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Play Save the Pig Save the Pig Feb. 16, 2015
Nice game. It seemed like in one or two spots, it was impossible to avoid taking damage, which is never fun. There are rough edges (tutorial text forgets to mention weapons, shield guys are never in a fun spot to actually destroy them), but overall the challenge was good and there was a nice mix of action vs. exploration.
Play Save the Pig Save the Pig Feb. 16, 2015
I almost gave up on Level 9, before realizing that archers are NOT immune to ice.
Play Sky Taxi New Year Adventure Sky Taxi New Year Adventure Feb. 16, 2015
Taking damage on falls is really annoying, especially since almost every drop is a blind one.
Play Sky Taxi New Year Adventure Sky Taxi New Year Adventure Feb. 16, 2015
Wow, I could really use more hearts. I have plenty of money but not much to buy from the shop. I like how stars are kept even after you die, but the levels are fairly long so there's a lot to replay, and it's too tedious to keep going.
Play Two Pipes 3 Two Pipes 3 Feb. 09, 2015
Perfect challenge through level 18, then the difficulty curve goes through the roof. It's cute and fun up to 19, and I don't mind missing the ending because there's not really a story anyway.
Play Ziva Ziva Feb. 09, 2015
What is with puzzle games that only unlock one level at a time? I'm stuck on 16; why should that stop me from enjoying 12 other puzzles, many of which I probably can solve?
Play Mine Trap Mine Trap Feb. 07, 2015
Those earthquakes are really annoying. I'm quitting partially because I need a break from the visual shaking, and partially from the frustration of losing a three-star completion to random damage.
Developer response from wideanglegames

Hi there, thank you for playing my game. Yes the earthquake can be a bit annoying, however, the rocks are easy to avoid just by determining the falling phase. Once they are going to fall down, they move on start to move on the ceiling. Watch the walkthrough, it will show you how to beat the level most effectively.

Play Amazing Tomb Amazing Tomb Feb. 07, 2015
The coin collecting is fun, but the shop items don't really help me progress further, ruining the reward cycle of the upgrade genre. The one-equip-at-a-time rule is frustrating, the jetpack is terrible (it should kick in only after a jump peaks), and the gun's slow fire rate makes zombie fighting into a real challenge. I'd almost like it better as a pure action game, without the tease of an unsatisfying shop.
Play Platform Game Platform Game Feb. 07, 2015
Bouncy and disappearing blocks have annoyingly similar colors. Otherwise, the mechanics are solid and enjoyable. I like to hold the Space bar down and jump constantly; my best run of bunny-rabbit mode is 2 deaths, both in level 3.
Developer response from CakeIzGood

Ha, "bunny rabbit mode," I love it! If I make another one of these I might make that a thing where you constantly jump automatically and have to play through that way.

Play Awesome Ranger Awesome Ranger Jan. 30, 2015
Despite its flaws, I really like the game. It's challenging but not unfair (except that coin in 12), and the less compelling game mechanics don't outstay their welcome. Add restart and an orientation reset after you die, and replace the awful level 19, and it's 5-star material.
Play Awesome Ranger Awesome Ranger Jan. 30, 2015
The omission of restart, either in-game or on the level-finished screen, is bad enough. But then I finished the last level, and all my progress was cleared! No more going back for 3 stars on the rest of the levels. Are you trying to anger completionists who like your game enough to replay it?
Play Pixel Staff Pixel Staff Jan. 29, 2015
I like how the game tells you when you've found all health or staff upgrades, so even without a map you can tell when to stop searching for missed rooms. I like how you can continue after the game's end, to look for the upgrades you missed. I wish there were more of an ending, or more upgrades like breaking blocks to open passageways, or a bigger world. In other words, I like the game enough that I want to keep playing more!
Play Abandoned Abandoned Jan. 09, 2015
I would like the game a whole lot more if it felt less like "a Submachine game", and more like "a Krutovig game" in some way. The line-art style, the tone, the secrets unlocking successive rooms, even the font, are all things we've seen before. Don't be afraid to trust your own ideas!
Play Colorlines Colorlines Dec. 20, 2014
I stopped at level 17 too. It's too easy to shift a broken block by a pixel or two when flipping an adjacent block or landing next to it, and then it's impossible to get that broken block back into the exact position needed to slide it. The lag makes the controls unresponsive, but you know that already. The flipping mechanic is cool and unique, but it's not quite enough to carry so many levels on its own. Maybe if you had to reach other goals or get through barriers by flipping, so more planning was necessary beyond "finish yellow line, then finish blue line," it would improve the challenge. I hope to see more games from you, lots of potential here!
Play Grav Escape Grav Escape Dec. 17, 2014
I was playing this game, having a blast, and wondering how the rating can be so low. Then I got to Level 14. Sorry, little grav bunny, you will forever be stuck in Level 14. There is no escape for you.
Play Sword of Storms Sword of Storms Dec. 16, 2014
I frequently get stuck on solid ground, my cool sword moves often propel me right into enemies, and I have no idea what to do with all the stuff I collect. Instead of adventuring, I should have stayed home and read a book.
Play Stolen Sword Stolen Sword Dec. 16, 2014
Giving up on level 7, which requires precise positioning but there's no good way to judge the actual hitboxes. I somehow made it through twice, only to die afterward by sliding off a corner I'd landed on... why is that even possible?
Play Bomb of Love Bomb of Love Dec. 16, 2014
Why, in the middle of a keyboard-only game, does the "Next" button require the mouse? Also, "Add to Ur site"? This isn't chat, you can afford to use actual words.
Play Screwy Adventures Screwy Adventures Dec. 16, 2014
This game would be better with quality, not quantity, of mechanics and elements. Level 7 seems designed to force you to take damage. The timing on level 11 is ridiculous. I often get several seconds of lag at the start of a level. There's a great variety of ideas, but none are well executed or all that fun.
Play Alternation Alternation Dec. 16, 2014
Hmm, a repetitive jumping puzzle where you can't see your feet, and with a timer too. No thank you.