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Three Body Problem

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Dec. 21, 2012

Rating: 1

This game is so difficult, but when you die you know it's your fault. I like that.

Where's Derpy?

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Mar. 02, 2012

Rating: -30

Kongregate isn't the place for brony nonsense.


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Feb. 07, 2012

Rating: -2

I wish you gave us a real AA gun, those assholes ouldn't stand a chance.

Spongebob Burger Swallow

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Dec. 07, 2011

Rating: 0

I'm guessing English isn't your first language.

Kick Justin Beaver

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Nov. 16, 2011

Rating: 7

Guys just wait. The game works, there's just no loading screen.

You are a... The Sequel

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Nov. 09, 2011

Rating: 1

I am Hitler's Mom the feared video game player destined to change all children.

DeviantArt Sim

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Oct. 12, 2011

Rating: -9

If you're a talented artist, you probably don't have a DA account.



Aug. 02, 2011

Rating: 0

1 Problem, what you're doing violates even the CC Licensing. What you're doing here is illegal.

Crush The Castle 2 PP

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Jul. 31, 2011

Rating: -4

Knight: "King! We seem to be under siege! What do we do?!" King: "Stand completely still, no matter what!"

Idle Dancing

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Jul. 08, 2011

Rating: 9

That guy air humps like a madman.

Zipzip: Balance between dimensions

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May. 30, 2011

Rating: -16

No challenge, and the physics involved in the game doesn't make sense. 2/5

Lead for Dead: Call of the Dead

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May. 13, 2011

Rating: 3

A great game. But this could use a multiplayer.

Little Wheel

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Apr. 19, 2011

Rating: -6

At the end, I had noticed the robot had two arms. Then I thought: "Didn't he have one before?"

The Final Death Wish

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Apr. 13, 2011

Rating: 3

Team Fortress 2 sounds really seemed to fit this a little more than TF2.


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Apr. 12, 2011

Rating: -2

Erectin' a series of blocks!

Shoot the Pokémon

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Apr. 08, 2011

Rating: -4

Copyright infingement? Right on!

Mouse Maze

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Apr. 08, 2011

Rating: 1

I think I gave my mouse psychosis, as it would continually bash it's head against the wall. D:

Trollface Launch

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Apr. 02, 2011

Rating: -2

What is this I don't even.

Modern Tactics 4

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Apr. 01, 2011

Rating: 1

Those complaining about how random it is, obviously don't understand it. The randomness of the AI and hit detection, is a metaphor for an actual tactical-combat situation. The people that do this kinda thing, have to stop, think, and decide what to do. Got it? Good. Now stop complaining.

War Machine

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Mar. 28, 2011

Rating: 2