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Play Mu Complex : Episode One Mu Complex : Episode One Nov. 10, 2014
The puzzles were simple but enjoyable. The storyline was not good: the many spelling and grammar errors killed the realism, and the tone of "this is a test I left for you, go solve it" is lazy and uncreative.
Play Simple Squares: The Game about Squares Simple Squares: The Game about Squares Aug. 08, 2014
Argh, another puzzle game that only unlocks one puzzle at a time, so I can't skip the one I'm stuck on and try others.
Play The Second Reality The Second Reality Jul. 31, 2014
I accidentally hit the Refresh button during the second cutscene (mansion), and lost all my progress since the first cutscene / save point. Being stingy with saving progress isn't a great idea when browsers and Flash are involved.
Play Grav-A-Tron Grav-A-Tron Jul. 17, 2014
I found level 2 almost impossible. The yellow block tends to bounce around inconveniently, and I can't change its gravity while I'm standing on it, so I only managed to pass with an awkward series of jumps while the block spun across the screen. Then the next screen is 3 more of the same? The game mechanics are either unplayably hard, or very poorly explained.
Play Parallel 2 Parallel 2 Jul. 10, 2014
Nice mix of puzzle and platforming. You can skip levels on the main menu, which is great for when you're stuck on a puzzle or frustrated with a tricky jump.
Play Droid Team 1 Droid Team 1 Jul. 10, 2014
The puzzle designs are terrific, but an "undo" button would be a godsend. The later levels are quite long, and it's frustrating to miss a jump (or get hit by the switching/movement issue) at the very end of level 14 or 15.
Play Droid Team 1 Droid Team 1 Jul. 10, 2014
Man, I'd love to have a single key to cycle through all droids.
Play Droid Team 1 Droid Team 1 Jul. 10, 2014
Tip for switching droids: you must hold down Space until AFTER you let go of the arrow key. If you let go of Space first, you don't switch and your original droid starts moving instead.
Play Wolfgang Fights The Future Wolfgang Fights The Future Jun. 30, 2014
Fun button-mashing brawler, until the difficulty spike at the final wave. After many failures, I left it running while I started writing a comment about how hard the boss is. Then I check the game and somehow, I was still alive and the big boss was gone. I mopped up the remaining enemies and the ending played. Standing still FTW!
Play StrikeForce Kitty StrikeForce Kitty Jun. 29, 2014
The costume drop rate is frustrating; parts seem to drop less often as you try to finish a costume, and I had to replay several times to get the last drop from certain enemies. Keys are great, but random and too rare to help if you're trying for something specific. The manual stat allocation is overkill; let the costumes provide the variety, and give us stat boosts automatically. The uniqueness and fun in this game comes from picking out beneficial outfits, and the terrific strategic choices of attacking vs. dodging enemies (to collect parts or save health for later). Unfortunately, the costume management is lacking as others have detailed, and the RNG and base stat allocation just confuse and detract from the fun.
Play OCD Dreambot OCD Dreambot Jun. 12, 2014
Jumping in this game will "bounce" -- if you still have jump pressed when you land, you'll jump again. That's annoying in any platformer, but in a game where movement is a limited resource, it's a bug that really should be fixed before uploading to non-game-jam sites.
Play A Kitty Dream A Kitty Dream Jun. 11, 2014
Getting all 3 secrets took plenty of skill and lateral thinking, without any "unfair" methods like phony walls or requiring techniques you wouldn't encounter during normal play. I had an absolute blast. Kudos!
Play A Kitty Dream A Kitty Dream Jun. 11, 2014
If you let go of all arrow keys before you press D, you'll freeze in the air briefly and can choose your dash direction.
Play A Kitty Dream A Kitty Dream Jun. 11, 2014
Awesome game. I found the dashing a little hard to get used to; maybe I expect Super Metroid's "dash, then direction" input in all Metroidvanias. Now to replay for the other 2 secrets! Suggestions for future games: pause screen with gems/secrets status and restart-from-beginning option, timer on end screen as an additional replay incentive, and ability to continue (as densch said) or just start a new game from end screen without refreshing the page.
Developer response from Raiyumii

Thanks for the suggestions! I had plans for a progress screen and an actual menu, but 5 days went by pretty fast. That said.. my future games will definitely have those. I'll also keep in mind having a "continue" button at the end for secrets.

Play Land of Enki Land of Enki Jun. 08, 2014
With all the ceiling-mounted enemies, I was surprised that I couldn't attack while jumping; I expected that to be an unlockable ability. Other than attack slowing down the pace, and not being able to walk away from a ladder at ground level, controls were fine for me. I love the mix of collectibles, action, and upgrades, but the latter were way too expensive given how much you earn in levels. Grinding should be greatly reduced, or made more fun by refilling the chests with good loot or by earning money from replay challenges (don't get hit, kill 10 enemies, don't use bombs, etc.).
Developer response from VoidForce

Thanks for the feedback, it's much appreciated! Glad you enjoyed the game. Yeah, a lot of people seem to want air attacks. It's hypothetical at the moment, but if we were to do a second game we'd add some new moves in like being able to jump and slash or jump and strike directly below you. Give a few different combos with button presses, you know? As far as farming for for kupons goes, that's another one of the three common complaints people seem to have. What we'd do in the future is probably decrease the drop rate for hearts a little and increase the drop rate of kupons, have higher values of them in chests and both reduce the prices of items, but also provide more items so the player has more of a choice on what to spend them on rather than feeling compelled to farm and save for ages. I quite like the idea of the replay challenges, I hadn't even thought of that. Maybe give three difficulty tiers for a few of them and give different rewards for each tier or something like that?

Play Pursuit of hat 2 Pursuit of hat 2 May. 31, 2014
Man, I hate tough puzzle games where only a single level is unlocked at a time. I don't want a walkthrough to ruin the fun, I just want to see if I can solve another puzzle and then come back to level 20 with a fresh perspective. Since I can't, I guess I'll leave the game entirely and come back later. Or not.
Play Puzzle Legends Puzzle Legends Apr. 25, 2014
I love how you captured the feel of Lolo, but you have a new and creative set of puzzle mechanics instead of copying the original. I also like the relative lack of fast-movement puzzles, which I always hated in Lolo.
Play Mr. PengWin Mr. PengWin Apr. 09, 2014
Bug: There's a large block visible at the right side of level 11. When I click it, the game exits back to the level-select screen. Oh, speaking of level-select, thank you for opening all of a world's levels at once, which so many difficult games forget to do.
Developer response from TheeSeaverShow

Thank you for pointing this out. It will be fixed.

Play Mr. PengWin Mr. PengWin Apr. 09, 2014
On the plus side, I did enjoy levels like 9, which can be solved like a puzzle without getting lucky on timing, and all of the key blocks fit on one screen. I might prefer if each level started paused, and I could scroll around to study the layout before tackling it.
Play Mr. PengWin Mr. PengWin Apr. 09, 2014
Having played to the end of world 1, it's frustrating to try to click on a block with correct timing as the screen scrolls. Levels like 11 have such small timing windows that success felt like luck, not skill, and winning gold wasn't satisfying. Difficulty works when you feel in control of whether you win or lose, but that wasn't the case for me.
Developer response from TheeSeaverShow

This is due to the fact that the phone was made for the phone, not the computer. I knew going in that the game would probably be too hard for the computer, but getting feedback and testing was the main purpose for releasing it on flash first. Thanks for the review and feedback!