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Hi. You probably came to this page either because you didn't have anything else in your miserable life (no offense) to do, or if you're one of my friends. I don't really have a lot of interesting stuff in my profile, so I will offer you a suggestion- go to my 3 pages (that's right!) of favorite games. If you do want to know about me, I'll tell you a few things (besides my name, of course!)- my favorite types of games are puzzle and skill (pardon the redundancy, if you know what that means), I am from Belarus (a country near Russia), well, yeah, that's pretty much it (bummer). I'm not sure what to do now, so I'll just type randomly. jsdlf;jiosrfjw;hjsadiofjwdhjr gpiojsadfgj erpio jg posi jgaiofsgj iok;j s;lfj iosdfsrig; slfj kls;jf sklf j;lskj lskd;js. Okay, I've figured it out. I'm going to explain my favorite games and why I like them (I know it's boring, but hang in there). Well, if you have already gone to my favorites page, you probably know that one of my favorite games is called "impossible quiz" (it's really a misnomer, if you also know what that means). Well, it is the sequel of impossible quiz 1, which is an even cooler game, but which I couldn't find on Kong. Well, if you try the original for the first time, you might go like "what the ****! How do you beat this game! How do you pass level 4?" Well, two things: first, if you really couldn't beat level 4, get a life (again, no offense), second: don't panic- sometimes the answers aren't just going to pop out in purple ink (hint: although sometimes, like in level 4, they are). You have to be very skilled or very cheater-y to beat the game. Just keep trying... I feel like texting randomly again :) djlfsak;jd ;ghasijflsjfios rajlsad ;jgaoisd;fjsldfa lskd;j f sdofj lsk;dfj skldjfdsk ;lksad jklsadjf slkd;fj dskfjslj klsa;jf skl;f salkj fsdjf sl; :( (I made him upset)... well, you know what? If you want to find out about the games, just PLAY them, for Pete's sake! (Yeah, right! As if some guy named Pete is actually depending on you to play Internet games)... (then again. maybe he is). TOO FAR OFF TOPIC ALERT (thanks, buzzer, for alerting me, and at the same time shattering my eardrums... :) asjd;fklj kldfjsd kl;ajsdklfj kls;jf klsdafjsl jfdsakljf;sdk lfljsad;kjf a;sdkjfla;jd kfasdj ksdlfj; askld; :) (this guy is more manly to random texting). Umm.... well, I completely ran out of ideas. I might add more later, when I think of them. For now, K bye. OMG!! PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!! PICKLE CARROT PEPPER BANANA PICKLE CARROT PEPPER BANANA!!! :/ (Fine emoticon, I'll stop my random outburst)...lol... This thing doesn't let me skip lines to separate different writing times, so whenever I want to show that I'm writing at a different time, I'll just put a capital "next" like this: NEXT. NEXT. lol... NEXT. I'm hungry. NEXT. What is the meaning of life? NEXT. Say next and I will die. NEXT. :0 :/ NEXT. The meaning of life is 42... NEXT. lol. Bye. NEXT. Hello. I don't really know what to talk about in the remaining pages of this miserable profile, so I'll just give walkthroughs for my favorite games. Umm... let me see... NEXT. Sorry I haven't posted in a month, but I was busy picking out the game I wanted a walkthrough on. Yeah, it's a lie, but that's what you become when you're friends with a penguin! A penguin who likes narwhals, guitars, and platform racing! Yeah, yeah, I'm sure you've all heard about my friend Whatnow24, and if you haven't, GAL, know either as get a life or as a backward lag. Whatever, at the time I'm writing this, I'm a level 21, and I'm usually one of the highest ranks in my chat room. I have 2 impossibles, meat boy and line game. I was lucky enough to have a LAG on my CPU, otherwise known as a virus or a backward gal. I haven't typed randomly in a while, so here goes- aslkdfsdifh saduhf isahfn oewfh3w 4ofrowe jfsadlkreuposd hfs!!!...??? Yeah, that ending symbol is going to be part of the game I'm planning out. Some people may think 13 years old is too young to make a game, but I DONT CARE!!!...??? Anyways, I have almost have of the badges at this point- 14 pages achieved and 19 unachieved. Whatever, I guess that's pretty good for someone who started half a year ago. ;) Some people think that that cute little sign represents winking, but I ain't taking no bull**** from them! There! I said it! i never curse online, but I get angry I sometimes use asterisks. *They come in handy for curses, multiplication, and I'm not really sure what else.