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This is my rap it's called I'm A Jew and it's a parody on Josh Tobin's I'm A Gangster.
I'm a jew I'm straight hebrew
The jew life is not for you
Eating kosher by day, eating kosher by night
Mess with a jew and you will see the light
I walk around town with no beef baolgna
Then I go home and eat macaroni
I stole honey from a bee hive
People make fun of me because I can't drive
I'm a jew
People call me a kike
I'm a jew
I stole some kid's bike
I'm a jew
I say shalom
I'm a jew
I spend my weekends at home
I'm so cheap I don't pay my bills
Sitting in the dark totally kills
My son is cheap just like me
My nose is big cause the air is free
Shlomi is my rabbi he's a cheap jew too
Me and Shlomi are the leaders of the hebrew crew
I save nickels and he saves dimes
Somebody better pay me for all of these rhymes.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

And this is an actual poem that's not utterly brainless.
I'm writing this poem just for you
Cause I don't know what else to do
I sit here and wait, day after day
Watching my best friend fade away
As the tears poured from my eyes
I began to realize
That I have to make the days worth while
And find a way to make you smile
Again and again
Cause I don't know when
The last laugh we share will really be the last
Time to let go of the pain in the past
Live for the day cause there won't be much more
Soon death'll come knocking on the door
It's a waste of time to sit and cry
Waiting for the day you die
So I'm letting you know I'll never give in
Making you smile is my simple win
When you go
It'll hurt, I know
But while you're still here
I'll shed a few tears
I'll hide them from you so you'll never know
How much it'll really hurt when you go
You've lost a lot, but you'll never lose me
I'll be here whenever I can be
I love you, Kelsie, like you'll never believe
I dread the day that you leave
I'll hold your hand as you let go
And when you're gone, I'll always know
That you're always with me, always watching from afar
You're somewhere hiding in the stars
A forever away, but never quite lost
I'll find you again no matter the cost
I'll be with you again some day
I'll find you, Kelsie, some how, some way
I'll look to the stars every night
And let you know that I'm alright
It's painful to watch, but there's nothing I can do
But try to make the last days easier for you
So a toast to you, I raise my drink
No matter what happens, no matter what people think
I love you so much, I'm here the whole ride
I'm always standing by your side
Making you smile and laugh even when you don't want to
Cause saying goodbye isn't easy to do
Especially not when it's someone like you.___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Handcrafted my own crucifix
To carry me down the river Styx
And deliver me to Hell's Gate
A fate I favor over mortal hate
The latter renders me innate
I venture to Hell as a final resort
To find sanctuary from mankind's distorts
But before I depart, I ask for this dance
I may not return, there's always a chance
So take my hand, I'll let you lead
And I'll follow you, music- no need
Our bodies entwined, our soles flying free
My cause not forgotten, we say our goodybyes
And I set sail to Hell with thoughts of your eyes
I'm writing this letter with the gates in my sight
And high hopesof ending humanity's plight
If they'll hear me out, you'll be saved by tonight
Just know that I love you, know that I care
And know in your heart that I'll always be there
I'll dance in your thoughts and your dreams when you sleep
I think it's too late, I've gone in too deep
There's no turning back, but please do not weep
'Cause I'm dancing in Hell as you're reading each line
And I hope I've accomplished something divine
And I know that I'll be forgotten in time
Although if succeeded, it would be sublime
So I'm dancing on fire, I'd dance in a lake
I'll dance in the grass and your mind when you wake
And it won't even matter that nobody cared
That I died to save them, so they wouldn't be scared
I'll dance for you, dear, in hopes you'll be spared
From the most ignorant presence that mankind could sustain
The plague known as hatred that inflicts so much pain.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Breathe in breathe out
Let go of all doubt
Breathe out breathe in
Get lost within

Battle the demons that lurk inside
Push back the darkness in which they hide
Breathe out breathe in
Cave into sin
Breathe in breathe out
No way out

Fight a winning battle in a war that you've already lost
Losing sight of the goal but fighting at all costs
Breathe in breathe out
Let it all go
Breathe out breathe in
Just take it slow

Inhale exhale
As the world turns
Exhale inhale
A fire burns

Breathe in breathe out
But if you start to breathe too fast
Breathe out breathe in
This burning flame will not last

