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Play Learn to Fly Idle Learn to Fly Idle Mar. 19, 2014
Bug Tip: Every time you upgrade your Base Damage the game forgets to add your Damage Multiplier to the new damage. So if you are going to upgrade damage, make sure you have enough resource points to upgrade your multiplier as well.
Play Idleplex Idleplex Feb. 26, 2014
Tip for lag: When each board remembers the coins collected, even if it has not hit your total yet. If you open a board you will see the DPS SKYROCKET for a few seconds while it catches up. it's a bit of a pain but it will help get you closer to the 95,000,000,000,000.00 that you're looking for.
Play Layer Maze 5 Layer Maze 5 Oct. 31, 2013
Pipking! Thank you for the wonderful series, the movement animations most of all! Also, in the first game or two I was disappointed that there were no stucks and, though I can tell that you are working against them, I hate you for every little stuck that is possible... because I found them, all. :) Thank again for the beautiful ball!
Play Layer Maze 4 Layer Maze 4 Oct. 30, 2013
So, once again I'm ready to be impressed by some of the best movement animations a ball has ever been privy to and BAM! New colors! It's like Layer Maze got together with Factory Balls and popped out the most beautiful of babies this side of the Atlantic! 5/5 Movement Animations. A Must Buy for every family.
Play Layer Maze 3 Layer Maze 3 Oct. 29, 2013
This new mechanic had me a little scared but my fears were immediately put to rest... The animation for the ball is still as crisp and pleasing as ever. I had no reason to fear any different.
Play Layer Maze 2: Locked Ways Layer Maze 2: Locked Ways Oct. 29, 2013
Still love the way the ball rolls about.
Play Layer Maze Layer Maze Oct. 29, 2013
I love the animation for the ball.
Play BLYM BLYM Oct. 24, 2013
The death animations are the icing on the cake. Add more enemies in the next one, I need more ways to die.
Play Enough Plumbers 2 Enough Plumbers 2 Oct. 16, 2013
Anyway to get to the Pink tube on the level select screen?
Play Vertigo: Gravity Llama Vertigo: Gravity Llama Jan. 03, 2013
Do you know why llamas don't live in volcanoes? Because 'f' you, that's why.
Play Vertical Drop Heroes Vertical Drop Heroes Dec. 28, 2012
the Purple Mist is the cloud at the top of the screen, it can only kill you in Survival mode.
Play Ubooly & Friends Ubooly & Friends Dec. 19, 2012
Ok, I finally got the chest puzzle but have NO IDEA what the code had to do with it. Anyone have an explanation for me?
Developer response from BeardshakerGames

The puzzle is called "rebus": First, you get the name of the image (DONUT) and then you cross out/replace the letters like it's stated below (4th letter crossed out = DONT). :)

Play Transmorpher Transmorpher Dec. 06, 2012
Very fluid, a little slow but lvl. 36 won me over. I wasn't this in a platformer.
Play Great Dungeon in the Sky Great Dungeon in the Sky Dec. 02, 2012
Ha! Shapeshifter, WHAT!
Play Hack Slash Crawl Hack Slash Crawl Oct. 24, 2012
hack, slash. crawl... RUN AWAY!
Play Demonrift TD Demonrift TD Oct. 22, 2012
Any chance on getting achievements for the Kongregate Arcade version?
Play CycloManiacs 2 CycloManiacs 2 Oct. 15, 2012
Any one else having trouble being awarded for scaring the 45 birds?
Play Alice is Dead Episode 3 Alice is Dead Episode 3 Oct. 07, 2012
Dear lord, tell me there is more than one ending! Also; Bells, Bells, Bells.
Play Dream Symphony Dream Symphony Oct. 04, 2012
The Intro music cuts abruptly. : )
Developer response from 1g0rrr

I made music starts more smoothly. Thanx

Play Kaboomz 4 Kaboomz 4 Sep. 27, 2012
Liking it! We'd better see some badges! : )