* What I love about the Internet is you can type sarcastic comments without giving the sarcastic part away. I also like how you can change the subject randomly. Also type randomly. Very small sentences. Barely. One word. Okay, two words. Okay, three words. And it stays that way, you got that? YOU GOT THAT??!?!?!?!?! Thank you! Peace. Catcha' later. JUST BYE ALREADY!!! NEXT. Yay! Half the badges- 17 pages achieved, and 17 unachieved! NEXT. WOW I haven't replied in a long time. Anyways, whoever u r,(and i know who u r), you've GOT to try the game, "ALL chuck norris facts"! Every chuck norris fact ever- all 715!!! Ok,...,ok,... so...im lvl 25! And...well... um...bye,... i guess... and yes, i do, in fact, live in :the game:. NEXT. BWAAA-HAAAA! My friend whatnow24 doesn't got on Kong anymore! i am alone in the world... of kongregate!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! NEXT. 101 favorites- the magic number! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! My positive is bigger than my negative- im positively enhanced. I LUV imps! I memorized all 32 from this point- 5/14/09. Here they are (the games): .....*takes deep breath*... NEXT. Ha-ha. Got u there! Whatever, it will be unorganized to list all imps because I cant use "ENTER", and I don't want my info all bunched up. There is a way to write neatly, but I dont understand how. Whatever. NEXT. First time I moved back to an already gotten avatar! Wow! NEXT! OMG!!!! Now I have 102 faves! It's the worst number ever! NOOOOOOOOO...!@#$@#@!...OOOOOOOOOO...ilikecheese...OOOOOO! Ilikecheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!!!!! NEXT. Wow. Sorry I haven't replied in a couple of months, but, I can't believe im saying this, but Kongregate's getting kinda boring. *huge gasp* Yea, yea. maybe its just because i spend a lot of time on other sites. I don't get badges that much on early games, though i have got the hard badge for Excit yesterday *Yess!* I had to go to sleep, so I used a walkthrough for the last 5-6 levels. Whatever, im going because I just realized that I forgot to favorite some games. NEXT. Yay! Another song on Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3 perfected! Did you know that SCGMD3 is my favorite game, along with SCGMD2, Amorphous+, and Dino Run? I have 9 songs perfect, including Betrayal of Fate, which I perfected today. I still have gold on The Fade, Lick Up The Honey, Train Wreck, Speed Freak, and Switch vs. Evil Dog Round 2. If I get perfect on each of them, I'll have my third imp! YAAAY! NEXT. Perfect on Train Wreck! Since I have 10 perfects, I unlocked a new guitar. It's called Holy Hell. NEXT. And The Fade too! NEXT. Fine, I'll stop talking about SCGMD3, since I realize it's getting annoying, but seriously- THREE SONGS LEFT! NEXT. 2 songs. NEXT. 1 song! NEXT. YAAAAY!! I just got a perfect on Lick Up The Honey, and I got my third imp! YAAAAAAAA.......AAAAAYYYYY!!!!(I can't conceal my excitement- I've been working on this badge for like 8 months)!!!! NEXT. Guess what? I'm building a website! A gaming one! It's not finished yet, though, so I'm not going to tell you the domain address, or post it in the "website" box in the profile. Trust me, I'll tell you when it's ready. NEXT. Changed my avatar after like 3 months of the old one. Yay Interactive Buddy! NEXT. Well, my website didn't exactly work out. "AWWWWW." It was hard from the beginning, but when the games to you to a different website and I didn't know how to fix it, well, that was kind of the last straw. Anyway, for the past week, I've been trying to get all the easy badges. I still need only a couple (fantasy commander, tarnation {I don't get it}, starfighter: disputed galaxy, Mardek RPG Ch.2, etc.) My one-year Kongregate anniversary is in two months. Kongregate is an awesome website, and I highly recommend people who love internet games to go on it. I've already been (advertising) Kong in my own special way, (personalized flyers {which I'm not sure how to spell}), but I've given out my only copy to my friend at school at the end of the year. Whatever, um, don't you like my avatar? It's so CUTE! Interactive Buddy is standing next to a baseball, which the user is undoubtably going to hit him on the head with! NEXT. I haven't posted in a long time. I guess I just wanted to say thanks to all the people who added me as a friend. Every once in a while, when I go on my profile, I see a new fan. I have no clue if you're reading this or not, but anyway, thanks. Oh, and besides, this profile might be boring, but hey, at least you don't have to pay to read it, I'll tell you that! *Hey, maybe I should create some kind of subscription system*. Anyway, well, bye. OR IS IT?!?!?!?!?! NEXT. 126 favorites from this moment, 4:18 P.M. 8/21/09. Yay! You could check them if you want. NEXT. OK, so, I thought, maybe I could post a bunch of badge suggestions on this profile. I'll start off with some suggestions I came up with two months ago, before the MoneySeize badges came out- I'll just copy and paste- Easy- Humble Beginnings- Collect 150 coins. Card- Going Up- When I grow up, I want to be a constructor! One who shoots himself through cannons, kills birds, frogs and bugs, and goes on an epic quest to build the tallest tower mankind has ever known! But no pressure. Complete the first 15 stages. Medium- Bye-bye Birdie- Kill 10 innocent little birds/chicks. Hard- How do I get down?