the library
Play Idle Civilization Idle Civilization Mar. 19, 2015
For the "Liking you on Facebook" achievement, couldn't you have had that open in a new tab rather than navigating us away from Kong?!
Developer response from vsistudio

I tried that, but depending on the browser it will actually NOT open up a new page at all and instead do nothing. Sadly, the only option is this (this is due to the framing system on the kong page)

Play Remnant Knights Remnant Knights Oct. 10, 2013
Apparently the game doesn't work with Chrome Version 30.0.1599.69 m. Keeps giving me some sort of plugin error.
Play Tower Heroes Tower Heroes Jun. 24, 2013
Well, I don't know if there is a server maintenance scheduled for today or what, but I have just joined and everything has frozen up. Was able to play for a short time, got through two and a half dungeon maps (the beginner one) and now cannot do anything else. If this is server maintenance could we get a pop up message stating that the server is going down for a specified amount of time?
Play Robot Rising Robot Rising Mar. 22, 2013
Thus far it's a great game. One question though, why do we have to pay full price in energy to "go down" a floor? I would assume that moving down a floor would require less than teleporting to a floor. Maybe make moving from one floor to the other cost half the energy? For instance, Teleporting to a medium difficulty costs 10 energy, Moving down a floor costs 5 energy.
Play City of Steam: Arkadia (old alpha) City of Steam: Arkadia (old alpha) Dec. 01, 2012
Don't know if it's the connection speed or what, but when I shoot something to break it, it takes the game a couple of seconds to explode. Also the same when I go to pick something up. Other than that, really awesome game!
Play American Racing American Racing Nov. 07, 2012
ok what the hell is up with the funky camera?! I can somewhat understand it jerking this way and that on a curve.. but when it jerks on the straightaway?! Was that added in to create a little more difficulty?! If so, all you're doing is making people not want to play your game. If you wanted to create the illusion of "bumps" in the road, then you should have made the game in the 1st person...
Play Deadly Neighbors 2 Deadly Neighbors 2 Jul. 26, 2012
Minor mistake in "A word from Nerdook" Third paragraph first sentence "Your Family will eventually be the final boss IS someone else's game,....."
Developer response from nerdook

thanks, fixed that!

Play Epic War Saga Epic War Saga Apr. 17, 2012
Using FireFox 12.0 with flash version 11.2
Play Epic War Saga Epic War Saga Apr. 17, 2012
Keep getting an error: Unable to connect to API due to securityError. Please verify your in..... (rest of the message is cut off)
Play Hordes of Hordes Hordes of Hordes Feb. 03, 2012
Ok.. Just completed a round on endless and got 6 metal and some other ingredients.... but nothing actually got awarded. I feel jiped.. please fix :)
Play Scarlet Stranger Scarlet Stranger Jan. 19, 2012
Possible bug? Dark_Cloud Posted about a gem in the beginning of the game. Curiosity got the better of me and I checked it out, found it, and sold it for 50gp. Only to discover that it KEPT SELLING ITSELF! So now.. at the very beginning of the game I have 999gp and what I can only assume is the best sword and shield that I can buy. Also discovered was when I bought the first sword, it created multiple copies if itself in my inventory. So I sold the extra copies. But the same thing happened again! Don't know if this was intentional or not though
Play The KongreGadget The KongreGadget Nov. 02, 2011
Defiantly an interesting app will have to add to favorites and explore further.
Play Call of Gods Call of Gods Sep. 28, 2011
Connection errors upon connection errors! Hell there was even a time when I had three conn errors back to fricking back! Signed Aggravated badgewhore :D
Play Steamlands Steamlands Aug. 10, 2011
The ability to keep certain weapons or blocks between stages would be nice. Grinding to be able to earn a little cash for upgrades. And the ability to just "Go to a store" without having to replay the whole stage again.
Play Castle Quest Castle Quest Jan. 03, 2011
Ok, so plaid through with both characters, maxed out everything and still completed the game in a little over half a day without dieing once. Why are you people rating low because of no save function... ya don't need one! The game DOES get repetitive and grinding. But if you want to max out everything like I did, then grind away. Graphics and mute button are there.... Good side scroller if you ask me, dev did an awesome job with it.
Play Gorillas.bas Gorillas.bas Dec. 08, 2010
Oh WOW!!! Nostalgia just kicked in!!! Great game too!
Play Papa's Burgeria Papa's Burgeria Dec. 07, 2010
I don't think that, while the customer is scrutinizing their order, the cook time should continue. May be just me though.. Over all better than the pizza game, much more enjoyable.
Play Snail Bob Snail Bob Nov. 23, 2010
Absolutely LOVED the "DO NOT TOUCH" button XD had to push it at least three times just for laughs
Play ShellCore Command: Ep1 Final ShellCore Command: Ep1 Final Feb. 03, 2010
OH and another improvement... The scroll length FOR the inventory... LoL.. Found that if I store a lot of parts Some of them get cut off until I use the ones displayed