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Play Mr. PengWin Mr. PengWin Apr. 09, 2014
Bug: There's a large block visible at the right side of level 11. When I click it, the game exits back to the level-select screen. Oh, speaking of level-select, thank you for opening all of a world's levels at once, which so many difficult games forget to do.
Developer response from TheeSeaverShow

Thank you for pointing this out. It will be fixed.

Play Mr. PengWin Mr. PengWin Apr. 09, 2014
On the plus side, I did enjoy levels like 9, which can be solved like a puzzle without getting lucky on timing, and all of the key blocks fit on one screen. I might prefer if each level started paused, and I could scroll around to study the layout before tackling it.
Play Mr. PengWin Mr. PengWin Apr. 09, 2014
Having played to the end of world 1, it's frustrating to try to click on a block with correct timing as the screen scrolls. Levels like 11 have such small timing windows that success felt like luck, not skill, and winning gold wasn't satisfying. Difficulty works when you feel in control of whether you win or lose, but that wasn't the case for me.
Developer response from TheeSeaverShow

This is due to the fact that the phone was made for the phone, not the computer. I knew going in that the game would probably be too hard for the computer, but getting feedback and testing was the main purpose for releasing it on flash first. Thanks for the review and feedback!

Play Mr. PengWin Mr. PengWin Apr. 09, 2014
Decent idea, but the screen is one square too short. Hiding the gold/silver/bronze is not fun: you just have to fail once before trying the puzzle for real, which adds nothing but wasted time.
Play Cube Droid Saves the Galaxy Cube Droid Saves the Galaxy Feb. 01, 2014
Very nice and creative entry in the Lolo genre. I got stuck on 5-2, and was disappointed to find that I couldn't skip to other puzzles because the game only unlocks one at a time.
Play Tap Rocket Tap Rocket Nov. 29, 2013
Half the time I'm going at the wrong speed to follow these coin arcs scattered everywhere. Along with unexpected boosts and changes in speed, I feel like I have very little control over what's going on, which discourages replay as there's no point in improving my play skills. Once you reach a certain speed, I found myself pretty much ignoring platforms and just flying toward fuel pickups. At which point, the UFO comes to ruin that strategy too. There's no "what's next" compelling me to click the Play button again.
Play Tap Rocket Tap Rocket Nov. 29, 2013
The "Game Over" screen should indicate the banked coin total, not just this run's total. I like that there's a badge on the "Upgrades" button, but I can't tell how close I am to actually earning an upgrade if I'm saving up for something.
Play Tap Rocket Tap Rocket Nov. 29, 2013
The fuel meter visually shows a tiny amount left, when you're actually on empty. It's really frustrating to think you can make a landing with a little burst, and not have it kick in.
Play Tap Rocket Tap Rocket Nov. 29, 2013
Monochrome powerups on a monochrome background are very hard to see. I didn't even realize there were powerups until the third run.
Play The Everloom The Everloom Nov. 29, 2013
The teleporter puzzle was rather long and tedious for my taste, considering it's all trial and error. Perhaps if the last-used teleporters were marked or something. A more serious problem is the southern switch: there are no statues within sight of that island, so I couldn't tell if I accidentally hit the switch more than once, or not at all. I'm playing without audio, and there are no visual clues at all for the trigger.
Play The Everloom The Everloom Nov. 29, 2013
I never understood the puzzle with the red and blue fires, very near the end. I managed it, but if there was something more than trial and error, I never caught on.
Play The Everloom The Everloom Nov. 29, 2013
I know your text system is a pain, but if it's possible, I'd recommend a "dead time" on Space after revealing a full text box. I was using the double-tap to avoid the scrolling, and found it very easy to accidentally skip right through text with an accidental extra key press. Some of the screens revealed without scrolling, so my instinctive double-tap always skipped those. Does anybody actually prefer the scrolling reveal, I wonder?
Play Germz! Germz! Nov. 08, 2013
I like the cute graphics, and the timer and hard-to-predict powerup gives it an arcade feel. I don't like how after level 10, the timer speeds up so rapidly that one hard-to-find match means Game Over. My high scores are due to luck more than skill, which kills the replay.
Play Sota Sota Oct. 22, 2013
Nice game. The last two levels were very laggy for me, making it almost impossible to finish level 40. It's sometimes hard to tell where you're missing the last couple of percentage points as well; maybe have some way to highlight the uncovered slivers?
Play I Am Level v1.0 I Am Level v1.0 Sep. 10, 2013
The level designs and mechanics are great (except the velocity maintained across screens), but limited lives is a retro idea that doesn't deserve a revival. A pause map and teleport-to-checkpoint option, instead of forced trips back to the main menu, would greatly increase the playing-to-waiting ratio. The unpolished web port doesn't help either. Where's the Kickstarter for the modernized remake?
Play Search Papoy Search Papoy Aug. 24, 2013
Gets extremely challenging; is Level 15 even possible? Needs a level select screen, so one can take a break and continue later. Also needs character graphics that aren't a ripoff of a popular movie.
Play miniPassage 2 miniPassage 2 Aug. 02, 2013
The play value beyond the first two minutes comes from replaying for score through time and achievements. But, there's no "replay" button except at the end, there's no "achievements" button anywhere to see what will give you a good score, and there's no time "score" displayed until the end. There IS an onscreen timer, but it counts up instead of down, with no clear relationship to the score you get. There's also no way to skip the slow score animations. This slows down the pace of replaying, and the hidden achievements make scoring nearly random (I only reached the top 20 by deliberately playing the aqua level badly), so aiming for score is frustrating and awkward. Playing to unlock all achievements would be fun, but there's no way to measure progress on that. The core game is terrific, but the UI issues kill the replay value.
Play Frank 'n' Slime Frank 'n' Slime Jul. 25, 2013
The sponsor logo obscures a key part of the screen in level 22.
Play Pretentious Game 3 Pretentious Game 3 Jul. 25, 2013
Wow, this series went from a satire of simple games saddled with pretentious stories, to an actual genuine Pretentious Game That Makes You Feel. :) And a variety of fun little levels in each one. Good job!
Play Zomby Birdy: Protect the Pigs Zomby Birdy: Protect the Pigs Jul. 20, 2013
I found myself wanting more levels, which is the mark of a good puzzle game. There's a surprising variety of mechanics; most are physics puzzle standbys (only the timed switch stands out as original) but you seldom see them all in one game. A couple levels are duds, but the next one will be different, and I found the final level to be a satisfying challenge. The art is rather a hodgepodge, and the UI could use keyboard shortcuts and better information, but the core gameplay is solid enough to support plenty of good level designs.
Developer response from khailcs

The physics puzzler seems to have crystallized into a genre, so your observation of established elements is accurate. The challenge and fun in the making of this game is mainly in level design. Thanks for appreciating that, I see that as the game's value as well.