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Play Grav Escape Grav Escape Dec. 17, 2014
I was playing this game, having a blast, and wondering how the rating can be so low. Then I got to Level 14. Sorry, little grav bunny, you will forever be stuck in Level 14. There is no escape for you.
Play Sword of Storms Sword of Storms Dec. 16, 2014
I frequently get stuck on solid ground, my cool sword moves often propel me right into enemies, and I have no idea what to do with all the stuff I collect. Instead of adventuring, I should have stayed home and read a book.
Play Stolen Sword Stolen Sword Dec. 16, 2014
Giving up on level 7, which requires precise positioning but there's no good way to judge the actual hitboxes. I somehow made it through twice, only to die afterward by sliding off a corner I'd landed on... why is that even possible?
Play Bomb of Love Bomb of Love Dec. 16, 2014
Why, in the middle of a keyboard-only game, does the "Next" button require the mouse? Also, "Add to Ur site"? This isn't chat, you can afford to use actual words.
Play Screwy Adventures Screwy Adventures Dec. 16, 2014
This game would be better with quality, not quantity, of mechanics and elements. Level 7 seems designed to force you to take damage. The timing on level 11 is ridiculous. I often get several seconds of lag at the start of a level. There's a great variety of ideas, but none are well executed or all that fun.
Play Alternation Alternation Dec. 16, 2014
Hmm, a repetitive jumping puzzle where you can't see your feet, and with a timer too. No thank you.
Play Joffrey of the Forgotten Seas Joffrey of the Forgotten Seas Dec. 16, 2014
This is not a game. Without any larger goals, sense of progression, or failure conditions, this is a toy and not a game.
Play Titania Titania Dec. 16, 2014
There's zero player agency, so the only thing you can do is play out the story, which never gets around to making a point. It's a cute gimmick and the art and platforming are both great, but it never gets far enough to be either a decent game or a decent story.
Play Crown Cave Crown Cave Dec. 16, 2014
The world doesn't need yet another game where spikes kill you from the side.
Play Crown Cave Crown Cave Dec. 16, 2014
I stuck it out to the third level set, by which point it's precision platforming and every control issue shines through. You have too little horizontal control in mid-air, the character goes to full speed right away which makes it tough to precisely position him, and I had difficulty with ladders though I can't pinpoint why. Without any level menu or even numbers, there's hardly any sense of progression: I've played what feels like 400 levels and have no idea if I'm close to the end. There's very little motivation to keep going, as there's no story and no progress. It's just another difficult platformer like dozens of others on Kongregate.
Play Mr. Splibox Mr. Splibox Dec. 15, 2014
Great mechanic, and lovely levels to go with it. The randomness of the physics engine detracts from an otherwise excellent puzzle platformer; I wish the boxes weren't so compressible, and didn't sometimes spawn at an angle (which is frequently lethal). Especially with the physics, I wish longer levels like 20 had checkpoints; I gave up there after tiring of re-doing the first half of the level.
Play Aegis - Private Tie Detective Aegis - Private Tie Detective Dec. 14, 2014
I'd really like the option to swap WASD and arrows - most Flash platformers use arrow keys for movement and it's unnatural to switch hands for this game. Also, it's annoying to have to back away from a wall in order to crawl through a low passage.
Play Super Squelch Super Squelch Dec. 14, 2014
The level designs seem to require more platforming precision than the physics engine can handle. I've had lots of trouble jumping off angled platforms, jumping less than full height, or consistently getting the full height out of my jump. It's very frustrating to try to pull off these tricks, doubly so when there are mines or soldiers trying to kill me. I'd really like the game if the platforming were solid, or if the levels were more forgiving on jumps and safe spots.
Play Flip'd Flip'd Dec. 13, 2014
A precision platformer where you can't see your feet, and a single mistake usually leads to death. If you like frustration, this is your game.
Play Mu Complex : Episode One Mu Complex : Episode One Nov. 10, 2014
The puzzles were simple but enjoyable. The storyline was not good: the many spelling and grammar errors killed the realism, and the tone of "this is a test I left for you, go solve it" is lazy and uncreative.
Play Simple Squares: The Game about Squares Simple Squares: The Game about Squares Aug. 08, 2014
Argh, another puzzle game that only unlocks one puzzle at a time, so I can't skip the one I'm stuck on and try others.
Play The Second Reality The Second Reality Jul. 31, 2014
I accidentally hit the Refresh button during the second cutscene (mansion), and lost all my progress since the first cutscene / save point. Being stingy with saving progress isn't a great idea when browsers and Flash are involved.
Play Grav-A-Tron Grav-A-Tron Jul. 17, 2014
I found level 2 almost impossible. The yellow block tends to bounce around inconveniently, and I can't change its gravity while I'm standing on it, so I only managed to pass with an awkward series of jumps while the block spun across the screen. Then the next screen is 3 more of the same? The game mechanics are either unplayably hard, or very poorly explained.
Play Parallel 2 Parallel 2 Jul. 10, 2014
Nice mix of puzzle and platforming. You can skip levels on the main menu, which is great for when you're stuck on a puzzle or frustrated with a tricky jump.
Play Droid Team 1 Droid Team 1 Jul. 10, 2014
The puzzle designs are terrific, but an "undo" button would be a godsend. The later levels are quite long, and it's frustrating to miss a jump (or get hit by the switching/movement issue) at the very end of level 14 or 15.