So breathe in breathe out
Until you can't take it
Breathe out breathe in
There's no way you can make it.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
What is dark without light?
What is day without night?
What is hope without despair?
There is no fire without air.
What is death but life reborn?
What is hate but love forlorn?
There is no up without down,
If not lost, cannot be found._____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
There were hopes
There were dreams
Torn apart
Ripping seams
There is dark
Behind light
In your eyes
Shining bright
Enjoy the calm
Before the storm
Hear my words
You have been warned
Rain and tears
Roll down your face
You turn to leave
The faded place
Where you go
This storm will follow
Each arrival
Brings great sorrow
That there is light
Will soon fall
To the dark of night
This heavy burden
That you bring
Will soon destroy
The world will be
In Satan's purse
Because this darkness
Is your curse._____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
You always say 'It'll get better' whenever I'm feeling down
And you always make an effort to make smiles out of my frowns
No matter what my problem is, you always help me through
And I can't imagine spending my life beside anyone but you
But there are those times when I'm so depressed or enraged
There are those times where I can't help but show the anger I've kept caged
So much anger that just builds in a pit
Until I lash out and lose control of it
And there are those times where the tears don't stop flowing
When the sorrow and grief show know signs of slowing
And there can never be a way of knowing
Just how much this pain is growing
The harder I try to do what is right
The more it seems I have to fight
Some people, I guess, just don't understand
How much it means when I lend a hand
How much I care, that I only mean well
Could it really be that hard to tell?
My main goal in life is to make others smile
But lately it seems that isn't worth while
I don't understand why I'm under attack
Is it too late? Is there no going back?
I took a chance and put myself at stake
Could anyone really believe this is fake?
Is this the brutality that I unknowingly make?
Darling, please help, cause I don't understand
Why nothing is working the way I had planned
It's so hard to smile, they're dragging me down
And my lips seem to be stuck in this agonized frown
All I ever wanted was to ease others' lives
Is this what I get? A back full of knives?
Is this a reward for all of the strain?
A back full of knives and a whole lot of pain?
For the questions I've asked, I've learned nothing at all
Not one single answer, 'twas not worth the fall
For what is a friend?
On those we depend
And in giving them trust, what is returned?
All I get is badly burned
Scorched to the bone
And I feel so alone
Although I have learned
And have always known
That you're beside me in all that I do
And I know that you'll always be loyal and true
But this pain they've inflicted on me is undying
This is my prize for society's defiyng
A stab in the back, a smack to the face
I seem to be an utter disgrace
So, my love, I bear some harsh news
I've devised a plan so I always lose
And I've chased it around with hope for so long
That I don't even know my right from my wrong
I am confused and befuddled, trapped in a daze
The cruelty of others, this choking haze
I'm so lost and so weak, dear, don't be alarmed
I tried to help those who'd already been harmed
But for all of my effort, I recieved agony
I pity the world in which this is to be
And to all who I've 'helped' here's an apology
I'm sorry I helped you, I'm sorry I tried
I'm sorry if you think that I lied
I'm sorry for all that I could ever have done
And I'm sorry I cry when instead I should shun
But that's not in my nature, it's just not I who I am
As it turns out you're the wolf, I am the lamb
Don't ask why I'm bleeding my heart on this sheet
I guess it's admittance of my total defeat
Don't worry my darling, please do not fear
You're the one thing that I will always hold dear
But there is something I must say in addition
The ultimate toll of this doomed-to-fail mission
Was much higher than ever I'd thought it could be
It's okay, darling, you don't have to worry
Is it just me or are things getting blurry?
To sum it all up, what's right is a sin
And I was fighting a battle I could never win.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Everywhere I look I see
This thing we call "society"
Thick grey smoke blots out the sky
Instead of birds, the airplanes fly
Truthfully, I don't see why
What makes us better, gives us power?
Over all, our buildings tower
"We the people" what about
The animals that we left out?
The things we "need" they do without.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
If the world came crashing down
Frantic screaming all around
Children crying
People dying
Human blood dampened the ground
What would you think? What would you do?
Thinking only about you
You'd simply leave
Families to grieve
The sky turned black instead of blue
What would you do after the fact?
What would you think? How would you act?
Haunting memories stored away
Never seen the light of day
Hidden on a dusty shelf
You'd only save your sorry self._______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Hanging off the edge, running out of hope
Take my hand, believe in me, let me be your rope
Don't worry, you can trust me, I'd never let you fall
I will always be here, I'll help you through it all
I'll never let you go, I'll always hold on tight
We'll find the light of day when we make it through the night
I'll never give up, I won't ever let you go
Through the dark, together, forever we will glow
I'm always there, I'll always care, you'll always be my friend
I will be there, by your side, until the very end.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
I want to be forever yours
The one who loves you and adores
Every little thing you do
I want to always be with you
I forever want to be
The first and last thing that you see
Before you sleep and when you wake
My heart, my dear, is yours to take
I love it when I make you smile
It makes my life seem worthwhile
Your life at home is such a hassle
Let my arms be your castle
Standing up, tall and strong
Will you be mine forever long?_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
I simply can't handle this crushing stress
What's left of my mind becomes less and less
With each day that passes, as time flies on by
I look in the mirror, into my eye
All that I see
What's left of me
Is nothing more than a hollow shell
Inside me burns the flames of hell
My sanity has been consumed
So many things have been assumed
Time will not heal
This pain that I feel
The days wear on, time passes by
The person I see is no longer I
I look in the mirror, dead, but not quite
I wish I could say I was saved by the light
I could ask why
But why should I try?
Lost in the dark
The pain left it's mark
I look in the mirror, but all that I see
Someone is staring back, but not me
"Who are you?" I ask
"Look past the mask"
I do this and see, all that I find
I am trapped here inside my very own mind
No lock, no window, no visible door
Stuck here in darkness, an eternity more
I look in the mirror, into my eye
All that I think as time passes by
How could this happen? How could this be?
Who am I if I'm no longer me?
I know that you don't know me and that I don't know you, but I think we can both agree that even stranger can make someone smile; And a smile is a window to a better day and a better life. Smiles can save lives in some ways, but not all. If you keep spreading them around then you can improve lives instead. Smiles tell stories that are too beautiful for words, and the most beautiful of smiles are those that shine through the tears. Though times are hard for all of us it's always important to remember the little things and just keep moving. And smiling.

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