- Complete all 50 stages. Impossible- Just like 99 bricks- Finish the tower by collecting all 1010 coins. Those were my badge suggestions for MoneySeize before it had badges. I tried to pass it on, but it didn't work (Awww). Whatever, I just got some more badge suggestion ideas. There's this cool game called "Shuffle" on bubblebox.com, and I think it would be really great if it went on Kong and had badges. I'll post again later when I've thought of them. NEXT. Easy- Moving' Up- Win a game. Card- Knock Knock- Next thing you know, you'll be gambling, trust me. Knock 65 enemy balls off the playing field. Medium- Threedom!- Earn 33,333 points. (you earn points by saving your balls, and by knocking off enemy balls) Hard- Pool King- Win game 5. Impossible- Perfect-rounded- Win games 1-5 without losing a single round. NEXT. Easy- Moving' Up- Win a game. (Please don't confuse this with a round). NEXT. By the way, a lot of people might think badge suggestions are easy, but it is pretty challenging to think up of badges that are the exact right difficulty. I admire Greg for what he does. OK. Stop talk big words now See u l8r. NEXT. Talk about thanking! Thank you Mr. Rubix (KongRubix on YouTube)! Your guides helped me get both parts of the impossible, both the 44 aces and a total time of 160 seconds! Also, thanks for helping me get the hard badge for Pyro 2! You're a real ace (ha-ha) at Pyro! NEXT. GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! I'm so angry!!!! This just happened at Zilch: (copy and paste): OMG this sux- i was winning like 10000 points to like 4000, OK, it took 7 turns (lucky) and it was zilch-free. THEN, he somehow gets more than 6000 frekin' points in the next turn, and beats me! WTF!?!?!?! There. That's what happened. I almost got the Bah Humbug award! I hate you, Zilch, and if u didn't have badges, I would quit you for good. I'm not unfavoriting u, however, no clue why. NEXT. Haven't posted in several weeks- additional Run Elephant Run ideas- easy- Disturbing reminder- reach the wife banner on any mode- this is in the middle of stage 3, challenge- Awww... beat easy mode, medium- Harder to please- Complete moderate mode- Impossible- Awww, COME ON!- beat insane mode without any continues. YAY! I finally got the MAD hard badge! 3,280 missiles dodged! It took me like 10 tries! Why am I writing in exclamation marks! Stop it! Leeve mi alon! Nooooooo.....!!!!! NEXT. (Copy and paste)- Yay! i got my 5th impossible on Amorphous +! I kinda cheated, but it was a little unfair, having beat the game on another site. (Un- copy and paste) 5 imps. Here's a list- Meat Boy 1/3/09 Line Game 3/1/09 (hehe) Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3 (SCGMD3) 7/12/09 Pyro 8/29/09 Amorphous+ 10/2/09! YAYY!Y!Y!Y!Y!Y! NEXT. I haven't replied in a while, so sorry for anyone that bothers to listen t my repetitious ranting. Well, today's the 20th, and my Kong anniversary was 13 days ago. I thought I would just post a ton of stuff on this page, but i skipped over it completely! I'm so sorry. Well, I've grown a lot this year. Remember my droning at the beginning of this profile? My random typing? My constant criticism? Well, now I'm being more mature. Yeah, I said it. yeah. yea. ya. y. NEXT. I don't know what to do since I skipped my anniversary. This is probably what it would feel like if I were married and I skipped that anniversary, too. When I grow up. Except I wouldn't be like what am I supposed to do know, I would be more like WTF? How's a self-respecting person supposed to deal with kids, a job, a house, a family to feed, and have to remember one day in the year where I have to go out and buy a present?! Assuming I have all of those, which I probably will. Anyway, did you notice how I tend to make a joke just as I'm saying NEXT a lot? No. Really? No. REALLY? No. REALLY?!?!?!?!? No. @$#&@ NEXT. Cover Orange badges- easy- Duck and Cover- Complete 10 levels, card- Hide and Seek- you can't hide from all things in life, except mine-dropping frowning clouds- Complete the game, medium- Countdown- Get your total score above 19,000- For the non-nerds out there, that's an average of 950 points a level. Which seems kinda easy, a 50 second countdown, but... NEXT. Okay- I'm a Left 4 Dead Survivor! I'm not sure what that means, but apparently I get like 3 points a day with this avatar! BTW, this is the first time I switched avs since my Interactive Buddy one, and the was like 4 months ago. whatever, I'll switch back as soon as this is over. If it gets over............................ Dun Dun DUN!!!!!!!................NEXT. Yay! I got a perfect on Switch vs. Evil Dog Round 1 and got my 6th impossible! They're really starting to build up... NEXT. I haven't posted in a LONG time. Okay- they're doing the Dragon Age thing now. If anyone made it this far, I'd be happy to trade my remaining 2 axes with you for anything. the award is a long shot, but still... NEXT. Again, I haven't replied in a while. HAPPY NEW YEAR! A little after the new year, I ate a fortune cookie, and it told me that I'll take the "first step today". I doubt that will happen, since it's already 8:13, but there are so many possibilities! I could start writing my book, designing a game, or making a music piece (all my interests). Whatever, I'll post later to tell if that's happened yet. K bye. NEXT. No, this hasn't happened (epic bummer), but this whole month has been so busy! (BTW, today is 1/22/10) I can't tell you exactly what I'm busy... wait a sec... why i'm busy, since any innocent-seeming reader could be a Stlker! That's right, they're everywhere... anyways... well... CUL8R! :) :( :3 :0 :6 :9 ;) 4: (hehe the last one was pretty nice) SEEYOULATER (see, its just not as attractive that way) Dude, stop f*king talking RIGHT NOW! okay. Bye! NEXT. Hi. This is the longest no-post period i've had yet, since today is 5/15/10. I've just had a lot of schoolwork, classwork, homework, chores, activities, hobbies, and other stuff to do. I probably won't be posting that much now. SORRY. I'm not that good at multitasking. K bye. NEXT. It's June 23, and I'm glad school finally ended. Guess what? 10,000 points! It's a major milestone, so I wanted to post again. How you all doing? I'm sure you're doing great, and if your hamster just died, i'm sad because i guessed incorrectly. Whatever. See all of you later! Bye! Eyb! NEXTTXEN. Wow. Talk about not posting. Today is 12/24/10 (that's right, Christmas Eve!) and I've been on Kong for more than 2 years. Actually, I don't go on that much anymore, since the games don't work on my mom's laptop, so I have to use my dad's big computer, which I never used to play on. (Wow, that sentence was almost a run-on.) Anywhey, I have 7 imps so far, including Streamline, which I got in June. I've also recently completed the hard for Ragdoll Invaders, which I've been playing from time to time since I joined Kong. Actually, it's a good thing that I'm not playing as often, because I never run out of games to play, which happened a lot earlier. Well, that pretty much wraps it up for now. See you next time on... HIYA24 PROFILE SPECIAL! NEXT. It's that time of the year again! June 5!! The Random Day, also known as the day nothing I know of is celebrated! So hurray for June 5! Anyway, I've reached another milestone (not in Dino Run) a while ago. 15,000 POINTS! It's a personal record! I just wish I still had friends in the outside world... *sigh*. That was a joke. I've officially switched from posting one update every two weeks to one update every six months. I'm sorry. I'M SORRY I LET YOU DOWN!! I'm just very busy. And lonely. And sad. That was another joke (got you again!). I've also reached eight impossibles, about 200 favorite games, and Level 47. But enough about me. Let's hear what you have to say... NEXT. Oh, and by the way, I've been reading some of my old profile posts and they seem very idiotic, childish, and whimsical. After all, I'm 14, so I have the extensive right to include sophisticated vocabulary that I may or may not fully comprehend. So I'm planning to remove all said material from the presence of this profile page. If you oppose my plans, post "NO TACO NO!!!" into the shouts, and providing I receive the sufficient argumental exclamations, I will cease all future attempts to comply with my laborious plans. Rock on. NEXT. Oh ma god! I have exactly 15,555 points on today, the 20th of June, 2011. It's also, coincidentally, the concluding rotation period of my public education source. Hooray! I spent the party in school today listening to Alice Cooper's "School's Out" and Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)". Anywayzors, I have made my final decision; all of my previous posts are going to stay FOREVER! They are a masterpiece of art, to be preserved forever. When I'm done, I'll minimize this page, log off the computer, and put the CPU in a time capsule. Meanwhile, I'll fold the written password to my account into origami, place it inside a bottle, and throw it into the oil-contaminated waters in the Caribbean. People won't suspect... but sooner or later, all will be revealed! We'll meet again, my fellow friendly following fools! NEXT.

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